Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Few Brief Messages

by: ZZUB

I love Sunday mornings.  Before Mrs. Z and the girls wake up, I have the house to myself.  It's quiet.  I can rest.  And write.  I enjoy writing. 

After a spell, my girls get up and lately they've enjoyed sitting with me in my study, looking up Disney things on You Tube.  Although none of us have seen La Nouba and probably won't (for the obvious reasons), we're familiar with parts of it from Resort TV.  Ask ZZUBY if "amazing can be a souvenir?"  And she'll tell you, "actually, yes!"  They like the part with the guys on the bike.  And the people jumping in and out of the windows on the building.  If you've ever seen the show or seen parts of it on TV or the Internet, then you know what I'm talking about.  We are big fans of You Tube.  There are tons of old Disney commericals, videos from "my Contemporary" (as Li'l Z calls it) and of course, fireworks. 

NM and family are in WDW, the LaLas have just returned and Great Biscuit is currently on his trip as well. I'm hopeful LaLa starts up her TR soon.  You KNOW she's got some embarrassingly funny stories.  I'm willing to bet one of them got sick and either hurled or wanted to hurl.  Because that's how they roll it.  NM will try to post some live pictures from her trip as well.  And today I have posted my review of Toy Story 3.

So there's a lot of new stuff coming to ZZUBWorld, The Coolest New Disney Fan Site on the Net. TM.   Frickles raised a good point (which shocked us all), that some people might not want to read anything about TS3 until they see it.  For that reason, my review is on a separate page (see tab above).  Although I don't believe it contains any spoilers, if you, like Frank Costanza, prefer to go in fresh, you might not want to read it.  And by placing it on a separate page, people can discuss it freely without fear of spoiling it for others.

If either NM or GB decide to post live updates and pictures from their trips, a new page tab will appear.  So check there.

The Trip Reports will run in this space and we'll alternate between the four of us.  We plan to have something new up here at least once a week.


  1. Hey Z! It's LegoMom....just dropped by to check on any updates. I'm also loving my quiet Sunday morning here in the Lego Household.

    I was so sorry to read about your pup recently...oddly enough I think of him every time I see "Puppies of Progress." It's tough to lose a best friend, of any kind.

    I love your blog layout here, by the way! Did you take that pic at the top? I need some serious overhaul of my own needs Disney-fying.

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! God bless....

  2. Zzub sad "Frickles raised a good point (which shocked us all)"

    I know. My head hurts real bad now.

  3. Thanks for the tab Zzub.

    I too, do not enjoy spoilers. Ask LaLa. She knows.

    Where's Mel?

    I suspect she was in the thick of it in Toronto during the G20 this weekend. The riot police were out. So it makes sense.

    WB Lala - can't wait for that new tab too.

  4. Sweet! Someone else I know (In the real world as opposed to the blogosphere) just saw and was amazed by La Nouba.

    I am mostly amazed by the price and cant decide if I would enjoy it or feel like homer as a frenchy clown thrusted in my face (Hi mel!)

  5. Hey Legomom! Glad to see you here. Yes, that's my picture at top but NM took the way cool Illuminations picture on the right side of the page.