Monday, August 30, 2010

Gettin' Sitched...

So there we were. FINALLY at Disney World. The trip that had been planned, talked about, anticipated; planned some more, talked about some more and anticipated some more, was here. Ain’t nothin’ like it on the excitement scale. And even though we had already had a fantastic morning – from meeting the LaLas to initiating ourselves with a ride on Soarin’ – my MOST favorite moment of the Disney vacation had not even happened yet.

We hadn’t checked into our room.

In this case, for the first time ever, our two bedroom DVC villa.

To say my expectations were high is a big, fat understatement. They were Mt. Everest high. See-the-whole-entire-World-from-the-peak high. Because if there’s a skill I have in life, it’s looking at the pictures of a hotel room or condo online, and being able to tell if it’s a dump dressed up with some good photography, or if it’s legitimately a nice place. You can’t fool me.

And every single dadgum picture I had ever seen of the 2 BR at Kidani Village showed that sucker lookin’ FINE. And trust me. I’d seen plenty. I’d even seen some virtual tours on You Tube, and the place STILL looked great. Perfect, even. (Except for that stinkin’ BLANK wall in the kitchen. Can’t they hang a big basket there or something? The wall is just so…empty.)

This is a great walk-through if you're interested:

Now, before you start thinking we’re such rednecks that we think the AKL is a Conde Nast Gold List resort, we are. But we don’t. But I did expect it to be the biggest and newest and most enjoyable resort stay we’d ever had at WDW. And I expected a wow factor when we walked in for the first time.

So it was with great anticipation that we got off of Soarin’, pulled a FP for Test Track for later, and headed out of Epcot via the International Gateway. DH pulled the car around, and the ridiculous giddiness that has come to be commonplace when the NMs are at Disneyworld, was in full force. We were all smiling, chatting, laughing and listening to Disney tunes as we followed purple signs over to the AKL.

We arrived at the guard shack, rolled down our window, showed our DVC card to the attendant, and he said very humorously, “Welcome home, Mr. NM! Go right in! You own the place!” We all laughed as my DH rolled up the window, and then gloated all the way to the lobby of Kidani Village. “Oh yeah! Make way for the NMs! Good thing that CM knew who he was dealing with. Here we are, People! Don’t ignore the VSI! “(Vast Sphere of Influence…yes, Roger is an idiot.) But despite all the antics of my mature in age, but immature in actions DH, the thing that cracked us up the most, was that we know the deal. We absolutely don’t own the place. Or even a fraction of it. We prepaid for vacations for 50 years. That’s it. Nothing more. But the fact that this sweet elderly man at the guard shack chose THOSE words to say to us, instead of “Have a magical day!” (which would have been great, too) or “Here’s your car permit. Please put it on your dashboard for the duration of your stay” (which would have been lame, but acceptable) was just a fun way to start the vacation.

Once inside the lobby of Kidani, which is MUCH smaller than Jambo house, but really cozy and intimate, we all walked up and gave the check-in girl our name. She found our reservation quickly, and confirmed that we were booked in a 2BR standard view. I nodded yes, and my DH immediately piped up with the “but if you have a savannah view, we’ll be glad to go there” line. Bless this CM’s sweet heart…she said she would see what she could do. What she DIDN’T know, was that DVC doesn’t do upgrades. Or at least that’s what the person she called on the phone told her. They said we had a contractual agreement for our stay, and an upgrade would be more points and it was something that wasn’t possible.

You never know until you ask, I reckon.

It was about 2pm by this time, and since DVC check-in time is 4 pm, we were pretty sure we wouldn’t be able to get in our villa and start “gettin’ sicheeated.” We were correct. The villa wasn’t ready, but she took my cell phone number and said they would text us when it was. She showed us on the resort map where the room would be located, and she gave us our packet of happiness, our room keys, and bid us a magical vacation.

Armed with six nights worth of snack credits, we went straight to Jahori Treasures to check out the snack options. I’m sure I will say this more than once during this trip report, but the Kidani Village CMs are the most friendly and helpful CMs I’ve ever encountered at WDW. They are so proud of the resort, and really seem to WANT to make DVC members glad they purchased a membership. DH chatted it up with the cashier CM there as the kids and I discussed ice cream choices, and he found out there was an EXTENSIVE library of DVDs free to rent for DVC members. We all filed that away for later, and in my mind I thought we’d never actually take the time to make use of the DVD rental. I was happy to be proven wrong several times throughout the week. We finally picked out four ice creams of different varieties, and sat down on one of the cool-as-all-get-out couches in the lobby and ate ice cream and formulated a two hour plan. On the one hand, we were BEYOND giddy. But on the other hand, we were feeling that post-lunch crash and needed a little pick-me-up in the form of a bed to lie down on for a few minutes. Knowing that wasn’t possible at this point, we decided we’d just explore the resort and wait for our text.

We finished the ice cream, which was a pretty good pick-me-up for all four of us, and we set off to explore Kidani Village. We started with the location of our room. We were on the lobby level, close to the exit to the buses, and close to the lobby. It was an IDEAL location. After checking that out, we noticed we were also very close to the arcade. So we walked in and were immediately sucked in. The little NMs could have spent the whole afternoon there! They loved it. We filled a card with some credits for them, and while they played a full on COMPETITIVE (Hi DS!) game of air hockey, DH and I played the Galaga/Ms. Pac Man machine. GOOD. TIMES. I even thought I caught a whiff of some Love’s Baby Soft as I was gobbling up blue ghosts and pieces of fruit. (Level 10, Baybee!!)

After we’d used up our five bucks worth of arcade credits, we walked across the hall to Community Hall to see what they had to offer there. The little NMs thought it was an impressive mix of video games, crafts, board games (that DVC members could also check out and take to their villas) and sporting equipment that could be checked out and used on the sport court. One thing we were quickly noticing to be the case about Kidani, was that it was a TRUE resort. You could vacation there and never have to go to the parks at all to have a great time.

My daughter and I pondered our board game options, decided upon something I’d never heard of, and got the game set up. About that time, my “your room is ready” text came in. We had the rest of our trip to play a board game. But right now, there’s a 2BR villa waiting on us to slide our key in the door, walk in and make the place our home. Let’s roll!

We walked down the hall toward our room and the kids fought over who would actually open the door. DH settled the argument by saying that HE would open the door. He did, and the little NMs burst in around him as soon as it was cracked. All four of us dispersed ourselves throughout the villa “ooohhhing” and “ahhhhing” and exclaiming “This is AWESOME!!!” and “Look at THIS!” We were checking all the different rooms out, opening and closing doors, cabinets and drawers, sitting down on the sofa, squishing the mattresses (all THREE of them!) for softness, and opening the drapes to see our view. (Which wasn’t great, but was what I had expected.) The place was as big and spacious and comfortable and well appointed as I had expected it to be, and I couldn’t wait to move right in. I was full on impressed, and my expectations were absolutely met. This was gonna be a great place to stay.

We wrapped up our initial gushing over the place, and headed out to pull the car around to our garage parking area and take our stuff up via the Timon elevator. (We could have used bell services, but chose not to. I don’t remember exactly why, although I’m sure it was because the elevator was so close to our villa and we didn’t want to bother with waiting on someone. The garage parking and the elevators from the garage are a HUGE plus if you have a car at WDW.)

We were on cloud nine as we walked down to the car, pulled around to our section of the garage, and decided that although Kidani wasn’t our home resort, that as of that moment, it was our favorite. We had been wowed, and wowed good. Which is exactly how you want to start off your vacation.

Everyone got a bag and we were back in the villa unpacking in no time. We had placed an order with Garden Grocer and I called down to have it delivered. (Aside: Garden Grocer provided EXCELLENT service. Not only did they make a phone call to confirm my online order the day I placed it, they called TWICE on delivery day. Once to tell us the order had been delivered and was being held at Kidani Bell Services, and then again to assure we had picked it up and were satisfied with the contents. Highly recommend Garden Grocer!) Our food arrived from Bell Services, we were unpacking and getting sitched, and man, oh man, was life good for the NMs.

We were in our happy place. We were in Disney World.

I titled this TR The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same.

And this day was a perfect example of how that would be the running theme of this Disney vacation. Things certainly had changed over the years and over the course of our Disney trips. The kids are so much older now than they were on that first visit. They have changed in SO many ways, and I could write an entire trip report just about that. But the most obvious is their physical growth. We can now tour the parks as a family unit instead of pairs because everyone is FINALLY taller than 48 inches. We’re spread out in a villa because of the DVC membership, instead of being all together in a hotel room for the whole week. Which is a good thing with a pre-teen daughter. (And don’t get me wrong: I always loved the cozyness of that hotel room. It worked for us then, and would work just as well now if we hadn’t taken the DVC plunge.) We regularly partake of the Dining Plan instead of winging it with our meals, and as a result, I’m always too full to have my evening Mickey head Rice Krispy treat. Bummer. And finally, after years of saying we’d do it, we really did slow things down and enjoy it this trip.

But there are those things that were the same. Just like they always are when the NMs are at Disney.

We whooped and hollered as we rolled under the Arches. We acted silly and giddy as we arrived on Disney property and drove to our resort. Roger immediately shifted from Type A, business owner, got-a-million-things-on-my-mind Daddy, to Disney-Daddy. The one that is all fun, all the time. I shifted from laid back, NON Type-A, it’ll-all-work-out-don’t-stress Mama, to Disney-Mama. The one that all of a sudden IS Type-A, and works by lists, itineraries and ADRs. (Although the itinerary was a little more laid back.) The kids remembered all the things they like about one another, and took great joy in settling into their shared room for the week. They immediately became best friends with a love of Disney World in common, instead of a boy and a girl with totally different personalities and interests in real life.

Yes, it was a perfect illustration of that very common phrase.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.


  1. Woo Hoo!! This is my favorite part of every trip. Well, besides the food and the rides and such. But you know what I mean. That excitement about checking in, making the way to your room, checking out the space, getting "sitched" (Unpacking right away is CRITICAL! I know you agree!), and, if you're ZZUB, maybe jumping on the beds. You have your whole trip in front of you and the feeling of anticipation and transformation is so great!!

    Question: if the video "rentals" are free, can they still be referred to as rentals?!

    Oh, and NM said: We walked down the hall toward our room and the kids faught over who would actually open the door.

    I think Z is rubbing off on you. Just sayin'

    I love picturing Roger's transformation to Disney-Daddy, and giggled at your transformation to the Type-A opposite. Though I haven't a doubt that the Disney-Mama persona is still tons of fun, even if she is a little more regimented ; )

    Thanks for recreating the excitement of arrival day for us, NM! I'm giddy for ya and can't wait to hear the rest!!

  2. Getting into the room rocks. I'm cracking up that you left Epcot to head over to AKV even though you could have played for another 2 hours. I'm not mocking you; we would have done the same. There really is something fun about getting into your room the first time.

    But explain this one to me: you have a car and thus had both the time and means of transportation . . . why did you use Garden Grocer?


  3. DED, Ash! I had to go back and correct my mistake. I couldn't stand it! I've started ignoring spell check because there are so many words I use that it freaks out over! Like Kidani. And "ooohhhhing" and "aahhhhhing". And even DED.

    And yes, I would say a rental is not actually a rental if you don't have to pay for it. Would that make it a loaner instead? :) Either way, we were impressed with the selection, and actually watched some movies while on a Disney vacation!

    Z, we used Garden Grocer because even though we had a car AND time to shop, I refuse to leave WDW property once we arrive. (You might remember that I had to buy Mickey Crocs because I forgot running shoes once - wouldn't have dared venture out to a shoe store off property!) And I SHO don't want to waste time at the store when I'm headed TO WDW. I'll barely let Roger stop to put gas in the car, much less to do any shopping.

    Plus, we wanted some refrigerated items like milk and yogurt, and without knowing exactly when we'd be able to check into our villa, it was hard to plan a store run. So GG was a mixture of convenience and experimentation for future trips where we are considering - GASP! - NOT doing the Dining Plan. We'll definitely use them again, and I hope we have the same positive experience.

  4. Really? You complain about a blank wall in the kitchen? You should have tagged it: "That's right suckas, the NMs was here -- dontcha' be disrespectin' now". That surely would have added to the ambience of the place.

  5. NM said, "They have changed in SO many ways, and I could write an entire trip report just about that."

    Yes, but would you finish it? j/k

    Love the update. Checking into the room and seeing it before it gets that "lived in" feeling is one of my favorite things, too!

    Oh, and why are you still driving a car that has windows you have to roll up and down??? They make cars now that do that automatically. Just sayin'... LOL!

  6. “The more things change, the more they stay the same” – good title.

    It is still a little strange to read through a trip report while at work that I was on and then comment. However, when I am knee deep in the mundane activity of a normal work day (like today) – it is pretty nice to go back mentally to our WDW trip. From my perspective, even though our trips change slightly as NM noted they never change in many ways.

    I get to act just like one of my children and it seems to be the norm in WDW. I get to wave my napkin in the air in restaurants. We get to throw the ball in the pool and no matter how many adults we hit in the head, it seems to be ok. The kids and I make goofy pictures for the cameras on the rides and it never seems to get old. Not sure about you but even though my body screams “fossil” I am a kid a heart and no better place to be a kid than WDW. Walking into the park for the first time never gets old no matter how many times I have been there. The kids and I craning our necks and looking over 5 people just to see who can be the first to a glimpse of the top of EE on the bus never gets old. I have an acquired taste for the WDW coffee and making the walk with my refillable mug in the early morning as “they” sleep in always feels right. Securing a FP and planning the next ride is always a good feeling. Hearing the words “Please stand clear of the doors, Por favor manténgase alejado de las puertas!” will never get old. Telling NM there is no way I can leave work early on our departure date only to have her tell me “I told you so” when I get home about lunch time cause I can’t stand it anymore never even bothers me. Spending $20 on some treats while we wait on Illuminations never even makes me itchy (which if you knew me in real life would be a very big deal). And no matter how many times we have done it, we ALWAYS play Disney tunes and cheer loudly as we pass under the arches – that never changes. The only thing that does change is how much louder we scream each time. I am sure (like you) I could go on and on. In fact, I am ready to go again which oddly enough never changes either.

    WDW is our happy place. This is why our entire family loves to go. You know what I am talking about. No one is ever in a bad mood in the World. WDW = fun and good times for us. That doesn’t change.

  7. Chappie, even better, I should have brought a big 8x10 of you and put it there. I have one, dontcha know.

    Denise! I'm DED at myself! Yes, we do have automatic windows. And sunroof. And lift gate. And even folding down second row seats. But I will forever call it "rollin' the window down." It stems back from that VW I had in high school. Cause there was NOTHING automatic on that thing!

    Roger, let's go. This weekend. Come on!!

  8. "Because if there’s a skill I have in life, it’s looking at the pictures of a hotel room or condo online, and being able to tell if it’s a dump dressed up with some good photography, or if it’s legitimately a nice place. You can’t fool me."

    Ooo, I'm in need of this skill! Wanna look at some hotels for our next, non-Disney vacation? ;)

    "I’m sure I will say this more than once during this trip report, but the Kidani Village CMs are the most friendly and helpful CMs I’ve ever encountered at WDW."
    I couldn't agree more. And it's funny - I hadn't thought about it until I just read your words. But we felt happy the entire time we were at Kidani this summer, and that was a huge part of it. I also have to second this:

    "The garage parking and the elevators from the garage are a HUGE plus if you have a car at WDW."
    Best. Parking. Situation. EVER.

    I'm so glad you all loved Kidani - it's such a special place! :)

  9. Hey V!

    Yep, Kidani is special. I didn't expect to feel that way at all. I booked it for two reasons - one, we could afford a 2BR with our points, and two, the kids wanted to stay there because of the pool. I certainly didn't think I'd book our next trip there. But I did. And I even splurged for the savannah view. We've never done a savannah view, and it may be the one and only time. But I'm excited to try it out.

    Thanks for popping in and giving me a shout! :)

  10. Thanks so much NM! As you know, we are just freshly back from the World and I really really enjoyed sharing that day with you!

    We too stayed at Kidani last August and I LOVE that resort.

    We actually went over to Jambo house this trip and I commented that AKL was my only Disney "wow" hotel. All the others are nice, but AKL just does it for me. You will really enjoy the Savannah view at Kidani next time. I think it is not so worth it at Jambo, but definately worth it at Kidani.

    TFI - The "Disney" Supertarget (yes, that is what they said when answering the phone at STarget) is just nearby. So you can slip off property and not really be off property cuz it is a Disney SuperTarget!

    Roger, I'm going to have to get you to give Mr. YAK "I love Disney" lessons. He likes it but those "real lifeisms" creep into his head far too often when we are there.

    Roger....get in that car and go!

  11. Great update NM! I love all the photos. I'm glad to hear that the lodge met and exceeded all of you expectations. And that you got to play a round of Galaga, well that's just icing my friend!

    Can't wait to hear how the rest of the trip goes.

  12. I totally disagree with the Biscuit. And I'm correcting him as well. They didn't stay at the Lodge. That is the Wilderness Lodge (see, e.g. Battle for My Wallet IV). Although it might technically be possible for the AKL to be called the Lodge, the NMs didn't stay at AKL; they stayed at AKV.

    Good thing you didn't post that on the disboards. They'd skin you alive!

    Ashclan: I see that you're about to have a visitor named Earl. I'm hopeful the only damage he does is to destroy the compound at Hyannis Port (while miraculously sparing the Chappaquiddick bridge).

    Riddle me this: why is it that when I eat Burger King, it stays with me with a vengeance that rivals a Nathan's hot dog? I'm remembering now why I only eat BK once or twice a year. That whopper is not as much fun at 3:00 as it was at 11:30, KWIM?

    I love the Friday before a Monday. Especially when I've got a full slate of football ahead of me tomorrow. And my assistant brought donuts in today. Donuts can make even the crappiest day seem better.

    Maybe Mrs. Z is right: food is love to me.


  13. Just in case some ninny confuses the above jab at Senor Biscuit to be sincere and not, you know, satire, here in ZZUBWorld, we're all about satire, sarcasm and plain old ribbing.

    Which reminds me, did the McRib get gross or was it always gross but we didn't know any better? I used to LOVE the McRib (it's also fun to say out loud). But the last 3 times I had one, I thought, "why did I want to eat this?!"

  14. Continuing my one man hootenanny, I'm wondering if anyone else agrees: I can't watch football without pizza rolls. Not pizza. Pizza rolls. And chips. I like cool ranch Doritoes in surrender monkey onion dip. Anyone else?

    Yet, oddly enough, I don't have a fixed football dessert I have to have. Go figure.

    We're having people over tonight and Mrs. Z is baking a slap LaLa's mamma good cake. Which means we'll have plenty of that left over tomorrow. But the thing is, I usually don't worry so much about the sweets on game days.

    I'm gonna have to consider why that is.

    Anyway, Roll Tide.


  15. Hey Z...if Mrs. Z's cake is so good, why will there be plenty of leftovers tomorrow? Your guests don't think it's all that?

  16. Because Mrs. Z makes a ton of food for company and the cake will be huge as well. So there'll be plenty left over tomorrow.

    In other words, we're not the people who say, "why don't you take some of this home with you?" B/c ZZUB don't share cake!

  17. I'm loving that it's football season, too. I'm even watching our school's football game as I type. LOVE Friday night football, but not when it's hot as can be. And I'm thinking it's a good thing I'm not there. We are STINKIN' IT UP tonight. 21-3 in the 2nd quarter. Ouch.

    Sadly, my Dawgs aren't probably gonna be that good this year, either. Much like last year. Big sigh.

    Maybe I should find an alternate team to cheer for. Does Tim Tebow still play for Florida?

    ZZUB, I agree. I'm not so much about the desserts during a football game. Gotta have our standard Mexican dip. Even my little man - who pretty much doesn't eat anything that isn't found on the Chick Fil A kid's menu - requests the Mexican dip for GA games. If the game falls around meal time, we go with chili dogs. Good times.

    YAK, I am really glad Roger loves him some Disney World just like I do. I've often considered how sad I would be if we weren't on the same page about vacationing there. Maybe Mr. YAK will come around!

    One man hootenanny...DED!!!

  18. Oh, one more thing.

    Disney Supertarget? I'll admit I'm intrigued...I love a Target. Although I'm generally pretty adamant about staying on property once we arrive at WDW. Where is this Target? It might be worth venturing off property for a few minutes. Thanks for the info, YAK!!

  19. Oooh I liked it NM! It took me back to the time we stayed there in that exact villa but on the top floor. I stole all the DVC coasters though. I have not used them. It just seems weird to have company over and throw out a paper Disney DVC coaster. I don't know why I thought I had to have them, but I did. Our view was the same as yours. The only wildlife we saw were tired tourists as they got off the bus. How about the walk to the food court though? It's lengthy to say the leastl!!!!!

    Speaking of food, Zzub I think you were three kinds of hungry when you were posting today. What is "surrender monkey" onion dip? Is that something that is only sold in the pacific northwest? I am happy for you that you get some game day snacks tomorrow and you can go on an eating tear.

    NM you make me wish I had a 10 day Disney trip on tap for this spring!!! When the boys and I went this summer, we stopped at the Disney K-Mart because I didn't know where in the heck I was and we needed to load up on water and goods before entering the World. It was nasty and someone actually took off with their groceries once they were bagged and ran out without paying. No wonder you don't want to step foot out of there once you arrive. It was a buzz kill for sure because just a few miles outside of the Happiest Place on Earth I witnessed something I didn't like so much.

    You nerded me out when you called your girl a Pre-Teen! I have never thought of T as a Pre-Teen, but I guess he is! Axe deodorant is his new obsession. He loves the smell so much he also rubs it all over his chest. It will knock your socks off.

    Thanks for sharing check in day!

  20. Zzub said: "Just in case some ninny confuses the above jab at Senor Biscuit to be sincere and not, you know, satire, here in ZZUBWorld, we're all about satire, sarcasm and plain old ribbing."

    You are indeed correct sir. And in said spirit, I would like to point out that I did NOT refer to it as The Lodge, I referred to it as the lodge. If one looks up the word lodge in the dictionary, one of the definitions is, and I quote "a resort hotel, motel, or inn." (# 5 on the list if you use btw) I would have expected a litigator such as yourself to have picked up on this. So while you might try to lead the jury to believe that this was some sort of ill gotten reference to the wrong resort, we all know the truth. That Zzub does NOT live in the Pacific North West, is not a real attorney and in fact is a used wig salesman in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Which BTW, explains why the wind comes sweeping down the plains. (NoBurgerKingDigestiveDisharmony)

    As to the McRib, the last time I had one, I was drinking Crystal Pepsi and playing Lemmings on Super Nintendo.

  21. How did I miss responding to this?!

    But the bigger question is: how hungry was ZZUB when he posted the one man hootenanny?

    NM my girl, I loved your latest installment. Loved the pics, loved the mental picture of the NMs on checkin day. I was DED over the thought of Roger boasting that he owned the place. And the hilarity that must have ensued from that. He and Mr. LaLa sound so much alike. We should get them together one of these days.

    Heh Heh.

    But you know what I loved the most about your latest? The fact that you brought the LOVE'S BABY SOFT! In conjunction with the Pac Man. Brought back tons of memories and I can hear the 'wocca wocca wocca' in my head right now.

    Keep bringin' it girl. And if for some reason you decide to go the way of Are We Turkeys again (GFAMT!), I feel pretty sure Roger could COMPLETELY step up and write a pretty good TR himself. Loved his post.


    PS: When was the McRib EVER anything more than a big hunk of gross gristle on a bun?

  22. Frickles wrote, "What is "surrender monkey" onion dip?" French onion dip. Duh. I'm guessing you wouldn't know who Rain Black, Waking Ugly or Tiger Queen is.

    So far it's been a fine morning. As an added bonus, I discovered we had a big ol box of Lucka Charms. (Frickles: that's Lucky Charms. The cereal. Not the movie).

    But there was a troubling development in re: the cake. Our company had two helpings. Which, although a compliment to Mrs. Z, severely depleted the expected surplus (NO9/11andthe2001recession'seffectonthefederalbudget). There's pretty much only enough for me to have two servings today. Provided the other ZZUBs only have one. I may have to sneeze on it. NOSneezie.

    GB: nice try, but I was distracted by your redundancy.

    LaLa: don't be hatting on the original McRib (or the beta version). It was fine. It saved my life once.


  23. The McRib is, and always has been, NASTY. NOJanetJackson.

    GB, great flashbacks! Crystal Peps and Lemmings? Outstanding.

    In other news, Go Dawgs! (Lemme have it today. We basically played my kids' school, but we won, so I can be proud for a week. Big sigh.)

  24. Sad Z said:

    LaLa: don't be hatting on the original McRib (or the beta version). It was fine. It saved my life once.

    I would never hatt on the McRib. I don't even know what that means. And I would LOVE to hear the story about processed pork gristle saving your life.

    Or would I?

    NM: the LaLas went out for lunch today at the local chicken wang/sports watchin'/ten gazillion big screen TVs hung on the walls place. We zeroed in on the Georgia game while we were there and I thought about yall. Congrats. It feels good to support a winner, huh? Next thing you know, you'll be jumping on the Saints bandwagon and cheering wildly each week for my man Drew.

    Heh Heh.

  25. I'm just going to smile and nod my head like I know what you're talking about Willis.