Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Forty Reasons to Celebrate

by: LaLa

My husband is on the cusp of turning forty.

Hard to believe it’s been forty years since God decided to show some Yellow to the world and grace us with his presence. Not that I was there for the blessed event or anything. Wasn’t even born yet. Because I am MUCH younger than he is. Let the record show.

Way younger.

Not that much younger.


For some time now, my not yet middle-aged husband has equally looked forward to and dreaded this birthday, I believe. He’s looked forward to it because he says getting older makes him feel more distinguished. And he likes feeling distinguished. Beats the pants off feeling undistinguished. He’s dreaded it, well, because he’s not thirty anymore. Even though forty IS the new thirty. But love ‘em or hate ‘em, fortieth birthdays only come around once and it’s something to celebrate in our house. Heck, ANY birthday is something to celebrate in our house. We are the original architects of Birth Week, for crying out loud. The idea being one day just ain’t enough. We need a whole week to celebrate.

Which brings us to Disney.


And figuratively.

Some time ago, we decided that we’d take a trip for my husband’s fortieth birthday. Have us a little getaway and do it up proper. Now, being the distinguished (see?) world travelers that we are, we could’ve gone anywhere. For this momentous occasion. The world was our oyster. We could’ve done Sandals St Lucia. Which looks very cool. Although I’ve got a feeling I’d need to buy stock in Lysol first. Could’ve hopped a plane to Bora Bora. If we liked to fly. Which we don’t. So scratch that. I hear everyone who’s anyone is headed to Dubai these days. We’re someone, so we could’ve done Dubai. Or Dallas. Dublin. Destin. Dollywood. Detroit.

As you can see, the options were LIMITLESS.

But then again, they weren’t. Not really.

Because in reality, the only place we ever really considered for longer than about a nanosecond (which I hear is the same thing as two shakes of a lamb’s tail) was Disneyworld.

Same as it ever was.

Fittingly, it was the man who actually suggested it first. As in, “Hey, why don’t we go to Disney for my birthday?“ And that was all it took. I was on it like white on rice and just like that, plans were set in motion. Reservations were made, ADRs were booked and the Charlie Brown was done a time or two as the anticipation officially began. And it has not let up for roughly six months now. In fact, it has reached a fever high pitch in our home where most every conversation these days is interrupted by at least one high pitched squeal as realization sets in that we’re getting closer and closer to Go Time. The more excited, the higher the pitch. We’re running at four broken glasses and three moanful dog howls right about now.

It’s pitiful, really.

As D-Day gets closer and the links on the Countdown Chain grow shorter, we realize we’re looking forward to this trip for many different reasons. So in honor of my insanely handsome, hard working, and still very young husband turning forty, and because his birth ALL THOSE MANY YEARS AGO was the catalyst for our upcoming trip (pfff… as if we needed a catalyst), I thought I’d jot down a few of the things we’re looking forward to the MOST on our trip to Disneyworld.

Starting with the top forty.


Surprisingly, this list didn’t take very long to write. Which means two things, the more relevant of the two being: I have more. But I feel pretty certain ZZUB will find a way to start charging me per word before long. So forty it is. Some are unique to our family, but I’m betting the vast majority are not.

I do have one request : I’d like for you to add YOUR favorites to the list. Things that you love doing, that you can‘t imagine NOT doing while you‘re there. Should be fun seeing what everyone looks forward to on their vacations and it just may give us some ideas of new things to try while we’re there.

So without further adieu, this week’s top forty hits (in no particular order) are:

1. Seeing this place for the first time and hearing our daughter STILL mispronounce the name of the park. This time on purpose…

2. Yelling “Ticky tocky ticky tocky OY OY OY!” and hearing our favorite Biergarten guy’s voice telling us to clink glasses with our neighbor

3. Clinking glasses with our neighbor

4. Remembering the time we watched a young German waitress mop up chocolate milk and a broken glass mug after clinking glasses with our neighbor. With a little too much exuberance. Apparently.

5. Eating funnel cakes and licking the powdered sugar off our fingers as we walk/boogie to the beat of the band du jour playing at the American Gardens Theatre

6. Watching the colors on the castle change from blue to green to purple to pink and feeling blessed beyond measure that we’re all together, we’re all healthy, and we’re all able to enjoy a pretty dang awesome vacation together

7. Feeling the cold, hard seats of a Disney bus on the backs of our legs as we zoom past the purple road signs and immaculate landscaping on our way to a new adventure each day

8. The thrill of Crush ‘n Gusher baby!

9. B to the O to the M to the A

10. Walking around Frontierland and hearing the screams coming from all the suckers riding Splash Mountain

11. Stopping on the bridge to watch sad suckers get their ride on while anticipating our own Fastpass return time and the opportunity to scream like a bunch of banshees while being watched and pitied by complete strangers

12. Walking a few more feet and hearing the low, moaning sound of the Liberty Belle whistle

13. Feeling familiarity surround us at every turn while at the same time anticipating new, undiscovered experiences

14. Walking around the park sharing a bag of Goofy Candy Company sour Mickey head gummies while listening to the Innoventions Loop play in the background and discussing where we want to head next

15. Playing “Spot the Disney Sign” on the drive down to Orlando and making up the rules as we go

16. Having a non stop, seven day Dork Fest with the three people in this world who mean the most to me

17. Seeing the beautiful smiling faces of my children. Up close and personal. All week long. With no interruptions from school, homework, work or deadlines

18. Hearing “Please stand clear of the doors. Por favor mantengase alejado de las puertas” and zooming smoothly and quickly into a night filled with fun

19. Watching my husband’s handsome yet smug face as he realizes he’s beaten the pants off all of us on Buzz Lightyear. Yet again.

20. Letting my smug, yet handsome husband beat the pants off me on Buzz Lightyear.

21. Ohana. Bread pudding. ‘Nuff said.

22. Watching my son go from being a cooler than cool middle schooler to a kid who is so happy in his surroundings that he temporarily forgets it’s no longer cool to walk around holding your mom’s hand in public. For a little while, anyway. In other words: until he spots a cute girl. Then all bets are off.

23. Hearing “SLAP ME THREE TIMES, WE’RE IN DID‘NEH-WHIRL!!!” coming from the backseat as we pass underneath the arches

24. Passing underneath the arches

25. Finding our resort and spending some time exploring the grounds with Perma Grins plastered on our faces

26. Kicking our shoes off and rubbing our bare feet on the ‘hard carpet’ in the hotel room for the first time (that one’s for the boy)

27. Spotting our first Disney bus (for the girl)

28. Singing along to the songs in Philharmagic and coaxing the girl into reaching out and trying to catch Ariel’s jewels as they float toward us in midair

29. Looking like a bunch of goobers in Philharmagic, yet not giving a flying flip about appearances

30. Dole Whip Floats (no longer elusive)

31. Strawberry Swirls (newly elusive)

32. Pulling off the last link on the LaLa Family Countdown Chain and doin’ The Stanky Leg

33. Watching Chip and Dale do the ole “balance the autograph pen on the nose” thing while the kids laugh like it’s the first time they’ve ever seen it. Again.

34. Watching Magic, Music and Mayhem again (this time for FREE…well, kinda) and experiencing the ridiculously awesomeness of perimeter fireworks

35. Riding Test Track while throwin’ our hands up in the air and waving’ ‘em around like we just don’t care

36. Watching as our son walks into the French gift shop, grabs a miniature French flag, waves it around and yells, “I SURRENDER!” Yet again.

37. Snuggling up to my husband and watching Illuminations while feeling the beat of the fireworks in my chest and a cool breeze floating off World Showcase Lagoon

38. Watching toddlers chase the lights embedded in the walkways on the way out of Epicot and reminiscing about how our kids did the same thing at that age

39. Hearing, “Hang on to your hats and glasses folks, cause this here’s the WILDEST RIDE in the wilderness!”

40. Hearing my not yet middle-aged husband’s booming laughter as he checks his stress at the door, forgets about work and responsibilites, and turns into a kid again

And one to grow on…Counting the many blessings God has given us in remembering all the fun and special times our little family has had together over the years at our happy place and making new memories that our kids will hopefully hold close to their hearts, no matter HOW fast time flies by and turns them into adults.

Right before our very eyes.

After several long months of anticipation, our trip to see Mickey and the Land of Yellow will be here before you know it and we could not be any happier about it. Hopefully our family will be able to experience all of the things we’ve looked forward to and more. Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise. If so, maybe I’ll be back to spill a story or two about our adventures there.

Or at least post some out of focus pictures. Plenty. Of out of focus pictures. Cause that’s how I roll.

So stay tuned.

And remember to keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.


  1. I'm am so excited for you. I LOVE your list. It takes me back to Disney because so many of the things on your list would be on MG and mine.

    19 & 20 are MG and me. hehe Of course he will say I never let him win or he might say the only time I win is when he lets me but that is a debate better left to another time.

    I snort laughed at #36. That may get added to our list.

    When we go to Disney, I always want to stop just a little ways outside to get my last Dr. Pepper. Then as we get closer to Disney it gets harder and harder to be in the car.

    I LOVE the smell of Disney air. The air there just smells different. I just stand there at our hotel and take deep breaths. Its the smell of no stress, no worries, and all fun. We have made it and now I can be free!!

    Reading your list makes me want to go so badly. Waiting for our next Disney vacation has been so very hard because we can't go til after the adoption is done and we can't wait til our daughter is here so we can take her to Disney and make all new memories. Waiting to take her Disney is almost as hard as waiting for her to get here. I know you guys understand.

  2. WOW I didn't realize I almost posted a whole other blog entry. Sorry

  3. GREAT list, my girl!!

    Except for number 37. I have a feeling that one only works in the fall and winter. Cause you dang sure ain't gonna be feelin' a cool breeze at Illuminations on THIS trip. Unless it's your kids blowing their misty fans in your direction. Can someone say IT'S FREAKIN' HOT????

    But you did get me good and fired up for our trip which starts in exactly one week and two days.

    Some of the things I'm looking forward to - in no particular order:

    1. A Mickey head Rice Krispy treat with a mug of "Disney lemonade" every afternoon.

    2. Opening the door to our room for the first time of the trip. Then opening the door and letting the cold air hit me in the face every afternoon DURING the trip.

    3. Hanging out by the pool watching my kids play together like they did when they were 7 and 4, except now they are 11 and 8.

    4. Hearing the opening measure of the Spectromagic score...WAIT!!!! SNAP!!!! No Spectro this time. I'm a little bummed about that, I will admit. But I'm really excited about seeing a different parade and fireworks show.

    5. Singing "Welcome, welcome, welcome!" at the MK Rope Drop ceremony. (Pathetically, the little NMs love to play that on the way to school and pretend they are headed out for rope drop instead of school. And soon enough, they will be.)

    6. Laughing at the Soarin' preshow with Puddy. ("And of course, these little beauties.")

    7. Eating.

    8. Driving under the arches.

    9. Crush n Gusher!!!

    And last, but not at all least, is something new. For as many years as it's been since the Disney bug bit me, (five? six?) I've wanted to be in Disney World for the 4th of July fireworks. Some years we're on a boat at the lake looking at our town's attempt at a fireworks show. Decent, but not Disney. A couple of years we've hosted folks to swim and cookout on the 4th. And while that's fun, it's a good bit of work. Last year we were on an airplane descending into Atlanta on the evening of the 4th. We could see fireworks going off all over the city, and all I could think about (besides a safe landing) was how awesome the 4th of July fireworks must be at Disney World.

    And this year I'll get to see them for myself.

    I'm seriously pumped up about it, too. I know it'll be hot. I know it'll be crowded. But I'm from the South - I'm used to hot. And I've been to Disney when it's crowded - so I think I can handle that, too.

    I think those fireworks will be incredible, and despite the heat and the crowds, there is nowhere I'd rather be this year than there.

    So I'm really excited about that.

    La, y'all have a FABULOUS time. We can't wait to hear all about it!

    Safe travels -


  4. Jen, I'VE got your long post beat. Leave it to me. Too bad my name isn't Cathy. As in, Chatty Cathy...

  5. A list? Of things you love about Disney World? How about a list of things you HATE about NOT being in Disney World?

    1. There is not a soda fountain I can refill my mug with any time I please.

    2. No funnel cakes.

    3. People expect me to do things.

    4. People expect me to do things.

    5. People ask me for and then foolishly rely upon my advice.

    6. People expect me to do things.

    7. No water slides.

    8. I can't be any hotter.

    9. No 'Ohana bread pudding.

    I'm sure there's more.

    Good post, LaLa (if that's your real name).

    Frick: welcome back. Sorry to hear you day in AK wasn't very good. Glad to hear you were properly compensated.


  6. Great update LaLa!

    You know this assignment brings a deep sense of pain right? Cause my countdown chain has like 700ish links in it. Not that I’m bitter about that. If I WAS going to be going to The World this summer and not say visiting my Mother In Law, (I now need an aspirin…thanks again Lala) my list would include the following.

    1. Getting on the monorail at MCO knowing that my entire vacation is before me.

    2. Getting my first glimpse of Disney’s Magical Express check in when the elevator doors open on the ground level of said aiport.

    3. Seeing the street signs turn from green to purple.

    4. Getting my first glimpse of my resort through the bus window.

    5. Checking in and taking my first “on property” photos.

    6. Finding my room

    7. Crossing that threshold for the first time.

    8. My first meal on property.

    9. Riding the bus to the first park.

    10. Getting my first Fastpass.

    11. Seeing the girls meet their favorite characters.

    12. Walking to the table for a sit down meal.

    13. Taking my girls on their first ride of the trip.

    14. Realizing that if I keep going with this list that
    a. It’s going to be about 3000 items long.
    b. I’m going to need a hug…And pie.

  7. Well, as Jen said, not this year for us. Sigh. We've been told, though, by Jen's sister's family, that if we don't go next fall, we'll be read the riot act. So, I'm hoping things are done and we've had time to adjust our new daughter to life in these United States. Might be a bit of a shock to go straight from an african orphanage to Spectromagic, or the Main Street Electrical Parade, or whatever they're dragging through the streets these days.

    I have two things that spring to mind that weren't (technically) on any list yet. Firstly, I love watching Jen love being there. She's a little girl again and loving every minute of it. I enjoy being able to give her that. The endurance of having to wait to be able to, hopefully, get the same reaction from our daughter is really dragging me down. Well...not the EXACT same reaction...cause our little girl will really be a little girl, not reliving her little know what I mean.

    Secondly, I love the taste of fountain drinks in Disney. Now, you may say I'm crazy, but I'm pretty sure it won't be for the first time. The ice in Orlando has that sulfur water taste. It, in and of itself, does not make for happy taste buds, but Orlando is the only place I experience it. So when I taste it...I'm in Disney World....and reliving my boyishness...and happy.


  8. MG wrote, "or whatever they're dragging through the streets these days."


    The possibilities are endless.

  9. I'm going to learn to copy my posts before I hit the post button.

    I played your game La, but I lost it. Here is the condensed version because I don't have time to write it again.

    1. Fountains at Epcot with the balls and snakes of water
    2. Eating at Kona or O'Hana
    3. Smelling Disney water, especially at the Poly
    4. Putt Putt
    5. Spaceship Earth
    6. The People Mover

    I will tell you about our Animal Kingdom day in case it helps out any of you. I went alone with the kids. Mr. Frick's dad has been through a tough surgery and we lived apart for 2.5 months this Spring. While his dad recovers, his mom is living with us and she has the beginning stages of dementia. Mr. Frick urged us to go to the World without him and have some fun while he took care of business here.
    We spent our first day at AK to knock out 4 rides. We aren't big AK fans, but we needed a down day to recover from a full day at Universal the day before. We went in at noon and two of the four rides we went to had their FP machines shut down and one had a 45 min wait (Triceratop Spin) and the other had a 60 min wait (Kali). We weren't down with waiting so we left after 2 rides. I stopped by guest services and complained about the FP machines not being available when there was obviously a long wait and a need for them. She said they had shut them down because the park wasn't crowded enough. Good googly. I told her I felt like I had just wasted a day because of it and I was rewarded with passes to another park of our choosing. So, thanks again Z.

  10. Oooh the fun of a list. Lists make ME yellow!!

    1) When the video begins on the Magical Express bus, as you depart for your resort.

    2) Towel Animals! Yes, I am an uber geek!

    3) Putting your clothes in the drawers!

    4) Watching your kids cuddle with sleepy grins on their faces, on the last bus back to the resort.

    5) Wishes!

    6) "...please gather your belongings, and take small children by the hand..."

    7) Singing our family's version of "Happy Place."

    8) "Hearing" and "Seeing" so many of my friends around every corner.

  11. 9 Being an uber geek, and typing Happy Place instead of Laughing Place. GRRR

  12. Let's see...

    1. Hearing "Welcome Home".

    2. Pulling up to the Beach Club/walking up to the Beach Club. Previously seeing Art the Greeter in the lobby. We miss Art. The Beach Club is "home" for us.

    3.) Tonga Toast and a nap on a hammock at the Poly Beach.

    4. Beaches n Cream.

    5. Entering the Confectionary and smelling that Disney sweetness. (And buy a big-as-your-head Mickey Krispy!)

    6. Trying not to cry when the plane touches down...or now that we live 2 hours away, when turn onto Disney property.

    And many, many more. So many more.

  13. Oh, the Confectionery. Sleepy smiling faces on the bus back to the resort. The Peoplemover. The first meal on property. And even Disney fountain drinks. Love that one, MG. I am LOVING everyone's lists! Keep 'em coming. They're all making me smile HUGE and I'm feeling like I'm already there.

    I noticed 'rubbing elbows with Brazilians' and 'smelling your neighbor's stank BO' hasn't made anyone's list yet.


    NM, you know I LOVE me some Chatty Cathy. Always have. So in my book, you're golden. You too YAJ. And don't sweat the Disney trips, you or MG. Because once you have that sweet baby in your arms, everything else will fade away. You'll have plenty of time to introduce her to the World proper. And maybe because of the wait, the moment will be that much sweeter for yall when it happens. The waiting may be hard, but great things are in store. Remember that.

    Frick, you and your husband rock. Glad you got to enjoy some time with your sweet boys. And that's awesome that they gave you another ticket for another day because the FP machines were closed. Were you wearing new shoes at the time by any chance?

    Look at ZZUB going against the grain with his list. Should've figured he wouldn't follow the crowd. Must think he owns the joint or something.

  14. I thought sure for Z would break out the Register Journal for his list

  15. Actually, the lack of a register journal in the real world is a plus factor.

    Other things I hate about not being in Disney:

    10. I can't wear silly message shirts.

    11. No one laughs when I say, "that's one better than 3D."

    12. Minimum wage employees don't wish me a "magical day," also, in some limited circumstances, they are actually empowered to do more than glare at me across the Epcot parking lot.

    13. NOTHING is a fastpass.

    14. Listening to Illuminations and pre-Illuminations music just isn't the same.


  16. Maybe it's just me, but I didn't find Number 11 funny at all.

    I'm gonna piggyback Z here and add to HIS list. For a change.

    Happy Colas just don't taste the same when you tear into them in the Walgreens parking lot. As opposed to 'just outside Germany'.

    Power walking on the treadmill while listening to the Innoventions Loop doesn't give QUITE the same experience as actually being there.

    Which I will be.


    Not to rub it in or anything.

    Heh Heh.


  17. I forgot one. How could I forget this?!?!

    From the moment we make our reservation, since it is offical then, we sing our silly song. Sometimes I think we could write Larry's silly songs. (Veggietale reference fyi)

    We take the tune of I have decided to follow Jesus and sing I have decided to go to Disney. No turning back, No turning back.

    Then on the last verse we pretty much yell at each other. I sing "I'll beat Paul when we play Buzz Lightyear. (times 3) He will not win, he will not win"

    He sings "I'll beat my wife when we play Buzz Lightyear. (times 3) She will not win, she will not win.

  18. Oh, gosh. So much to say.

    I loved seeing that LaLa had turned the page. Love me some variety! NOZZUB.

    La, 40 is not middle aged. Just ask my 98 year old nana ; ) And it is the new 30. Which makes me um...38. Sounds good to me!

    I am DED at the image of the La clan doing the Charlie Brown in excitement over their upcoming trip. Noses in the air, Michael Flatley feet. Perfect!

    "B to the O to the M to the A". Mmmmmmmm.

    La said: "hearing the low, moaning sound of the Liberty Belle whistle" Are you sure that wasn't Frick's MIL with a slice of chocolate cake?!

    Two of my favorite sounds: "Por favor mantengase alejado de las puertas" and "...cause this here's the WILDEST RIDE IN THE WILDERNESS". Both of which I must recite in unison.

    NM said "Eating" Duh. I would add planning all the eating, aka ADR bingo and musical chairs, to that list. And reading menus on AllEars, of course ;) Does anyone NOT already know what they're going to order before sitting down at any of the TS restaurants in the World?!

    Z said "I can't be any hotter" Simmer down, CourteneyandRyan

    Now I have to go to a meeting. I'm still thinking on my list, and will be back.

    La, if I am not back before you leave, have a GREAT TRIP!! We can't wait for those blurry pictures. And give NM a hug for me ; )

  19. Tinkerbellarella's Top 10 Disney Favorites

    10. Settling in for the first Disney "sleep" knowing that first thing in the morning you'll be up and out and headed for magic and adventure.

    9. Wishes. I cry EVERY TIME.

    8. Being as far from the Epcot entrance for Illuminations as possible because that guarantees a long, slow walk back, appreciating a warm night and trying not to let Promise reduce me to a babbling, sobbing idiot. I heart that song.

    7. Unpacking. I love "claiming" the room.

    6. Eating anything and everything I want, regardless of what it is or what time of day it is (Itzakadoozie for breakfast? BRING IT!), and not caring what the calorie or fat content is.

    5. Dole. Whip. Floats. NOM!

    4. Morning "coffee walks" as the sun is coming up. I'm an early riser, even on vacation, and this is hands down the most peaceful time in the World. Hey Z - did you coin the "coffee walk" turn of phrase?

    My top 3 are all in honor of my grandmother. She and my grandfather took me on my first trip at 7, and then again, with my brother, five years later. She's passed shortly after we returned from that second trip and my strongest memories are my Disney memories. They started the love affair and in honor of that I do these three things on EVERY visit:

    3. Getting to the Hub and "going left". We never did it any other way.

    2. At the MK, at the hottest part of the day, stopping what I'm doing and jumping on the train for at least 2 loops around the park. Feeling a cool(ish) breeze, just relaxing without anywhere to be, and appreciating, from another angle, Walt's Kingdom.

    1. The WEDWay PeopleMover (NOTTA). The whole thing. Everything about it. It's the strongest "ride memory" I have of my Gram.

    I'm worried about my #1, now that I hear they've changed up the spiel and all. If sometime in mid-to-late September you encounter a news story about an enraged woman being arrested for destroying Tomorrowland speakers, look the other way. I don't want you to see me when I'm not looking my best...


  20. I hate not having a morning coffee walk in the real world. Schlepping to my kitchen to fix a pot o' coffee just isn't the same, KWIM? Even if the coffee is 8,000 times better at my house, there's something about walking to the food court or the whathaveyou to fix some brown water served warm in your Disney Mug. That you've just rinsed out from last nights fill o' pop.

    One thing I really loved about PORiverside was the morning coffee walk. Yes, it was a monster sized schlep, but it was so beautiful. It may have been the most relaxing part of my day.

    Tink: you've hit on something that many of us share: we go to Disney World to visit someone we love. Is it too sappy to say that I'm trying to adjust my life so that I spend more time visiting those I love here, too?

    Now for the eating: how freakin fun is the pound the food in your face eating of a WDW vacation? Whether it's parmesan potatoes at Chef Mickey's or a plate filled with Schpupin! sized desserts or a funnel cake or banana bread pudding or cake of any kind or flavor or Dole Whips (floats or swirls). I love me some Disney eating.

    FYI: they have actually adjusted the spiel on the peoplemover again. Evidently, there was a strong reaction to the lack of a page for Mr. Morrow, Mr. Tom Morrow. It's now been added back in. Read it a few days ago on the disboards.


  21. ZZUB sad: "I hate not having a morning coffee walk in the real world. Schlepping to my kitchen to fix a pot o' coffee just isn't the same, KWIM? Even if the coffee is 8,000 times better at my house, there's something about walking to the food court or the whathaveyou to fix some brown water served warm in your Disney Mug. That you've just rinsed out from last nights fill o' pop."

    BIG TIME freaky borg. Down to the rinsing out. (Except Mr NM - type A that he is - rinses out as soon as the drink is finished and turns the mugs upside down on a clean washcloth on the dresser. But they still have some water droplets in them when the coffee goes in.)

    I have been contemplating bringing our Keurig coffee maker to WDW this time. Being in a villa with a kitchen, and thinking about having GOOD coffee while I'm at Disney just sounds a little tempting.

    But it's because of that comment right up there, ZZUB, that I don't think I can.

    What the heck is it about the Disney coffee? And even better, the WALK to get the Disney coffee? Tinkabellarella, I'm an early riser, too. And early risin' at WDW is BEST EVAH!

    Moving on.

    Did they really put the Tom Morrow part back in the People Mover? That is great news, if they did. REALLY great news.

    La, have y'all gone to bed yet? ;)

  22. Wow, we just rode the People Mover numerous times, last timing being a week ago today, and I never heard the call for Mr. Morrow.

    With our last trip, we added numerous things that we put on our 'must do' list for next time.

    1)Blizzard Beach
    2)Refillable Mugs - I was never a believer in those suckers because I typically don't drink a lot of soft drinks, but I have found the joy of non-stop FREE drinks in my mug. And now that we are home, we drink out of our mugs and have good memories with each sip.
    3)Disney coffee. I enjoy their brown water!
    4)Disney Popcorn in a souvenier bucket. Good times.
    5)Kona Cones
    6)Pineapple/Vanilla Dole Whip Swirls
    7)Napoleons from the French Bakery (thanks Jami!)
    8)Eating 4 Mickey waffles from the food court every morning.
    9)Taking my oldest to a 'fancy' restaurant each night. He loves him a good Disney meal.... food court chicken nuggets just don't do it for him!!!!
    10)Valet Parking at the Poly every night we want to go to the MK late. It's worth every penny. (As long as they don't lose your keys)

  23. Apparently they JUST re-added the page for Mr. Morrow w/i the last few days. Of course, I read it on the disboards, so . . .

    You could do a search over there and see if you find the link. I saw the thread on the parks board.

    NM: You CANNOT be brining good coffee to Disney World! That aint right. What's next? Clean sheets?

    What is this napleon you speak of, Frick?


  24. Read it for yourself:

  25. My coffee walk is a Coke walk. In the real world I have cut out about 95% of my soda intake and I NEVER have it for breakfast. But at Disney, it's all dreams and my dream is Coke for breakfast. That's how I KNOW that I'm on vacation.

    I've also discovered I'm a coffee snob. I don't drink it that often, but when I do, it has to be the good stuff.

  26. I am so beyond excited to find ZZUB, LaLa, and Nicole Marie again!!! Woo hoo!

    Denise (praisehisname)

  27. Me too (Hi Denise!) - this is great guys! Thanks to GB for putting that nifty little box-link-thingy in your DIS signature :)
    Shoot, I got so excited, I didn't finish reading. I'll be back!
    -V (PrincessV)

  28. ZZUB, I know - it was just a fleeting thought. The beauty of the Keurig is that it makes only one cup at a time. (I'm sure you probably know that.) And there is no clean up and no waiting on a pot to brew. Total convenience and good coffee.

    But I would be saddest ever not to have a refillable mug and some Disney coffee. Strangely enough, there is something I really like about the taste of that stuff.

    Denise and Princess V - Good to see y'all!

  29. Hi Denise and Princess V. Glad to see more people are finding us here.


  30. Zzub a Napoleon is a slice of goodness....layers of pastry and cream (not bavarian cream, but white, vanilla cream) topped off with powdered sugar. It's beyond delicious!!!!!!!

  31. Yeah, I don't do a coffee walk either. But I do like to make a breakfast run (usually to Boardwalk Bakery) most mornings to get muffins and bagels (the finest in all the land!) for the boys. Since we're normally in a villa, I make myself tea and the boys have milk or juice. No coffee drinkers in our family, strangely enough. I do love walking down an empty(ish) Boardwalk planning my day in my head while watching as the World wakes up.

    My #1 favorite thing, and what I look forward to the most, is just that first walk up Main Street, and, of course, the first view of the castle.

    Magic Kingdom fireworks, be it Wishes (yep, I cry every time too) or MMM or whatever they're exploding around the castle these days (thanks MG!), watched from the middle of Main Street, right outside the bakery, is another of my faves.

    And yes, Steph, the fond memories of all of my sweet CIF/fellow Disney freaks, too. My trips since March of 2006 have all been so FULL of TR and real life memories. It makes the experience all the richer!!!

    Hi Denise and V! Nice to see you over here!

    Bon Voyage La! Have a wonderful trip. We will miss you!

  32. Thanks, sweet Ash!

    I'm still loving all the 'favorites'. I'm not a coffee person so no morning coffee walks for me but DH's favorite part of vacation is that peaceful morning walk as the rest of the World is just waking up. He completely digs it. While I dig sleeping just a little longer.

    I think I'm gonna have to get me one of them there Napoleons, Frick. But...we've never tried school bread either. And I have declared THIS will be the trip for that experience. Of course, it could end up on the Elusive list too, but I'm gonna try my darndest to make sure that doesn't happen. And the Disney souvenir bucket of popcorn is THE BOMB! The popcorn's good but even better than that is the happiness you feel while watching a movie at home and re-using that cooler than cool popcorn bucket. After re-using the cooler than cool Mickey shaped black plastic plates for supper. The ones you get kids meals in at counter service places. Yall know you wash 'em out and stick 'em in your backpack too. Don't lie! One more and we'll have us a WHOLE SET.

    Love me some Redneck china.

    Praisehisname and PrincessV, it's SO good to see yall again! I'm really glad yall found us. It's been a long time. :)

    I think we need to send out a messenger for Sneezie.

    And get to work on some smilies. Or is that NM's job now?

    YAJ, the story about the song yall sing on the way into Disney killed me DED. Now I can't get the tune out of my head and will probably be singing it all day tomorrow.

    Walking around the grounds at POR at any time of day is a Fastpass. And you better believe all bets are off as far as food when we're on vacation. Looking forward to having some Itzakadoozies for breakfast myself. Or at the very least, a Dole Whip float. That's yellow in a cup, right there.

  33. At Pop, I love my morning coffee walk. However, at Boardwalk, I adore getting a cup from the kitchen and sitting on the balcony. Watching the place come to life, with the Beach Club and Epcot in the distance is yummy!

  34. Ash wrote, "get muffins and bagels (the finest in all the land!)" One imagines you then dring from the keg of victory afterwards.

    You know when I lost Texas?

  35. When you learned to speak Latin?

    Post hoc, ergo propter hoc

    And don't you forget it ; )

    Victory is mine!

  36. "13. Feeling familiarity surround us at every turn while at the same time anticipating new, undiscovered experiences"

    Love that one. It pretty well sums up my entire list. But I can add a little, I think...

    *Knowing that walking out of a park doesn't mean going home. (We live nearby, so day trips happen. Overnight trips are better. Multiple night trips rock our World!)

    *Main St. Bakery cinnamon rolls. The relative size of my head.

    *July 4th fireworks from the Poly beach. Okay, this will only be the 2nd time for that, but I foresee it becoming a tradition.

    *Afternoons spent poolside in the company of the best family and friends ever.

    Thanks for the welcomes! I'd started blogging here when I got sick of TR-ing, then decided I'm not a blogger, then opted to start TR-writing again and posting them here, as well as on the DIS... and then got confussled by Blogger's mechanics and gave up. I'm back (after 5 tries of usernames and passwords)and so happy to have found you all here! :)

  37. Hey Denise! Hey V!

    Glad to see you ladies! Welcome!

  38. Ok, well, off to do our last homestudy meeting. This one is about our married life, so I'll have to remember not to tell the social worker how YAJ beats me, and bosses me around, and generally keeps me cowed down and snivelling in the corner. ;) She just takes advantage of my kind and loving nature.


  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. La!

    Excellent 40's list. Have a wonderful time at the World.

    After much ta-dooing we are also going to Disney soon. I'm going to squeeze those last few days out of my AP and enjoy me some "free food" in August.

    And definately listen for Mr. Morrow this time.

    Here's the list according to the YAK's

    1. Getting on the last car on the Orlando monorail so we can see the airport behind us - so much ahead!

    2. The "Dead Guy" at the airport. Many giggles were had over that guy. He lives near the exit of the SW Terminal sorta near Starbucks.

    3. The arch.

    4. Purple signs

    5. Stacey!!!!!!! Running in the room and putting Stacey on the TV. And leaving her on. For the entire trip.

    5a. Not watching the news, reading a paper or having any contact with the outside world. Disney is a need to know place.

    5b. The smell of the Disney shampoo's

    6. Hearing "Welcome, Welcome" Borg NM! The added bonus of seeing and hearing the Trolly Car singers performing the whole song on Main Street.

    7. The taste of Pineapply goodness

    8. The first note of the music of Soarin'

    9. Epcot ball pictures. Taking the hundred millionth-teen picture of the Epcot ball. There are never enough different angles of that baby.

    10. Smiling everytime I refer to Epcot as Epicot, knowing where it originated.

    11. Disney first thing in the morning when it is so quiet.

    12. Canada at Ep(i)cot. Giggling at the Lumberjack CM outfits in Canada and hearing DD's disgust and complaints every time, "I'm never doing the College program because I wouldn't be caught dead in one of those outfits....what does the world think we are a bunch of lumberjacks" L0L! Also, feeling a sense of pride watching the new movie. And Martin Short. He's pretty funny and went to the same University as I did.

    13. Puzzling over the cheese soup. WTF? It's a made up Canadian thing. Never heard of it...they should serve Poutine. Now that's Canadian. As are the bathrooms.

    14. Wondering if Walt knows how much joy he has brought to the World. And thinking about how amazing his vision was way back when, each and every time I go.

  41. Great lists. I have only two things to add (that havent already been covered).

    Being the most relaxed that I ever get, anyehere, ever.

    Reliving past adventures of things that happened while creating new stories to tell amongst our little group.

  42. I just found ZZUB's blog so I'm a late poster, but just couldn't help but add my list:)

    1. The smell of Magic Kingdom. I have to try really hard not to cry when we go in on our first day.

    2. Rarely does teendom rear it's ugly head with my two teenagers.

    3. My kids are so happy. When I watch them having fun, once again, hard not to cry!!!

    4. The real world does not exsist.

    I could list a million more. Hmmm you've given me a great topic for dinner tonight.