Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Welcome: Great Biscuit, LaLa, NicoleMarie!

I like to write Trip Reports and I like to read them too. I enjoy creative non-fiction as a genre. It occurred to me awhile back that there are probably a good number of other people who enjoy the same thing.

Some of them posted comments on my Trip Reports and some of them wrote their own.

One thing I really enjoy about writing and reading Trip Reports is the interchange between the author and the readers. The back and forth exchange itself is frequently fun to read and the interplay woven inside the Trip Reports adds intrigue. Or not. But mostly it does.

I’ve asked a few friends to join me in this venture. LaLa, NicoleMarie and GreatBiscuit are now contributing authors here at ZZUBWorld. Both LaLa and NM have upcoming trips to WDW so you might anticipate a Trip Report from them. GreatBiscuit has a whole different kind of vacation planned and you might expect to read about it here, too. The ZZUBs head back to WDW later this summer so our Trip Report will begin in the Fall.

Each of us will "label" our work and you can find all of the posts we write by clicking on the name of the author in the label list on the right.

So on with the show!


  1. It's like it's Christmas...in June! Anticipated TRs from some of the best?! I'm looking forward to them almost as much as I'm looking forward to my trip in September.

    Almost as much.

    Because no TR tastes as good as a Dole Whip Float. :)

    ~ Nikki a.k.a. Tinkerbellarella

  2. I disagree. I didn't think the Dole Whip was as good as billed. Don't get me wrong, it's good, but Butter Grilled Pound Cake (RIP) it ain't. It also isn't as good as the banana bread pudding at 'Ohana (which means family, FYI).


  3. Oh gracious...I'm all over this like white-on-rice!! Zzub, NM, Lala, and GB? Good gracious!

  4. It's going to a fantastic ride! I can't wait! I'm TOTALLY stoked about the next Battle series. Will there be photos of inconvenient protein spills? Tales of Outpost destruction? Diatribes on clueless CM’s? One can only dream.

    I've actually never had the Dole Whip in float form, but they sure do look tasty. (In fact, I'm sad to confess to not having had a Dole Whip at all since 1990.) Though having also sampled the 'Ohana BP, I don't see how anything could top it.

  5. Great job Zzub! Sharing the space with La2, NM and GB. I've never read anything by GB so I'm looking forward to that. La2, NM and Zzub reports are always great!

    Did you know that psychics at Caltech announced the unified string theory has produced the theory of everything? At least according to Josh calling CJ from GW. :)

  6. *Beating head against wall* PHYSICISTS! PHYSICISTS!

    I think you'll enjoy reading GB. He's quite funny.

    GB: can't say waht kind of misadventures the ZZUBs will have this summer, but almost certainly it will include clueless CMs.


  7. Well, well, well. The pressure's on. With my TR attached to the same blog as LaLa and ZZUB, and the recently read and VERY enjoyed, Great Biscuit, I've got to step up my game. Maybe something really funny will happen to us and I'll be golden.

    Or maybe we'll just be the regular, boring Disney family we always are, and I'll write about it and include pics and y'all will read it. Because your family is as big a Disney geek family as my family. So you couldn't care less if the TR is good, as long as it's chock full of Disney pics.

    Yeah, that's how I'm gonna roll.

    I'm excited to be here, ZZUB, and I look forward to my upcoming trip, and returning to tell y'all about it.

    Now if someone would just get rid of that AWFUL Crimson Tide colored blog title...

    NM out.

  8. NM wrote, "Now if someone would just get rid of that AWFUL Crimson Tide colored blog title..."

    It's not too late to revoke your invitation.


  9. Oooooh. Touche'.

    And shut your pie hole.

  10. NM: if you squint your eyes just right, the color goes from Crimson to Maroon in about two seconds. Try that next time and maybe you'll feel better about it.

    I know I did.

    And don't be playing that mess either. You big turkey. I'm seriously pumped about the fact that you're writing another TR and I can't wait to read all about it.

    Even if it DOES turn out to be a pump fake. Just make sure it includes a daily weather report.

    Or not.

    Heh Heh.

    Nice to see Tinkerbellarella over here, finally! Congrats on the upcoming trip. And don't listen to ZZUB on the Dole Whip thing. It has been well documented that he has severely jacked up taste buds.


  11. Forgot to say: thanks for the warm welcome, ZZUB. But if you expect me to be hanging out for real, you'll need to invest in a plug in or two.

  12. ZZUB wrote, "I disagree. I didn't think the Dole Whip was as good as billed. Don't get me wrong, it's good, but Butter Grilled Pound Cake (RIP) it ain't. It also isn't as good as the banana bread pudding at 'Ohana (which means family, FYI)."

    I defer to the DWF as I never had the supposedly blissful opportunity to try said BGPC (RIP). And I'm mad at O'hana. It is the ONE restaurant I REALLY wanted to try on our upcoming trip. I've been trying to get an ADR for dinner since the 180+10 day window out. I had the fleeting opportunity a couple of weeks back to take a 9:30p.m. ADR. Alas, it was shot down.

    At this point I'm considering what I have of value that can be traded for a reasonable O'hana ADR. UGH.

    To the Big Biscuit - if there were a way I could get you a Dole Whip Float STAT I'd be all over it my friend. Pineapple-y, juicy, goodness.

    La - it's good to finally be here. :) And it's good to see YOU. And given that Squeeze Parkay gives me this funny desire to find a bathroom near Canada, I'm totally with you on the "interpretation" of Z's tastes, mostly.


    P.S. I really need to get my Blogger blog up and running so I can stop posting as Anonymous...

  13. So I've been thinking. Was the Butter Grilled Pound Cake actually made with BUTTER or with the ZZUB-preferred margarine? Because if it was the latter, I may need to rethink my fond regard for the bestdisneydessertever, emeritus.

    Congrats to GB, NM and La!! I am thrilled that (1) We don't have to exclusively read the blatherings of Z, and (2) that we will be getting to enjoy (without the interference of DIS moderators or Bicker or big spoons) the reports and musings of some of my favorite writers evah.

    GB, can't wait to hear where the next adventure leads you and your girls. Do we get a teaser or will we have to wait for the actual TR to find out? Regardless, I am sure there will be lots of great pictures and stories.

    NM, you are totally in the right league, girl. Don't sell yourself short. And I know that now, having met and spent time with you and your precious family, I will enjoy reading about your adventures in our favorite place even more!!!

    La, I have loved seeing so much of you here and there lately. No one can make me laugh like you. I know how excited your crew is for this trip and I can't wait to hear your delightful take on all things yellow :)

    On a personal note, my first baby is graduating high school this weekend. Pray for me. Oh, and him, too, of course.

  14. Thanks for the sweet words, Ash! I am excited to start telling our tale. Even more excited about taking the trip, of course!

    MANY CONGRATS on your son's graduation. I know this is a moment you have been waiting for and I hope it's everything you want it to be. Celebrate him big this weekend, and enjoy every minute of knowing that HWH is over for you!!! :)

    In other news, while I usually love to strongly disagree with ZZUB, I have to agree on the Dole Whip. I enjoyed it, but it didn't knock my socks off like the BGPC. Or the Ohana Bread Pudding.

    So as far as taste buds are concerned, if ZZUB's are jacked up, so are mine.

    (Did I REALLY just say that? Really?)

    Tinkerbellarella, I am sorry you haven't scored Ohana. I hate to rub it in, but I've never had a problem getting an ADR there. Have you at least eaten there once? No? I'm so very sorry. It is very good.

    La, girl, I'm with Ash. NO ONE makes me laugh like you do. I flat out can't wait to read Overdue and Overpacked: The Final Frontier. You HAVE committed to a TR by now, right? If not, ZZUB told me he was willing to pay you to write one so his blog traffic numbers would go up. Said something about a buck a word. So get movin', Sistah.

    The weather here is HOT. Freakin' hot. And humid. And fully Georgia summer-ish. But I'm loving every minute of it except for the portion of the day when I'm outside running. Not good at all. And because I got one of those armband iPod holder deals, I can no longer run through all the neighbors' sprinkler systems if they are on. Which at least three or four usually are. Bummer, that.

    Y'all have a good one.

    NM out.

    FHOAM forever!!

  15. Ash: I didn't think you were old enough to have a kid graduating high school. But then a few years back you celebrated your 25th reuninon from college, so I reckon you're much older than I think you are. All kidding aside, Ash: congratulations!

    Tink: we had trouble getting our 'Ohana ADR too. For awhile, the only time we could score was 8:40. But I was fully prepared to show up right at 5:00. My assistant was in WDW in January and tried that trick. Got right in. However, I've checked online dining a few times and I was able to move my ADR to a more reasonable 5:30. In other words, keep trying.

    La: you really want to be cracking on my taste buds? You eat pickled possum and suck crawdads. If you're not white trash, you're certainly grey.


  16. AC - Congrats to your son! The TR will involve sea creatures, coasters, a rock quarry, a monster sized mall, in-laws, airplanes, dinosaurs, fireworks, BBQ and racing. Still working on the title, but I have a few ideas on it.

    Tink - I think Zzub's 5PM check-in tip is a sound one. I've heard several DIS'ers who advise that they were able to score seats at some of the big ticket restaurants by checking in right when the place opened.

  17. Hmmmm, says I, I may do just that. If I don't single-handedly bring down the online ADR system checking 'Ohana every day. Thanks!

    Also, Z, I'm reading this book right now, it's called "World War Z", and it's fiction about a zombie war in our lifetime. TOTALLY WEIRD and not my normal "cup of tea" for a read but I think of you every time I see the cover. LOL!

    World War ZZUB!


  18. Z sad:

    La: you really want to be cracking on my taste buds? You eat pickled possum and suck crawdads. If you're not white trash, you're certainly grey.

    1) I never KNOWINGLY ate pickled possum. In other words, at the time I had no idea what it was. That I was eating. I was led to believe it was turkey. So that doesn't count, and

    2) I told you I don't suck the heads, ZZUB. That's all Great Biscuit.

    Tinkerbellarella: I agree with World War Z's advice on Ohana. As much as that pains me to say. If you don't get a table before you go, or if you have to take a later seating than you'd like, show up when they start serving dinner and ask if you can be seated/seated earlier. Politely. This has worked for us on several occasions with the high demand joints.

    I'm getting a feeling of deja vu here for some reason. Feels like I've said that before somewhere....maybe the TIPS thread. Post. Whatever you call it.

    And NM and Ash, thanks for your sweet words. I'm enjoying hanging out more here and there, Ash. Congrats on your baby boy graduating this weekend! I'll definitely keep you in my prayers, girl. Just have some mercy and don't tell me how fast it came around though. :)

    Where are the smilies? Do I need to change some settings here and bring the FHOAM around? Cause I will do it.

    Well, I won't really. But I might think about it.


    PS. NM: It was actually five bucks a word. Plus pain and suffering. And I'm STILL waiting on his check to clear. Typical.

  19. Wow...it's strangely silent over here.


  20. I agree. This is what happens when you give LaLa et. al. the keys to the place. They scare EVERYONE off.

    I myself have been busy tracking the fascinating developments in college football. Nebraska to the Big 10; CU to the Pac 10; Texas making everyone hold their breath.

    And for those of you who just lOVE a "you got what you deserve" story: Lane Kiffin is now saddled with a two year bowl ban and a loss of 30 scholarships. This may be the ONLY time Master G and I agree about something football related. B/c EVERYONE hates Lane Kiffin. Even his kids. If he has kids.


  21. Looks like Texas Tech will head to the Pac 10, but after last season's fiasco with Mike Leach, I've been a bit fed up with them. What was even more irritating around these parts was that just a few weeks before the fertilizer hit the plow blades, Texas Monthly ran a front page story on Coach Leach and how he was finally getting the Red Raiders positioned to make a championship run. And while that never panned out last year, there was already a lot of excitement for the upcoming season. I swear I've been a fan since my West Texas days in junior high, but it's getting harder and harder to feel the love. I’m willing to give Tuberville a chance, but I’m just not nearly as stoked about this year like I was at the beginning of last summer.

    As to Kiffin, I'd say he and USC are definitely a match made...well...someplace anyway.

  22. GB wrote, "As to Kiffin, I'd say he and USC are definitely a match made...well...someplace anyway." Perhaps West Texas in summertime?

    Sorry y'all got stuck with Tomnmy TuTone. He's a jerkstore of the worst order.


  23. I'd say that is an adequate description.

    It may not turn out to be a rewarding season, but it’s going to be an interesting one.

  24. Y'all are speaking gibberish. As was my boyfriend this morning watching Sportscenter when he said something about a pack 12? I dunno. That might've been what he said. College ball is too complicated for me. I'm sticking with the NFL.

  25. Nice re-designed digs. Looking spiffy! Wish I had a popcorn smilie right about now ;-)

  26. Well someone could have clued me in...


  27. Pongo!

    Breakin' the law...breakin' the law....

  28. Ooooohhhh I like.

    We just got back from a week at Disney and let me tell ya, it was wonderful! We warmed it up and got it ready for y'all, and I can't wait to hear your trip reports!

    The only bad part was running into a lady at Typhoon Lagoon that didn't get the memo that longish black hair running up to and around the belly button needs to be removed. Hi Mel!

    I did pull a Zzub. No I didn't puke nor have a #4 in Canada. Thanks to one of your TR's Z, I complained about our lackluster day at Animal Kingdom and I scored another ticket to another park for all of us. So, I need to thank you for not only providing me with major laughs, but with useful info!

    LaLa! I texted NM and told her to tell you about the Silly Bandz.... the princesses are around in full force so you're good to go. Saw a ton in the Pirates gift shop.

    Oh, and the best way to eat a Dole Whip is to get it swirled with vanilla.

  29. Oh, and I don't know who is going next and when, but if you drive please avoid the road from the Boardwalk to Downtown Disney between 7pm and 7am because they are paving it. We got caught in it from 11:30 - 12:10 and went a total of a quarter (1/8) mile. It will kill your great day at the park buzz in a hurry.

    Oh, and the new fireworks are incredible. You all have SO much to look forward to!

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. Frick said:
    Oh, and the best way to eat a Dole Whip is to get it swirled with vanilla.


  32. Frick, that's AWESOME that you got a free day. Who knew reading ZZUB's stuff was actually good for something?

    And YES, I got the message about the Silly Bandz. Thanks for the heads up on those. The boy will be ALL OVER some POC Silly Bandz. Funny you mention it though because I was at Wal-Mart yesterday and hit the mother lode. They have Disney Silly Bandz there now. There are the classic characters (although most of them are only recognizable as Mickey and the gang if you squint really hard and turn your head upside down...and spit into the wind), the Cars characters, TS3, and the princesses. I got DH a pack of the princess ones for his birthday.

    Or did I?

    Thanks for the word on the World too. Can't wait to see the fireworks, and I'm glad yall had a good time, chick. Good to see you back around! Never tried the Dole Whip with vanilla, just don't think anything could beat the float. Ice cold pineapple juice is a fastpass.


  33. Well, If you like just the Ice cream (ok, I know its a non-dairy snack), you cant beat the make your own dole whip at Capn Cooks over at the Poly. The one I whipped up was stretching the laws of physics for the amount of pineappely frozen goodness that would fit in a cup. It was actually too much for me so (just this once) I shared with that pack of hyena's that call themselves my brood.