Sunday, June 20, 2010

Where in the WORLD?

By NicoleMarie

Well, the packing lists and last minute errands are in full swing around the NM household. We leave for the World on Friday, and we couldn't be more ready or more excited.

One of my favorite things in the world - and THE World - to do is to take pictures. I have thousands on my computer hard drive, and even though they are backed up, I still can't take them off because I love being able to look at them at any given time.

In other words, I'm attached.

Even when I edit or crop a picture, or change the coloring, or use any of the other effects available to me in iPhoto, I STILL save the original.

Ridiculous? I'm sure.

But out of this love for all things preserved in a JPG file, I have uploaded some pics to this blog that I thought might be fun for you all to identify. Some seem pretty easy peasy to me. But then again, everyone who reads this might not be the EXTREME Disney nerd that I am. And I DID take all the pics. But some might be tricky. They are taken in the parks and at the resorts, so to get ALL of them, you need to at least have done your Disney research and looked at lots of pics. Or paid attention to the details in the parks.

So post your answers, and try NOT to cheat!!! It's hard not to see other posts, but when you get to the comment section, scroll down REAL FAST until you get to the bottom and can post your own answers.

There's no prize for the most correct answers, but here's the scale.

1-3 Correct: Book a trip. ASAP. You're a Disney Rookie, but this can be changed with just a few more trips under your belt and some time on the DIS Photography Board.

4 or 5 Correct: You've been a few times, but you ain't quite a Disney nerd yet. (The jury is still our on whether or not that's a bad thing.) Stop booking your beach trips, or your trips to the mountains or the lake...or really any other place you'd spend vacation money beside Disney World. After you've spent at least three years worth of vacations at WDW, and brushed up on your Disney photo trivia, you can take that trip to Dollywood or Six Flags. They'll always be there.

(Or will they?)

6 or 7 Correct: You're getting there!!! Next time you go to the World, spend less time refining your itinerary and collecting FASTpasses, and more time smelling the flowers. And noticing the details. Take it from's a great way to enjoy the World. Well, I would assume it is, anyway. I've never been able to pull myself away from my laminated and color coded Excel spreadsheet schedule long enough to try it out.

8 or 9 Correct: Congrats!!! You know as much as ZZUB, but not QUITE as much as me, LaLa and Great Biscuit. ZZUB may be the host here, but that doesn't mean he's the biggest Disney nerd. Biggest general nerd? Probably. But DISNEY nerd? I'm claimin' that for myself.

ALL 10 CORRECT: WOW!!!! You know you some Disney World!!! You've probably stayed in almost all of the resorts, visited most of the restaurants and ridden every ride that would let you on. No doubt you've taken out a second mortgage to finance your addiction, and Crocs, refillable mugs and Baggalinis (what the heck are those, anyway?) line your closet. Your AP is currently burning a hole in your pocket, and you have at least three trips booked, two of which you hope actually materialize. The marketing geniuses at Disney laugh daily at your drinking of the Kool-Aid, but you couldn't care less because you LOVE you some Disney World and plan on dumping your money there for decades to come.

Welcome to the club.

Number 1:

Number 2:

Number 3:

Number 4:

Number 5:

Number 6:

Number 7:

Number 8:

Number 9:

Number 10:

Submit your answers and let's see who's a FULL ON Disney Nerd!!!

NO CHEATING! You can read the post without looking at the comments, then post your comment and see how you compare with other Disney Nerds!

Have fun!



  1. as NM DH, 1st I had to learn what DH was to be able to post to this blog. See below the answer key. I hope this helps.

    1 – The smile all people have when they see the Arches.
    2 – ZZUB’s back yard
    3 – The view from the front seat of NM’s car when she is driving to The World.
    4 – LaLa’s dinner – still alive.
    5 – That’s a picture of NM DH doing laundry when they visited the LaLa’s.
    6 – The NM’s on the underground subway during “Keys to Kingdom Tour”. What you have not taken that tour?
    7 – Aerial view of NM attic at home after packing for The World. NM packs everything from home when she goes to The World.
    8 – Shot of NM breakfast table when she is scurrying the family out the door to make rope drop.
    9 – Where NM DH hides to take a nap after NM has drug him all over the parks.

  2. Wow, I really thought I would nail these, but I think NM's got me stumped! Here's what I think:

    1 - Dumbo ride
    2 - Stormalong Bay
    3 - Test Track
    4 - somewhere in Animal Kingdom
    5 - I think it's either somewhere in DHS or world showcase, and I think that's the big new hot air balloon ride in the background at DTD, but that's all I got!
    6 - Contemporary
    7 - WL lobby
    8 - I really have no idea
    9 - The gift shop in England?
    10 - This one's killing me as I feel like I should know it, but I'm going to guess Goofy's Barnstormer, even though I've never ridden it and I'm not sure I've ever seen it!

  3. 1) Dumbo
    2) SAB at he Beachclub
    3) ?
    4) Tom Sawyer Island?
    5) Indiana Jones Stunt Spactacular
    6) Contemporary Monorail Platform
    7) Wilderness Lodge
    8) Tangerine Cafe
    9) CRT?
    10) Goofy's Barnstormer

  4. I don't know that I can live up to that particular endorsement! After all, I've gone once in the past 12 years. I think I need to be in the "Book a Trip NOW" category.

    Here's my guesses:

    1. Timothy Mouse atop Dumbo

    2. Storm Along Bay - Seen lots of photos.

    3. Test Track - Not sure on this one, but it appears to be indoors and that looks like caution tape.

    4. Flights of Wonder - It looks like there is a bird perch to the right of the owl so it fits.

    5. Indiana Jones Epic Stunts Spectacular - haven't seen it since high school, but it seems to fit my memory.

    6. Contemporary Resort Monorail platform - don't know of any other monorail platform with carpet.

    7. Lobby of the Wilderness Lodge

    8. The tile work seems to say Morocco. I've never been in Tangerine Cafe, but that's about the only other place I can think of so I guess I'll go with that.

    9. Cinderella's Royal Table. The door on the left doesn't match the one at Akershus, (unless they’ve changed it.) Also, the tiles on the wall seem to match those in other CRT photos.

    10. Goofy's Barstromer - never ridden it, but I've seeen the photos.

  5. Trying not to look while I post....

    1. Dumbo?
    2. SAB bridge baby!
    3. Test Track (mad skillz getting that photo with no blur!)
    4. Not familiar. I'm guessing Tom Sawyer's island?
    5. I think LMA, but could be Indiana Jones. A stunt show, anyway ; )
    6. Orange monorail :) Contemporary station, I'd say.
    7. WL Lobby ceiling
    8. Not sure. 1st thought was the MS bakery, but those counters say no. I'll say Morocco/Tangierine just because of the tile?
    9. CRT knight
    10. Goofy's Barnstormer aka "What? It's over?"

    Thanks NM! Have no idea if I totally bombed that, but it was good to see some slices of the World, regardless!!

    I am excited for you and your family! The anticipation during those last few days is SO fun!!!

  6. Okey dokey pokey, Tink's making her guesses...
    1. Dumbo (which I haven't ridden since I was 12 - Hi Timothy!)
    2. Stormalong Bay (the one resort pool I want to "illegally" use because I don't know if my coffers will ever be full enough for it. I've only dipped in a toe thus far.)
    3. Test Track (I've been known to scream at this part...or have I?)
    4. Flights of Wonder (One of the best shows IMHO.)
    5. Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular (The one show I want them to change...yet never want them to change.)
    6. Contemporary Monorail Platform (I have the sudden urge for Sonoma Goat Cheese Ravioli.)
    7. WL Lobby Ceiling (I visited there specifically to see that Lobby in 08.)
    8. Tangierine Cafe (NEED to eat here at some point. I was so close last time.)
    9. CRT (I admit, I'm guessing based on another pic I've seen which was similar. I'm going to try to eat here for the first time next Feb.)
    10. Barnstormer (Never ridden it, only been an observer.)

  7. I'll give it a go - but hope I don't kill this Blog again...

    1. Top of Dumbo
    2. Stormalong Pool at BC
    3. Truck inside Test Track
    4. Flights of Wonder
    5. Lights, Motor Action stunt guy
    6. Monorail coming into CR
    7. Looking up at roof of Animal Kingdom Lodge
    8. Tangerine Cafe at Morocco tables
    9. Inside Cindy's castle or inside gift shop at Great Britain. I'd say Great Britain because I think the one at Cindy's is bigger?
    10. Goofy's Barnstormer

    Excellent Job NM!

    Have a great trip and take many more of those wonderful WDW photo's!

  8. Ooo, I’m in!

    1. Dumbo
    2. Storm Along Bay
    3. ???
    4. Tom Sawyer Island?
    5. Lights, Motors, Action
    6. Contemporary atrium
    7. Wilderness Lodge
    8. Tangierine Café
    9. UK store in EP
    10. Barnstormer

    How’d I do?

  9. Oooh, I love all the comments! Lots of great answers - and some good guesses that aren't correct, too! ;)

    Keep em comin'!!

  10. Oooooh NM, how FUN! I'm in!

    1. Top of Dumbo
    2. Beach Club/Yacht Club Pool
    3. Test Track Scary Truck?!?! I thought it was on the left though and how in the world would you get a picture of that. hmmmm
    4. Mel's cellar
    5. Lights, Motor, Action hot stunt guy.
    6. Contemporary Monorail Station
    7. Wilderness Lodge ceiling
    8. Hess Station- I've never eaten there, but I hear things
    9. Canada's Bathroom - I hear that is what you have to wear during a certain week of free dining in August.
    10. Goofy's Barnstormer

  11. OK, is ROGER Mr. NM? I am DED! Good to see you again and look at you bringing the funny!

  12. #1 I know I've seen that little fella before... On top of the teacups tent?

    #2 THE BEST hotel pool on property. Stormalong Bay.

    #3 Test Tract

    #4 Flights of Wonder?

    #5 Lights, Motors, Action!

    #6 Epcot Monorail station?

    #7 Wilderness Lodge Lobby

    #8 Tangerine Cafe in Morocco

    #9 Cinderella's Table

    #10 Goofy's Barnstormer

    How'd I do, how'd I do???

  13. I gave the test to Mr. Frick and I am ROLLING!!!!!!

    1. A mouse
    2. A bridge
    3. Test Track
    4. don't know
    5. don't know
    6.Contemporary monorail station
    7. don't know
    8. don't know
    9. don't know
    10. don't know

    oh my

  14. 1. Top of Dumbo (Magic Kingdom)
    2. Old Key West pool
    3. Test Track (Epcot)
    4. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (Magic Kingdom)
    5. Lights! Motors! Action! Extreme Stunt Show (Disney Studios)
    6. Monorail inside of the Contemporary
    7. Ceiling of Animal Kingdom Lodge
    8. Inside the Plaza restaurant (Magic Kingdom) [This is a total guess, I really have no idea.]
    9. Lobby in castle when going to Cinderella’s Royal Table (Magic Kingdom)[Although, admittedly, it could also be at Akershus.]
    10. Goofy’s Barnstormer (Magic Kingdom)

  15. Frickles - yes, "Roger" is Mr. NM. I had to set up a profile to be able to post so I was just goofing around and named myself "Roger That". I am not a blogger or disser although I do love the World as much as NM.

    In fact, now that I think about it that was my first official blog post - ever.

    I can remember very vividly when the love affair for the NM's started with The World. You will have to get NM to tell you one day - kind of a funny story.

    (or is it?)

  16. OK -- the kpk's wanna play. This is a group effort, so if we get any wrong we'll blame the person who said the right answer but not loudly enough to overrule the crowd. ;)

    1. Dumbo
    2. Stormalong Bay
    3. Test Track
    4. Expedition Everest (we'll see if the kids are right on this one ...I say Flights of Wonder)
    5. Indiana Jones stunt show
    6. Monorail station in the Contemporary
    7. Wilderness Lodge lobby
    8. Either the cafe in Mexico at Epcot, OR the food court at Coronado Springs.
    9. Cinderella's Royal Table (is it still called that?)
    10. Goofy's Barnstormer.

    Did we win?

  17. Well Roger, welcome and have fun on your trip next week! Try not to do anything embarrassing, cause you know it will end up all over this trip report!!!

  18. Hey Everyone! Including Mr. NM - I can't believe you've found your way into blog land. I'm sure you are just checking to see what I say about you in the upcoming TR!

    Ooooh, so many Disney Nerds!!! And a few folks who need to plan a couple of trips...but that's a GOOD thing, right?

    Y'all have a good day! I'm knee deep in packing and it is FU-UUUN!

  19. Hey Roger!

    I am the most important person you have never met.

    Cutest too.

    Most ladylike. Is that one word or two? If it is two consider this a spelling error.

    If I knew how to blog under my user name I would but I ate the combination 3 years ago in a cat fight with Frick who force fed me her phone number and then made me get a lobotomy.

    Hi Zubb! Thinking about getting my hip replaced in 2011 but the end of the world and all in 2012 not really sure if it is worth it. Plus the tat is starting to look really good sliding downward. I always wanted a tat on my ankle and I figure 8 more months and it will be there. I think it might resemble a tiki hut or a wheel of brie. Possibly a VW bus with a peace sign. I need newish glasses.

    Vote for Biden! We are BFF's.

    Nothing quite like poor sentence structure. Makes me stand out from the lawyers, Dr’s and other assorted fruitcakes that post here.

  20. Geez I forgot to play the game.

    I cheated and I am well aware everyone knew I would. I do have legitmate guesses that would not be correct but even without cheating my PCness would have been a zilch.

    1) Mel getting ready to skin a squirrel or TinkinaDrink preparing the rooster.

    2)The entrance to the NM's pool or Fricks just before the big screen TV came crashing down in the fake earthquake of 2009.

    3)The view I see when I drive by Biden's residence. Notice the brick wall?

    4)The entrance to the outhouse by my shed. The owl is to keep away deer. We have been known to store apples there since it is a bite of a hike. Recently we installed a lock in case La ever visits.

    5) Another view I see at Biden's house.

    6)If you look closely you will notice I am riding shotgun holding a "still cute" sign

    7)My view when I was "under the lights" after stopping one too many times in front of Biden's house.

    8) All the guests at my birthday party.

    9) Where Chappie stores a little sumpin he brought home from the midget go go bar

    10)I am positive that is Elvis at Six Flags last week.

    Please send my prize in a plain envelope. My mail is under scruptiney. I believe in the power of phonics

  21. Mel, is that you??? I've missed you!!! rofl

  22. Hi NM-
    I'm a lurker on the Dis Boards but am glad I found this blog. I LOVE all of your Trip Reports and am so glad I can easily revisit them here.

    Also, I love Disney Picture games...although I like to try and answer correctly, the other poster's "answers" are as fun to read as the "correct" answers.

    So without further rambling here are my guesses:
    1 - Dumbo
    2 - Stormalong Bay
    3 - Test Track
    4 - Kali River Rapids
    5 - Lights, Motors Action
    6 - Grand Canyon Concourse
    7 - Wilderness Lodge Lobby...looking UP
    8 - Morroco's Tangerine Cafe
    9 - England Gift Shop
    10 - Goofy's Barnstormer

    Looking forward to reading more blogs by my favorite "Disney" writers.

    Also, have a great time on your trip. Can't wait for your trip report!

  23. Hi Ears Only! Welcome! I'm glad you're here and I hope you will stick around when LaLa returns and starts her report, and I do as well. Thanks for the kind words.

    I'm pretty sure I know who the anonymous Joe Biden fan is, and I AM DED. DED!!! Thatta way to bring it!

  24. Maybe anonymous is Joe Biden's DW

    Very DED, indeed!

  25. Thanks for bringing the funny! I needed a good laugh today!

    Welcome Roger That! Glad to have you here! I hope you guys have a fantastic trip.

    And welcome Ears Only. You know if you got your own ship, you could be Captain EO! That would rock!

  26. ok, I know I got some these wrong, but here it goes...
    1. top of Dumbo
    2. Stormalongbay
    3. backlot tour
    4. big thunder
    5. stunt show spectacular
    6. contempo. monorail
    7. safari line area
    8. some restaurant in epcot? no clue which one ;)
    9. CRT
    10. soarin-i know that's not right, but i cannot think of where it is.

    super fun! thanks

  27. I love you, Anonymous! I needed that today!

    Ankle tattoo! DED!!!

    Sorry again about your birthday party...... Come have a do-over in Boston!!

    And Roger, welcome!! I am very impressed you took the plunge into the blogosphere. We are happy to have you here!

  28. Hmmmm...I tried to post a comment a little bit ago, and Google/Blogger was shutting me out!

    Hi Becky! So glad you stopped by with your guesses! There are some SERIOUS Disney Nerds around here. Especially Anonymous. She is exactly right on every single guess. Brilliant!!

    Well, I'm gettin' it done around here today! The last of the clothes are being washed, the order was placed with Garden Grocer (Thanks Disboards - I've never tried that before!), and my car is being serviced and detailed as I type. The detailing will probably cost me as much as the Disney trip because my vehicle was FULL ON NASTY. (Hi Mel and the stinky van!) But it'll be worth every penny when we're rollin' down the interstate in a nice, shiny, clean ride.

    I will post the answers to the picture locations tomorrow after I wrap up all the little details around here. Y'all have made my first blog post a ton of fun and I appreciate it!

    Have a good day, internets!

    NM :)

  29. Hmmm some of these are a little tough.

    1. Dumbo
    2. SAB
    3. Test Track (just before you make an emergency turn out onto the ring
    4. Thinking Animal Kingdom, cant place the building in the background, maybe Flights of Wonder?
    5. Lights Motors Action, went back and forth on this but then realized thats the Muppet Hot Air Balloon in the background. Think this is the only place that would be the case.
    6. Monorail at the Contemporary.
    7. Wilderness Lodge
    8. I am going to go with Tangeriene Cafe, but if its not then possibly Pepper Market. Havent been to either, but it would seem to fit, looks more Morroccan though.
    9. Going to say Cindys Royal Table.
    10. Goofys Barnstormer (Only time we ever rode upon exiting we met up with the dream team!)

  30. Good Afternoon Folks!

    Well, as soon as Mr. NM pulls in, the NM family will be on our way to the World. We're full on pumped up and ready to go!

    Thanks to all for participating in the picture contest!

    SOOOOO many Disney Nerds!

    If you answered the following, you got ALL TEN RIGHT and you are officially - according to the ridiculous rules described herein - A DISNEY NERD.


    1. Dumbo
    2. Stormalong Bay (Hi La!)
    3. Test Track
    4. Flights of Wonder at Animal Kingdom (AWESOME show!)
    5. Lights, Motor, Action
    6. Contemporary Monorail station
    7. Ceiling of the lobby at the Wilderness Lodge
    8. Tangeriene Cafe
    9. Cinderella's Royal Table
    10. Goofy's Barnstormer

    Take care, everyone! I plan on posting a few pics while I'm gone - not really a live report, but maybe a picture of the day. So check in when you can!

    See ya real soon!


  31. Have a great time! Can't wait to hear the funny stories when you get back!

  32. I only missed 2, that makes a a sub-nerd?? LOL

  33. For those of you who were wondering what Carol has been doing since Bartlet left the White House, apparently she gained 30 pounds and began working at a Costco in the Pac NW. Rest assured, despite her impressived weight gain, she is still helpful and polite.

    NM: great post and as always, fantastic pictures. I got 8 out of 10. I couldn't confirm the picture from Flights of Wonder. The ZZUBs have never seen it. And although we've eaten at Tangerine Cafe, it was 3 years ago and I didn't remember what the tables looked like.

    We saw Toy Story 3 last week and I've jotted down some thoughts on it. I will post that in a day or two. I'm curious to hear what y'all thought of the movie.


  34. ZZUB- Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the movie! We saw it last week, loved it of course! Although, my 6yr old son was quite distressed at the end asking-why is he giving away all his toys? is she going to give them back? are they at least going to trade for something? funny kid. Looking forward to your next post ;)

  35. Oooooh can we be careful what we say about TS3 and keep spoilers in Zzub's installment about it. The Fricks haven't seen it yet and I will not get to see it until the boys get back from camp in two weeks. TYVM

    I know LaLa is struggling today.... it is the dreaded re-entry.

    Welcome back La and I can't wait to hear all about it sister!!!

  36. First of all, WHO'S ROGER AND WHY THE HECK IS HE JANKIN' ON ME?!!!!!

    I've never even met anyone named Roger. In my life.

    Or have I?

    Thanks for thinking of me and the re-entry, Frickles. You're so sweet, my girl. Coming back down to earth has been rough but we're managing. Haven't washed my hair in five days (still holdin' on to that Disney waffle cone smell) but it's all good. I get to come back and cut up with yall. And secretly wish I could have snuck into the NMs' joint and hung out with them for the rest of the week.

    Speaking of NM, I'm LOVING the photo installment! I know I'm a day late and a dollar short (well, many days and MANY dollars, nine days in Disney....nuff said) but I wanted to submit my guesses as well. I should mention that I shamelessly read every single response before mine so this might not be an accurate reflection of what came off the top of my head when I first saw the shots, but here goes...

    1. NM's DH. Not sure why he's wielding a weapon and a grin but I'm guessing it has something to do with NM's instructions to guard the prized Illuminations spot at all costs. I'm guessing the grin is because he's a Southern gentleman. Who knows how to throw down and mind his manners all at the same time.

    2. Where I want to be RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE!!

    3. Breaker breaker one nine, this here's ZZUB's new rig. Come on back and talk to Teddy Bear.

    4. A show that I don't have any immediate or long terms plans to go see. Because it's "just about birds". Or so we're told.

    5. LL Cool J doing a mike check (and a load of clothes) for his new Disney Channel concert series in the park.

    6. One of the things about Disney that puts me in a great mood, just by seeing it. And hearing it. Whizzing overhead. NOHappyhaunts.

    7. Cooler than cool light fixtures at WL, cousins to the cooler than cool light fixtures at AKL.

    8. Babu's restaurant after Jerry convinces him Pakistani is the way to go.

    9. Mr. LaLa

    10. Rock n Roller Coaster. DUH!