Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Battle for my Wallet VII: Lost and Found

Chapter One: Throw the Stick

This is not a sad story.

It is not a story of loss and renewal. If it was, then this would be the Battle for my Wallet: Been There, Done That.

Which we have.

This will not make you numb. Still, the story of our trip began with the loss of our dog, our friend. I felt a lot of guilt after Stafford died. I just had not spent as much time playing with him in the last few years as I wished I had. Had not taken him on enough big boy rides. It was the consequence of being too busy. And by saying yes to some things, I necessarily said no to others. Like playing with Stafford.

In the days right after he left us, I wrestled with a lot of things. But mainly I felt bad I hadn’t played with him enough. I realized I could never have that back. And I had not spent enough time making him happy. Not lately. I'd been too busy making money, building my practice, chasing other things. How many times did he want me to throw a stick? Roughhouse with him? Put him in the Jeep and take off to the store. To anywhere. I didn't give him enough time because I didn’t have enough time and anyway I thought there'd be more time. And then one day there wasn't anymore. Time. And on one ironically sunny day, he left me. Missing him terribly.

In the week after he died, I filled in the holes in the backyard, put bark dust over where he used to play, but I can still see him there. I don’t know why I thought changing the landscape would change the movie in my mind. The memories of a dog I loved so much.

I look at my back yard and I see him there and I vow not to make that mistake again. It's too late to give him my time. But it's not too late with my wife and the girls. There will be time enough for other things but there will never be another day like today and I want this day with my family.

We need fun time, and because a Disney vacation is six months before and six months after, and because we all have fun there, it IS worth the money. For us. Maybe one day I'll be poor again and we won't be able to take an annual vacation. If that happens, we’ll find other ways to have fun. But I'm not going to worry about what ifs. I'm going to enjoy this day with my wife and daughters.  If one of them leaves me first, I am not going to feel guilty that I hadn't been there enough.

And because my mom and dad are getting on in years and because they live in Florida, we'll go to WDW and see them. I want to make sure I get to love them and love on them. It's cliché, but nevertheless true: we can't change yesterday; we can't undo lost time. But we CAN in the power of the Holy Spirit, change how we walk out today. I want to be a man who blesses my wife and daughters. And because my family LOVES us some fun times in Disney World, I'll work hard and save my money for that.

I’ve come back to this again and again. I’d get annoyed by how much money we spend on vacation. Think we should find something else to do. Something better. But the plain and simple fact is, we like Disney World. We like it because we KNOW it. We know how to plan for it, what to do there, when to go, where to eat. And even though we yearn to add some new wrinkle, maybe stay at a different resort, it's still the same basic package. There are a host of other reasons too. But it's the familiar thing. And there’s a lot to be said for the familiar.

I've stopped fighting it. I've been at war with it in my head for several years now. I may have even written about it a time or six. Feeling like I spend WAY too much money on a week's vacation. And the experience is always a mixed bag. Great rides, great food, great shows v. unclean rooms, smelly tourists, slow Monorails, broken rides, refurb walls, etc. But. We love it. The six months before. The entire trip. The six months after. It's who we are. The point here? I stopped raging against what I couldn't change. And with Disney World, I'm no longer trying to find another way or another place. We like it. I don't know how long we will, but as long as we do, as long as my family has fun in the planning, the partying and the post-game, I'm not changing our destination. Could that money be better spent? No. Yes, it could be appropriated elsewhere. I could find places to spend that money, or put it in the bank even. But it wouldn't be better spent. We don't NEED anything as much as we NEED a fun vacation to look forward to and enjoy. Turns out, we need to make time to go play. And I'm not apologizing for it anymore.

But like I said, this is not a sad story. Not an introspective one either. This is just why we headed to Walt Disney World again instead of Disneyland where we vacationed last summer. Context is key.

So is having an emergency bathroom staked out at your hotel in the event two of you “need” the facilities at the same time. But I’m really getting ahead of myself.

Foreshadowing a poop cramp? Oh yes I did. This is, after all a ZZUB trip report.

Our August trip to Disney World was filled with the kinds of things that makes the ZZUBs the ZZUBs. So if you don’t have the stomach for another one of these, then take your Prilosec, because the Battle for my Wallet VII is on. Some highlights you can expect to read about:

A room so filthy, you’ll vomit just reading about it. The room credit and VIP cleaning (whatever the heck that is) we received because of it;

The surprise which came at the outset of our trip and how that has affected all trips which will come later;

What the Contemporary Resort looks like at 5:00 in the am;

Bird poop or cigarette butts; does it really matter?

ZZUBY losing a croc to the escalator in the CR (and darn near losing a toe);

My morning long search for our bag of ponchos and sitting on hold with lost and found for 23 minutes;

ZZUBY losing her camera then finding it again, deleting her pictures and then getting them restored!

Me leaving my camera behind but not even fretting none about it;

The moment Mrs. Z said, "Disney ZZUB has arrived;”

The moment Mrs. Z said, "It's time to go, ZZUB’s getting raged up," and what prompted her to say that;

That it took MUCH longer than usual for the rage to show up;

What “MaLouba” is and where you can find it;

To whom I said, "Do you really want to argue with me over whether that's a bar?!"

The Monorail Incident that caused us to miss most of the morning extra magic hour at MK and why it didn’t provoke a rage in me;

My first altercation with people from a southern continent which caused me to exclaim, "You go ahead of us, that way you can't bump into us again;"

My second altercation with people from a southern continent, "Excuse me! You've rammed into us for the last time. Now all of you either get in front of us or behind us, but you are NOT going to keep pushing into us. You got THAT?!"

What caused me to say to a cast member at Pirates, "I can't take a picture here? Right here?! I really can't take a picture HERE?"

The reason I asked the front desk manager, Joey, to "do me a solid;"

What the solid was I asked for and received;

Why I channeled Mr. LaLa on Mainstreet, USA;

Why we still LOVE Electric Umbrella;

What our first, second and third favorite meals were;

Why I NEVER ate a funnel cake, despite the fact, they now sell funnel cakes EVERYWHERE;

Why a CM told me I had "good energy," and why I thought it was a compliment;

Who told me I had “good form;”

Where we spent our decompress day, what a decompress day is and why the place we stayed was perfect for what it was;

Disney food bingo;

Who "Mike" was and what he was doing in the fridge;
And what provoked me to tell a CM on the phone, "well then, this has been a colossal waste of time for everyone involved. You have a magical day!" And why we've created the Disney exception to the golden rule, "Treat others they way you want to be treated. Unless they've really pissed you off."


  1. Well, well, well...seems like I remember a time when I would plop down in front of my computer, coffee mug filled to the brim, and read the musings of ZZUB and his travels to Disney World. It was some of my favorite Monday mornings back in the day, and I was very pleased to have that same opportunity this morning.

    Even if it's Wednesday and not Monday.

    Although, I'll bet something even better will be up to read on Monday morning. Heh heh.

    ZZUB, I'm really glad you're writing another TR. It doesn't matter how often we go, or how often we write about it, somehow it's just as fun every time. Maybe even more so because of the familiarity. So I will look forward to filling up my mug in the weeks (and months) to come, and reading your stuff. You have a gift for the written word, and I will enjoy you sharing that gift with us.

    I will NOT however, enjoy reading about the disgusting room. If it was so dirty I'll vomit just reading about it, then a VIP cleaning just ain't enough. If you didn't get a new room, you're dead to me.

    Bring it, ZZUB.

    FHOAM forever,


  2. It's ON, baby!! Sounds like, despite your claims to the contrary, we've got a rage-filled, or at least snark-filled, TR ahead of us! And I, for one, can't wait.

    ZZUB said Foreshadowing a poop cramp? Oh yes I did. This is, after all a ZZUB trip report.

    If you bought DVC, you wouldn't have to scope out a back-up bathroom in the hotel. Just sayin'.

    Sounds like ZZUBY is heading in the direction of, well, okay, I'll say it....Me. As a child, I lost everything. Toys, purses, hats, coats, shoes, cameras, you name it. It all began for ZZUBY back with her little dog (Coconut! I just remembered!) a couple of trips ago, and I see it continues. Bless her. (Admit it, it was ZZUBY who lost the ponchos; you were just covering for her.)

    I am DED thinking of Mrs. Z referring to her raged-up husband as ZZUB. Way to cut the tension!

    I think I can guess where and what MaLouba is. And if it's what I think it is, I'm glad you guys finally got there.

    I am really missing the quote feature right about now. Just thought I'd mention that.

    Go forth and write, James Patterson. But try to make it a little more upbeat next time. Or I'll have to call you Deputy Downer from now on.

  3. Great tribute to Stafford and a great reminder to make family the priority.

    I can't tell you how much I've missed having a Zzub TR to follow. This one sounds like it's going to be FANTASTIC.

    Your preview of coming events had me cracking up. Though I'm not sure that I want to know what the solid was. Especially with mention of a poop cramp.

    But I suppose it wouldn't be a proper Zzub TR without an emergency restroom run.

    Let the fun begin!

  4. I just proofed my post (usually, it's good to do that BEFORE you actually post it) and I'm really bothered by an incorrect sentence structure. But although I could delete my comment and put it back correctly, I'm choosing not to.

    Let the record show I'm really bugged, though.

  5. Wow! Check out the peeps who posted in the short time it took me to find my mistake and choose NOT to correct it!

    Hi Ash!

    Hi GB!

  6. NM, My post would've been before yours, but I was proofing before I posted :)

  7. “But the plain and simple fact is, we like Disney World. We like it because we KNOW it. We know how to plan for it, what to do there, when to go, where to eat.”

    Yes, yes, and yes – how well I understand this sentiment! We’re in the midst of planning a non-Disney vacation for next summer. And you know what? It’s a little scary, all those unknowns.

    “So is having an emergency bathroom staked out at your hotel in the event two of you “need” the facilities at the same time. But I’m really getting ahead of myself.”

    Oh boy…

    It’s so good to see another ZZUB report - thanks for writing again!

  8. ZZUB, once again, I'm humbled by your eloquence. After losing my mom this year, I feel like I could have written your thoughts on why you visit the World. And not apologizing for it.

    You get it. I think your readers do and that's why we're here. Sure, money can always be spent elsewhere, but why are we tormenting ourselves over spending it on something that we truly enjoy? If there's one thing I can tell you about my mother, it's that she never shied away from a Disney trip. That woman had priorities, and was completely unapologetic about that. She insisted that we take a trip in January (I was about 3 months pregnant at the time) because after the baby was born, I wouldn't have the time. How could we have possibly known that she wouldn't have the time?

    It's so important to spend time with your family, and I'm really looking forward to reading about your latest Disney adventures.

    Poop cramps, dirty rooms, and all.

  9. Hi Zzub! This TR better include at least one slice of cake or else I'm not reading!

    Your tribute to Stafford was heartwarming. I have a few doggies waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge so I know how you feel.

    I wanted to give a big thanks to Great Biscuits for sending that Disboard PM letting me know that you had started your TR.

    Great Biscuit you are Grand! (but I guess you hear that all the time)

  10. FYI! In case you didn't know, It's me Sneezie!!!

  11. SNEEZIE!!!!! Sneezie is in the house!!
    Thanks for identifying yoruself. I had no clue who Troybiskie was. Just assumed it was one of GB's imaginary friends.

    Yes, Sneezie, there will be talk of desserts and cake.

    NM staged herself a one woman hootenanny this morning. But you will be sad to learn we did not change rooms. Sorry about that. But they cleaned the heck out of the place, which was the essential for us.

    TK: I'm sorry to hear about your mom. But I'm glad you're here. Hopefully this stuff I write will make you laugh.

    Ashclan! Still my favorite screename: good memory on ZZUBY losing her Coconut. But not, it was not her fault the ponchos went missing. That one was all us.


  12. TK - I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. It's great to see you here!

    Any time Sneezie! I've tried to get First Lady Biscuit to refer to me as Grande Biscuit Supreme, but so far she has failed to adopt this policy.

    And Z - my imaginary friends are Lothar and Zantar, the Klingon rodeo clowns who investigate unsolved ninja murders at night. Get it right man!

  13. First I'd like to thank the academy....no..wait...wrong place.

    Big thanks to GreatBiscuit for alerting me to the start of the new adventures of ZZUB. As I read other trip reports I couldn't help but be reminded of all the wonderful ZZUB trip reports and miss reading about you and your beautiful family at WDW. I thought of ya'll often and hoped you were doing well and wondered if you'd had a trip that would go unshared. The PM from GreatBiscuit was like manna from heaven. I think I even heard a chorus of angels sing as I clicked on the link to ZZUBWorld.

    I'm sorry to hear about Stafford. :(

    Looking forward to reading about your trip as I'm counting down to my family's 2nd trip to WDW.


  14. A Zzub trip report! I am so thankful GreatBiscuit alerted me! :)

    I am so happy you finally made peace with the fact that you vacation at WDW, it's just what you do! Our family too, it's our family vacation place - new memories mixing with old, new experiences and old favorites. We don't need to go elsewhere, no matter how much cheaper it is!

    Sorry for the loss of your dog.

  15. It's on! So glad to be reading a report from you again! :) God bless and Roll Tide!

    - Cindermomma

  16. ZZUB! I'm so excited to read another report!

    I'm preschoolmom... Even though all my kids are in elementary school now ;)

    Just so you know, your reports? Are one of the reasons why I found a church and started reading God's word, and following Jesus.

    So, thank you for that.

    And thanks to Great Biscuit, for sending me the link!

  17. Funny that I still cried even though you SAID it wasn't sad.

    Of course I'm so sorry about Stafford, but you know what? Our cat was terminally ill this summer so we gave him everything he loved every minute of the day, and he still left us and it still hurt more than anything else in our lives. At the very end, it didn't make one bit of difference. Maybe for him but at the end there's nothing but peace, and that's all you can ask for.

    Okay, wiping tears away, I'm SOOOO glad to have found this blog b/c, no joke, we're sick of using our DVC points and need folks to rent them too! Plus I can't wait for your trip report. Of course, I used to read them at work and now I'm unemployed. Takes a lot of the fun outta it!


  18. Wow! It looks like we've got a lot of new people either stopping by or coming out of lurkdom to say hello. Welcome!

    Preschoolmom: thank you for sharing that. It means a lot to me that anything I've written had that impact on you. Please stick around. I think you'll finda lot of encouragement in the TRs written by NicoleMarie, LaLa and GreatBiscuit.

    But be warned: both NM and LaLa plagarize something awful.


  19. Zzub, not sure how often I can stop by, but my interest is definitely piqued!! THANKS, my long, tall Texan friend (GB) for sending me this way!

    Read some of your other TRs and LOVED every creative word! Thanks for the awesome verbage, funny stories with perfect syntax, and all that!!

    TK- Great to see you here, too!

  20. Zzub!!! I am so happy to see your back posting another chapter in the battle for your wallet. I'm so sorry about you schupupin (hope I spelled that right) it must have been a very difficult time for you all.

    The teasers have me all excited to read, so let's get this party started. Roll Tide!

  21. Great Biscuit whispered in our (Mouse)ears. Otherwise, I'd forgotten all about you.


    Yeah, I should have proofread my post too!

  22. Hey all! I'm happy to hear the PM's got through and I haven't been banned yet for blowing up the DIS PM portal. A Zzub TR was meant to be shared!

    By now, you’ve probably realized the main drawback of blogspot….you can’t edit. You should however be able to delete a post and then re-post. (It will show as “removed by author", but then an admin can go back and permanently remove it so it will no longer show at all.) Which I actually JUST did with this post.

    On the plus side, things can go off topic without it being of concern. As they often do. (NoFrick'sLavenderColoredPotRoast.)

    Oh and Zzub, when all those folks I PM’d start asking about how to redeem the vouchers for free legal services, it’s best if you just play along. Thanks dude.

  23. I was so excited when I got Great Biscuit's PM. I am sorry that you lost your dog. And I can't wait to hear more about trip.


  24. Hi ZZUB,I am here to redeem my voucher for free legal services. Thanks GreatBiscuit.

    I have been in some serious ZZUB withdrawal for way too long now. Happy to see you back writing another TR, poop cramps, solids, and dirty rooms, southern visiters, what's not to love?

  25. Thanks, GreatBiscuit! I could hardly believe my eyes...I had resigned myself to thinking that reading a new ZZUB trip report was but a fond yet distant memory. And to see that other great trip report writers such as yourself, NicoleMarie, and LaLa could all be found in one place...I feel a little faint!

    ZZUB, I cried a little over Stafford-- not behavior usually found in my crabby nature. You have such a gift for letting the reader feel what you write.

    Thanks for allowing us in.

    I'm hooked.

  26. I finally found you! It's a Festivus miracle!

  27. Oh and Roll Tide!

  28. KANGA!!!! Did you realize you ran into me during your last trip?

    Man oh man, I'm so glad to see all y'all. Thanks for the sympathy for Staff. We do miss him something fierce.

    And a big ol' Roll Tide Roll!


  29. Wow,another ZZUB report! Pinch me!? No wait, don't. That could be bad. 'Nuff sad. Now all we need is for that unmarked white van to start circling.

    The question that must be answered though is:

    "Is there a new BGPC for this trip, or are we staying with the Ooey Gooey?"

  30. Hey ZZUB! I've been wondering about you so many times....I've had 2 trips at the Contemporary, and thought of you on both trips while sitting out on my balcony staring at the Magic Kingdom!

    Absolutely thrilled you've got another TR in the works! I'll be along for the ride!

  31. ZZUB!!!!

    I could hardly believe my eyes when GB sent me the PM to announce your return... so I got here as fast as I could! I have thought of you often, not only every time we visited the World and most of the times we were talking about it, but often just because I would hear or read things mentioned ... like the Number 4, sitting outside in the early morning spending time with a cup of coffee and God's world, or wondering if there are any World Showcase attractions which are a Fast Pass.

    We also lost our beloved doggie in March, so I could feel your pain as I read your thoughts. BTW... he knew.

    Welcome back my friend, (because I feel I know way too much about you not to call you friend)I have missed reading you... as well as seeing pictures of those overly hairy arms. I'm so glad you decided to return to your Happy Place, and especially that you decided to share it with us.Now... get on with it please!

    (Formerly Kala)

  32. Wow man, you pulled in 31 comments on the first day. Doesn't that make you feel good about your decision to resurrect this blog and get back to writing a good ole Disney TR? I will admit, I understood why you left, but I sure was irritated with you for doing so. You took the funny away!!! I hope you got that box of balled up dirty socks tucked around a lavendar/gray roast that I sent you as a parting gift.

    I will say this.... I'm glad you're back and sharing your trip with us. Duh.

  33. Frick said: I will say this.... I'm glad you're back and sharing your trip with us. Duh.

    I'm not.

    Because all that means is that I have to sit through another nine months of State bashing, LaLa bashing, fart mongering, vomit photographing, cake consuming, and vivid storytelling.

    The latter wouldn't be considered ALL THAT BAD if our family had plans to go back sometime within the next fifty years. But as it stands now, all that vivid storytelling and COOLER THAN COOL photography (did you take a class or get a new lens?) is just a tease for me.

    So I'll read it. But I won't like it.

    Except the part about how you channeled Mr. LaLa on Main Street. Possibly. I don't know, the jury's still out on that one. But I think I'm getting more scared by the minute.

    For both me. And your wife.

    And why is Mike in your fridge? That could be considered criminal in some states.

  34. I have been made happy this morning! I love a good Zzub trippie. Next best thing to going to WDW myself (not likely any time soon, sadly)

  35. Hahaha! Not falling for that one again! So glad you're back at it. I needed some good entertainment! We're leaving in a week and 2 days for some free dining with the mouse.

  36. DJR here - Thought I would jump in to say hi, although, truth be told I have been lurking for a while now (like almost 2 years).

    Sorry to read about Stafford and looking forward to the new report...I think. I thoroughly understand the sentiment about visiting DW and forwarded your link to my DW.

    BTW we are making our next trip in late October to celebrate by birthday and gorge on the F&W festival.

    Can someone tell me how to change the ID? I don't have any of the available accounts...so confused

  37. BORG DJR! The hubby and I are also hitting the World in October to celebrate my birthday and gorge on the F&W Festival! I just wish it was going to be for more than just a weekend.

    Thanks to GB for sending out the word all over the DIS and getting this place livened up. It was fun to see so many new posters this morning!

    Exactly one year ago today our crew was prepping for the 4th annual Maelstrom meet. Alas, it's not to be this year. Well, not until February anyway. Part of that is my fault, and I'm feeling both guilty and sad. The TRs here by all of our great authors will be greatly needed over the next few weeks to ease the pain.

    Oh, and to the newbies....you can view and edit PRIOR to posting via the Preview button. But once you hit that "Post Comment" button you are DONE. Just ask NM. She knows.

    Hi TK! Hi Sneezie!!

  38. Diamondintheruff reporting in.

    I had read your earlier blog about Stafford. So sorry. We lost our dog earlier this month. I've been avoiding the backyard.

  39. Montana Disney Fan (aka Buzz / the "anti-ZZub)

    It's gud to see you still doing these ZZUB.


  40. Sakes alive! I'm amazed at who all has shown up! Idaho Six Flags Fan! It's "gud" to see you around as well. But you're hardly the anti-ZZUB. Are you posting TRs someplace?

    MazdaUK! We've got MazdaUK!!! So glad to see you again. I always appreciated your comments when I was posting on the Disboards.

    Kanga: we are actually heading back there in a week and 4 days. So our trips will overlap. Where are y'all staying?

    DJR: Welcome! You can create a google account pretty easily enough. Heck, even Frick figured out how to do it. Once your google account is set up you can select it as your profile.

    Although ZZUBWorld does NOT racially profile. FYI.

    GrammiKelli: thanks for your comments.

    Now then: y'all should make sure to stick around. NM will be posting a new update to her TR on Monday and then either LaLa or GB will post mid week. And then I'll be back with the next exciting chapter.


  41. Thank-You to Greatbiscuit for the link! I haven't read a ZZUB TR in a long time! It will be fun I'm suure!

  42. Hi! Piglet's Mommy/Limey Dumbo here! I am so happy to see another ZZUB TR!!!! Thanks for the PM, GreatBiscuit!

    I'm so sorry to read of the loss of upir Pup, Zzub. Our furry family members are all so missed.

  43. YAY!!!! I am so happy :) LOVE LOVE LOVE your TRs.


  44. Woot! I am so happy to see a ZZUB trip report. I thought about you the other day when someone asked me if it felt like "Disney was stealing my wallet."

    (DreaGirl from the boards).

  45. Way to bring the suspense! I can't wait to hear all the backstories to the spoilers! And what's this about you heading back next week???

  46. ZZUB, oh how I've missed lurking around your trip reports. Thank you GB for letting me know The ZZUB is back:) As I was reading your new post this morning, my husband called me and told me that it was more foggy than a cat fart. My goodness two men promising me flatulence, how could my day get any better?


    So glad your back!! Here in PSU country not real happy about the tide rolling us over tho!!!!

  47. Also, LaLa Glad to see you here too! I've often wondered how you've been.

  48. It's like a family reunion up in here! And since it's a Zzub family reunion, I'm betting there's a dessert table with twizzlers and a chocolate Yoohoo fountain.

    And probably some Port-A-Potty's. Canadian Port-A-Potty's no doubt.

    What time are you showing Napoleon Dynamite on the side of the lawn shed?

  49. Whatever you say, I will believe the opposite George!

  50. Oh, and I want me some Dreamland ribs with some butter grilled poundcake for dessert at this family reunion GB!

  51. Hey zzub, I think I'll join you all for another Disney ride. Glad Greatbisquit sent me a note about you all over here. Looks like I've got some catching up to do.

    Missed you all.

  52. UKWildcat is back! That's pretty dadgum cool! I'll be a Wildcat fan this weekend. For the obvious reasons.

    Kanga, the opposite, huh? Ok. DON'T look for me on the Monorail in a week and 4 days then.

    GB: porta potties? No way, dude! ZZUB likes him some capacious facilities.


  53. Ok, I won't! Considering I have no idea what you look like, I couldn't even if I DID believe you.

  54. I'll overlook the fact that younused the word "dadgum" since you're pulling for Kentucky this weekend. I'll be at the game. Maybe we'll get an upset like we did over LSU a few years ago. One can dream....

  55. Zzub, I'm so excited to see another battle report! Many hours of great reading ahead. Thanks, GB!

    Backstage Gal (Marita)

    PS:Guess which hotel I currently work at? I'll be reading the "vomit inducing" part with great interest.... (not that I have anything to do with cleaning rooms, though)

  56. So happy to see you are back posting again. And so sorry to hear about your pup. Looking forward to reading more and snorting water out my nose at the silly banter that goes on around here.

    (yes its happened more than once)


  57. Hi ZZUB!!!!
    So this is where you've been? It's good to 'see' you - thanks GB! I promptly read every word by every writer on this blog & ohhh the memories! DED, Numb, #4s & Lals's love for Top Gun - Good Times!! Glad to see you can still bring the funny & the tears!

    The ZZUB family actually popped into my mind last January as I was screaming-cheering ROLL TIDE! I had a feeling y'all were doing the same & enjoyed last season as much we did!!

    So sorry about Stafford!

    Samc (or Melanie - not the happily haunted one....obviously...I hope)

  58. Marita, are you working at the CR now? That's awesome! We love it there even if takes two tries to get a room cleaned right.

    Hi Kathymc and SamC: welcome! Glad y'all found us here.

    But what silly banter are you referring to? We have no silly banter here!

    Did y'all know that Pepsi Max is the new Pepsi One?


  59. No, but since you are a trend setter (giggle, giggle, snort, snort) I guess you are drinking it as well as making up a new dance to replace the Lawn Sprinkler.

    Did you just throw out a spoiler that you stayed at the CR?

    Hi SamC! Long time no see!

  60. ZZUB!!

    I read all your TRs back in the day and I don't have anything anywhere near as witty as everyone else to say but I just wanted to add on to the love you're getting cause you deserve it!

    I love the overall message you have here about spending time with your loved ones while you still can. I live by that. I am so so sorry about your dog. My dog, who I love like she's my sister, just turned 13 in August. The vet says she is the healthiest dog of that age he has ever seen, but I still face the hard reality that we are more towards the end of our time with her than the beginning and I just don't know what I am going to do when it happens so you hooked me from the beginning. Now I need to go play with her...

    I can't wait for the next installment!!

  61. Thank you Great Biscuit for letting me know where to find Zzubs new trip report. I've missed them. This one sounds like it's going to be a great as all the others.

    Can't wait for more.

  62. So glad to get the heads up from GB. I can't wait to read all about your adventures.

  63. Here's another thank you to GreatBiscuit for the PM on the Disboard! I would never have found this blog otherwise, and I have truly missed ZZUB TRs. Even if reading about Stafford did make me sit here and bawl, making me remember how I much miss my great doggy friend.

    Please keep writing, ZZUB, whether you make us laugh, snort, or cry!

  64. Finally another trip report. I have been reading your reports for years now. Did I read right you went to Disneyland last summer? Could you give a few details?(That's my home park)

  65. I logged onto the Disboards to find a message that there is a new report to read, It is my lucky day. I love your stories and can not not wait to hear the rest anywho I have to go play with my dog now. Thanks for sharing your story about Stafford.

    Diane aka FLAFAN

  66. Wow. It's great to see so many "old" faces again.


    Glad GB got the word out. Should be a fun time.

    And Frick, for some reason I think his new age dance of choice isn't really the sprinkler. As cutting edge as that may be. Too much concentration required for that one. I can totally see him doing the Elaine little kicks convulsion though.

    Or Squirrels in my Pants.

  67. Well yeehaw, shut my mouth and slap your grandmaw!!.....It's another Zzub TR!!!!!!!! (and a big shout-out to GB for giving me the heads-up!).

    And oh my HECK that's a lot of comments!.....Already! I know, I'm late to the partay but that, my friend, is the story of my life. I'll have to read through those later. Or not, depending on how much time Life allows me.

    I will say that this is timely, though (not that there is ever a bad time for a ZTR) because I recently booked what can only be termed my "dream" trip to the World -- staying at the Poly, finally (that is to me what the CR is to you!). And I am having angst over the money we'll be spending.

    But you know what?.....it IS about my family. And boy howdy do we NEED some bondin' time!!

    SO happy to be here!.....can't wait for more! :)

  68. Wow, from the first post of this TR, this is going to be EPIC!

    Seatbelt fastened, tray upright, ready to be blown away!