Sunday, February 8, 2009

Going to Plaid

This is my first foray into a post-Disney Trip somethinornuther. Such a thing would be absolutely verboten on the Disboards. Where I was rudely kicked to the Community Board curb and then locked up tighter than the recipe to the Colonel's chicken.

Do y'all feel guilty when you eat KFC? I do. I love it going down, but then about 5 minutes after I've finished wiping the finger lickin' good grease off my face, I feel like I've done something naughty. Like I've glanced too long at a woman who isn't my wife. Seriously, eating KFC makes me want to become Catholic and then confess my sins to a priest.

Which is why I only eat there once or twice a year. Also, truth is, I don't really like the chicken. As much as I like the skins. If they sold just the chicken skins with some mashed potatoes and coleslaw, man I'd be down with that.

And I'd be a raging Catholic.

So right about now you're asking yourself, "is this the kind of garbage I can expect to read here now that this moron is done with his Trip Report That Wasn't a Trip Report?" To which I answer, pretty much. Frankly, strip away the references to Space Mountain and snarky Cast Members and isn't this all my Trip Reports were about anyway?

I got a new Garmin GPS the other day. It's my new favorite toy. When I got my car almost 2 years ago, it didn't have a nav system in it. It was an option but not one I thought I needed or wanted. Certainly not one I was willing to pay extra for when I had no use for it. But in the last few weeks, I've found the limits of Mapquest and that has annoyed me. So I did a little research and found me a Garmin I liked. Better yet, I got my firm to pay for it. So that makes it all the better.

But here's my beef with the Garmin, the voices it offers are all very white bread. There's no redneck voice option, "Go up yunder a ways and then y'all will turn right at the fillin station." No New York voice option, 'Hey jackass! Get outta my way and turn right!!!!" No Jewish voice, "Oy! Why are you on the roads with these crazies?! Pull over and get a bagel and schmear and just avoid the tsoris before you plotz." And obviously there's no Schpupin! voice, which is a real shame, "well, de fing is, when I'm on a big boy wide, I don't weally pay much attention to where I'm going. So just stick your head out de window, let the wind set you chicklins a fwappin and enjoy the wide."

In other words, I want a Garmin where I can upload the voice. THAT would rock!

Do people still say that?

I do. I even say rock the house. But I'm becoming self-conscious about it.

Here's the other thing I'm thinking a lot about lately: if we don't go to Disney World this year, what, if anything will we miss out on? Space Mountain will be down for most of the year and the PeopleMover will be as well. That's a good chunk of Tomorrowland. There really isn't anything new and exciting in any of the parks. And do NOT say the American Idol Experience! Even though we love watching that train wreck of a show a few hours each week during the early auditions, I have no interest in it once they actually start singing and doing those cheesy Brady Bunchesque choreographed numbers. Good night nurse! I'd rather suffer the consequences of eating at Krystal's (Hi GB) than sit through that. And as far as I can tell, the new American Idol Experience will be nothing more than a cross between a bad karaoke contest and a talent show for people who are trying to "make it." Whatever that means.

I keep asking my wife and ZZUBY what they liked best about our last trip. I'm trying to gage what we'll miss if we don't go back. Their answers are similar to mine. While it's true we'll miss the rides, mainly what we'll miss is being there, seeing the MK from our room, smelling Disney. Swimming and sliding. Watching the kids run around the 4th floor concourse. Some of that, of course, you don't need Disney for. Our kids can run around anywhere we let them. We can find other pools with other slides. But my wife made an interesting point last night as we drove 30 minutes to and from dinner so I could play with my Garmin. She said the reason swimming was so fun was because it was our down time. We played hard in the parks and then that was our chance to unwind and relax. She wondered if it would be as much fun if that was the only thing we were doing. My guess is, no it wouldn't be. It would grow boring faster than President Obama could remind us for the umpteenth time that he won. Classy, by the way.

There are two things I think I'll miss: one is how much I unwind on vacation. I like vacation ZZUB. I don't think much about stuff. I don't watch the news. I don't think about trials or depositions or briefs or time sheets or kissing the corpulent butts of clients. I eat Pop Tarts and drink bad coffee and have dessert at every meal. And even in the middle of the day. I buy stuff for my girls just because. I laugh at duck billed platypuses and I talk to strangers. I'm excited to see Tigger or Goofy (pronounced: Doo-fy by li'l ZZUB).

I like to see my daughters having fun. Running with abandon. Laughing hysterically as Donald Duck pushes a plate of food across the table. Screaming so loud you loose your gum on Test Track. Smiling until your cheeks hurt as you take off on Soren Lorenson. And the 30 minutes before Illuminations. When it's dark and cooling off. The curiously interesting ethnic music which fills your ears and your mind. The lighting of the torches. The chasing down of one last snack to enjoy before the show starts. The drums. The fireworks. The lasers.

The second thing I'd miss if we don't go: anticipating the trip. Spending all summer talking about it. Thinking about it. Making plans for it. Counting down the days until you leave for it. Getting dragged to Target to buy Pop Tarts and sunscreen. I'm reasonably sure that if we don't go to Disney World this summer, I'll mourn not looking forward to the trip.

I think I'll mourn that more than the other stuff.

Because in the halcyon days of summer, when you're looking ahead, everything is perfect.

There's no rush. We're not making a decision today or even next week. We're sitting still and waiting on God to give us some clarity, some direction. When I think about doing one thing or another right now, my thoughts get clouded over by confusion, anxiety and yes, a bit of itchiness. When I settle back and remind myself, "God is in control. He will lead us if we let Him," I have peace and confidence.

This isn't the biggest decision I've ever made. And I'm aware that when matched up with the kinds of decisions other people are making, this whole, go-to-Disney or don't go-to-Disney dilemma seems silly. Trivial. If that were the only part of the decision, then that criticism would be well deserved. However, there's a good bit more involved with the question of whether or not to take a vacation to Florida this year, and leave it at that. In other words, I'm not that shallow.

The psalmist exhorts us to "[c]ease striving and know that I am God[.]" (Psalm 46:10 NASB). The Hebrew word for "cease striving" literally means to put down your hand; stop working. The NIV renders it as "be still." Which is what I'm trying to do.

I share this today not because I think anyone is so keenly interested in what's going on in the mind of some dufus named ZZUB, but rather because I sense that others of you, maybe even many of you, are facing similar decisions. Not just decisions about whether to go back to Disney World but about other more significant and weighty issues. Maybe this word is of encouragement is for you.

Being still, laying down your hand, isn't a license to be irresponsible or lazy. It's a command to stop fretting, stop trying to figure it out. In a world that tells us "don't just stand there, do something;" God's word directs us the other way. Don't just do something. Be still.

And know that He is God.


  1. ohgoodlord WHAT are they doing with the WEDWay???, never mind, I probably don't want to know.

    I appreciate that you're still allowing your readers a teeny peek into the Zzub world. And that we don't need a Garmin to follow you, despite the potential for fun there. A half-hour to dinner just to play with that thing??, you must live in a happenin' place cuz I drive a half-hour just to GET somewhere!....ANY where!! Although around these parts, if our Garmins had accents, they'd omit their "r"s and toss in the occasional pause for no apparent reason, at which point you'd need the "U-turn" warning because you missed the dang turn while the Garmin was deciding.

    I really, really appreciate your comments on waiting. Being still. I have been living that verse for the last two years. Or should I clarify, I've been *trying*. It's hard to sit still when everyone else around is go-go-going and expecting you to do the same. Our waiting is serious and at times quite painful, but my God is in control and will not abandon us. I have no idea where this adventure is going to take us (I'll take "Florida" for $1,000 Alex, please!) but I know He'll see us through every step of the way.

    Thanks for being part of my journey!

  2. Z,

    Thanks for the page turn :)

    I want to go on record: I can't remember the last time I ate KFC. Or chicken skin. Truly. But I am sure I would feel mad guilty after the fact if I ever decide to indulge in either.

    Freaky Garmin Borg. I got one for Christmas (after turning down the option when purchasing my car), and while not loving the "VOICE", I am loving the gadget. Except for that fact that I have been keeping it in my purse when not in the car, and just noticed that my screen is already scratched. Freakin' dammit. I also did NOT get my firm to pay for it. They pay for my crackberry and my laptop, but not the Garmin. Of course, I rarely leave the office during the day, so they are probably justified there.

    I hear ya, too, on the trip anticipation. I honestly think it's the best part. And my trip planning fanaticism is one of the reasons I'm such a Disney fan. The PLANNING that needs to be done for WDW is bunches of fun. I know you and your family will do what's right for you. And you are ahead of most already, because you have these wonderful tomes that you've written so you can go back and remember the magic whenever you so desire. That's a very special gift you've given to your family and to yourself (not to mention us, your readers...)

    Have a nice week, Dufus. (I like that new nickname, BTW.) Keep on being still until it's time to turn the page again ; )

  3. "I even say rock the house. But I'm becoming self-conscious about it."

    Well at least you're self-conscious. That's the first step to becoming downright embarrassed. Which is what you SHOULD be. Any phrase that was used by cheerleaders in the 80s, is probably waaaay uncool.

    Moving on.

    Re: KFC. I don't feel guilty when I eat KFC. But I do feel nasty. As in, "I need a shower" nasty. I don't know if it's the grease (probably), the smell (probably) or the fact that there's not a single redeeming nutritional quality to the meal (probably that, too). But I feel gross after I eat KFC.

    ZZUB, I think your wife is really onto something with the swimming-as-rest-instead-of-the-main-event philosophy. Ever since we've had APs and we've taken Disney trips as our big vacation, I just can't get pumped up when I try and book other things. For example, I love the beach. I really do. It's just pure relaxation and summertime. And I know we'll go back. But right now, I think about booking a beach vacation and I wonder if we'd get bored doing the same thing day after day. It used to be really fun to us.

    And then when I'm REALLY analytical about it, I think it boils down to the cash. A trip to the beach, staying in a nice condo with a nice pool, can be pricey. For the same price - sometimes less because we're passholders - we can have a nice place, a cool pool, and THEN...four really fun parks full of all the magic the NM family has come to expect and love about WDW.

    And guess what - the Disney vacation wins out every time.

    But the APs will run out in March. And because we've got some other things planned, we probably won't renew them this year. So I've done the research for our upcoming trip, and yes, I'm excited. And so are the kids. But there's not really any planning involved. Not like WDW planning, anyway. And I miss that. I miss not needing to check what parks for what days so I can ponder ADRs. I miss not playing around with the itinerary and checking and rechecking resort deals to make sure I'm exactly where we want to be. So I understand what you're saying.

    And what I'M saying, is book the Disney trip and be done with it. You know it's what you want to do. You know there'll be plenty of time later for the other stuff. While Disney is the vacation du jour for the ZZUBs, enjoy it to the full.

    Congrats on the new Garmin. And I'm still lovin' the blog music.

    Take care, Dufus.


  4. ZZUB,

    So glad I found your blog. Thanks for posting the link on the DIS.

  5. Zzub, so glad your continuing this blog! For whatever reason, KFC never seems to feel me up. The chicken just doesnt hit the spot, popeyes on the other hand......

    Be careful putting too much faith in that GPS, we had one that stranded/rerouted us all over europe, would have been high comedy if it had happened to someone else!

  6. I love this post Zzub. I like the whole be still idea. It's very hard in this day and time. But I think I will strive a bit harder to be still.

    We've cancelled our April trip to Disney, but it sure was fun to plan it. For now the Sept. trip is still on. But come July, we'll know for sure if we're going or just staying home this year.

    Congrats on the Garmin. We just use the ones on our Verizon cell phones. We're too cheap to buy anything else. LOL! I love your idea about being able to download different voices on it though!

    KFC is ok. I get the snackers there every once in a blue moon. But they sure do have some good sweet tea! The house wine of the south!

    Love the Silverado music. I can see them riding out to that music. Such a great movie! Thanks for posting again Zzub!

    Hope you and the Mrs. have a wonderful Valentine's!

  7. Legomom: don't panic. They're not doing anything to PeopleMover that I'm aware of. But since Space Mountain will be closed during the rehab, it has been reported that PM will be closed for awhile, too.

    Ash: what is with you?! You don't eat at Red Lobster and you don't eat at KFC? What kind of high falutin, arugla eatin, white wine and brie snob are you?

    That thing you said about my Trip Reports was nice. 'preace.

    BLLB: welcome! Glad you found me.

    Angelmav wrote, For whatever reason, KFC never seems to feel me up. For the record, I've never been felt up by KFC either. But if you are getting assaulted by the Colonel, let me know what state you live in and I'll recommend a good attorney.

    And those of you who read but don't post comments, that aint right.

  8. I loved your collection of words on the DIS boards and was in shock when you got locked down. Although I never commented, I always lurked. I was going to lurk until you pointed out that it ain't right to read and not post comments. Seriously you have that Catholic thing down. Guilted me right into commenting.

    Anyways, my real only comment is that I believe that the Colonel laces the chicken skin with crack. It makes you crave it like crack and you know that it is totally bad for you. The only thing that it doesn't do is give you that drug addict figure.

    Thanks for going on the lamb from the fuzz at the DIS boards. I rather enjoy this freestyle rap you've got going on. Peace out.

  9. Z, I think I told you but we skipped our annual trip to Disney this fall. The non-planning part was brutal, but I have survived. We are extremely pumped about our May trip now though. There are no questions about should we or shouldn't we, we are going without a second thought and everyone, even Mr. Frick, is feeling the pre-Disney buzz because it has been SO long. It is kind of nice. You'll make good memories and have fun with your three girls wherever you go, and if you skip the World this time, it will be ok. And, you can still pack your cherry poptarts wherever you end up. (Have you thought about the Atlantis resort? I hear good things)

    Rock the House?


    and worried.

  10. Oh, are you sister? All this talk of KFC reminds of that picture you sent me of yourself of you and your bucket.

  11. Thanks Zzub. Mostly, for us, the question is not if will we go. We know that we will go, if it is at all possible. All we can do is get up every morning and have some faith that everything is going to work out, one way or another. If we find ourselves there come Thanksgiving, we will indeed, have much to be thankful for.

  12. "And those of you who read but don't post comments, that aint right."

    Guilty as charged. So glad to find your blog. Noticed the link on your sig when you commented on GB's TR.

    Being still has been the hardest thing for the lotsaspuds family this year, so many life changing decisions. It's not easy to be still. Thanks for the encouragement. I just need to remind myself that it all works out in His perfect timing and I need to give Him the glory.

  13. I'll see your Kentucky Franken-Chicken and raise you a Cracker Barrel.

    "Seriously, eating KFC makes me want to become Catholic and then confess my sins to a priest."

    Mwa-ha-ha-ha! Our Papist Poultry Plot for World Domination Progresses!

    Think you feel dirty? Try bein' a Priest hearin' my confession and trying to keep a placid expression while you're thinkin', "Oh, Dude, no! Geez! No! I don't need to know the details! Can you get an aneurysm from embarrassment? Should I be able to both feel and hear my heart beating? I mean, that loud? Mindbleach! I need mindbleach! Oh, and now here's the reference that gives me a visual..oh, thank you So Much!"

    Seriously dude, keep writing. Disney's just a setting, it's not the plot.

    doug_sirman at yahoo dot com

  14. Hey Zzub!

    Borg on the KFC.

    A little KFC Canadian trivia (in case you may want to venture up here to track down Mel) we don't have a choice of regular or extra crispy. Just regular here. No crispy - it's an outrage BUT our gravy is made from the skin scrapings, so it tastes just like the skin. No need to buy the chicken - just fries and use it as dunk sauce. The arteries harden just as fast though.

    Thanks for you insights on to trip or not to trip. We are struggling too - mostly because I got a PIN code, and they keep dangling the 4+3 deal.

    Speaking of dear friend Frick just sent me a package containing brown sugar cinnamon poptarts. Yes, she did. Because they are my favoUrte and not available in Canada.

    Another outrage.

    But, Frick is da bomb!

    Do people still say that?

    How about she's da bomb that rocks?

    Maybe I can get President Obama to discuss the lack of Poptart varieties available in Canada when he's here next week.

    TFI - I LOVE my husbands Garmin. So much, I want to marry it! Mostly because he uses it and we no longer have those husband/wife discussions in the car. Our voice is British. Elizabeth (as we call her) sounds so posh and proper when telling us she is "re-calculating" The kids love it when we go the wrong way and Elizabeth gets outraged! She makes them laugh.

    Dufus - L0L!

    I think I'll still call you Zzub.

  15. ZZUB,

    I was so happy to find you continuing your blog with everyday musings today.

    Rock On!

    Marita - Backstage Gal

  16. Ok...guilt got me. I am posting
    Thanks for the morning laugh!

  17. After reading your posts for years, I have to thank you for continuing your writing even though it isn't Disney related. You have such a gift!

    One observation I made reading this post - for someone that says "Good night nurse," I don't think you need to be self-conscious about saying "Rock the house." ;)

    As long as you keep writing, I'll keep reading!

  18. Hi Zzub!

    In my defense, our Hardees was turned into a Carl's Jr, then it closed and reopened as a Chinese buffet. As to KFC, I used to frequent it often, but have since discovered Popeye's which is good 'n spicy and Bush's which has mondonific sweet tea.

    BTW as a side note, to the question of off site Dole Whip, (which was not raised here, but referenced elsewhere) I hope you are able to locate a local source. The closest I've found to my house is three hours away at the Tastee Freeze in Houston.

    Your post was really awesome. I enjoyed it much and it really hit home. I also love the song you have on your player by Rich Mullins, "We Are Not As Strong As We Think We Are".

    Good stuff there.

    I got a good laugh out of making the family drive 30 min to dinner in order to test out the Garmin. And that the firm paid for it, well that’s just nifty stuff there my friend! (Did you get lost on the way to court one time too many?) The only reason I have a blackberry and a broadband modem card? I work for a communications company that pays for them….at least as of now.

    Although we got a bit of good news from our director today and it LOOKS like our department’s only layoff casualties will be two open positions that we will not be allowed to backfill. Still nothing official yet, but I had to give a “Hallelujah!, Thank You Lord!” followed up with a great big “Glory Be and Saints be Praised!” (Which must always be spoken with an Irish accent for maximum effect.) We’ll know for sure in the next few weeks, but I certainly feel somewhat relieved.

    I’m looking forward to more Zzubisms and I hope the Zzub clan has a great and blessed day!

  19. Forgot to mention the title - loved the Spaceballs Reference.

  20. See, this is the point where I miss the multi quote feature. Because there was SO MUCH in that entry that I wanted to quote.

    Granted, most of it was mispelled words. And KFC references. And Schpupin Speak.

    The thought of GPSchpupin bringing the "recawcuwating" snark completely cracked me up, by the way. Mostly because I heard it perfectly in my head when I read that. Or maybe it was iTunes I was hearing. That's more likely. At any rate, I wholeheartedly agree that the planning and dreaming of a Disney trip is a vacation in and of itself. We all know the ZZUBs will go back to Disney this year. But if by some weird chance you don't (which you so will), it'll be allright. I know you know that. But I had to say it anyway.

    And although you don't know this (or do you?!), due to some late breaking developments, I've been trying to be still lately myself. It's not always easy so I particularly appreciated your words this go round, ZZUB. They made me smile. When I wasn't laughing out loud at your stupid butt.

    I love what Doug65 said. Disney's just the setting, it's not the plot. So keep rockin' the house, Dufus. We'll be here to read whatever falls out of your balding, not yet bald head.


    PS: Frick, you know you were jealous of my bucket!

  21. I'm glad to see some of you coming out of lurkdom. Although I'd like to send some of you back (namely: LaLa).

    Hallie: I thought you might be Haley who forgot how to spell her name. Which isn't out of the realm of possibilities given her inability to remember how to comment. I'm glad to see you here.

    GB: good show catching the Space Balls allusion. I love that movie. Also: I'm glad to learn it looks like your job is safe. Thank God for Barack Obama, right? I hope this means your Disney Trip is still on. If not, then I've been reading your pre-trip report for naught.

    Doug65: your comment killed me DED. Good show.

    Frick and La2: you two aint right.

    Denise from MD: so what you're saying is I should lose good night nurse!? I don't think so. I'd sooner wear socks to the pool.

  22. Zzub sad "Frick and La2: you two aint right."

    You aint right either... that is why we all enjoy hanging out at a blog talking about your adoration for cake, LaLa's crab claws and my stunning ability to do simple addition.

    I just booked Hoop Dee Doo and I keep hearing you say (well, seeing you type) Hoop Dee Don't. It's making me nervous that I booked it...

  23. Frick! You and your boys will L O V E Hoop Dee Doo. And you will get fried chicken too. It's not as greasy as KFC, but maybe they'll give you a bucket if you ask. Then you can take a pic and send it to LaLa.

    Don't listen to Dufus' don'ts. Go and enjoy!!

    BTW, I do not drink wine, nor am I a big fan of arugula. Love me a big wheel-o-brie, though. Where's Mel when you need her??

  24. I'm not here to pee on Hoop Dee Doo. I just don't see that it's worth the cost. The food is the same grub you can get at Trails End. I've heard the show at HDD is funny, but for the prices they're charging, it would have to be slap yo mamma funny. And I don't think it is.

    I'm not anti-brie. I just don't understand it. I'm never sure how to eat it. And as a rule, I don't like to be confused by food. Especially cheese.

  25. The Hoop is $210 for my family to attend....and I think that only gets me a sweet tea instead of a mojito. I'm flippin. I booked it for the night of lil Fricks 8th birthday because we have never ventured into HoopDee land. Geesh I'm wierding out about it now. I trust Ash's opinion though. She has met my boys and knows me pretty well, so maybe I'll stick with it. $210 for fried chicken though?!?! Good night nurse!

  26. Oh, and at Christmas I had my family over for dinner and I served brie and crackers for an appetizer. Over half of them were pulling the "white paper" off. I was ded.

  27. $210 for fried chicken and corny comedy?!


    Girl, grab you a bucket of Original Recipe (or "regular" if you're Yakkity Yak) and come to one of my family reunions. You'll get the same effect and I'll only charge you half the price.

    In all seriousness, I've always wondered about the Hoop Dee Don't. Whether or not it was worth it. Same thing with the Luau. I booked the Luau a couple of years ago and ended up cancelling it when I found out PB&Js were on the menu for the kids. I refused to pay those prices for my kids to eat PB&Js. Yeah, there's fire and entertainment involved but with my crew, that combination ain't always such a good thang.

    Stop drop and roll. It's the new "Hi, I'm with Lala."

    ZZUB: Space Balls? Really? I think you can go ahead and add that little sweetheart to the list of reasons you should ALWAYS remain ZZUB.

    FYI: Don't look now but you've got spinach stuck in your teeth, your toenails need to be clipped, your property value just plummeted and your cholesterol level is OFF THE CHARTS!

    Don't ask how I know that. I just do.



  28. Hoop Dee Doo ain't cheap, but it is something I think every family (especially with little boys) should do once. We've actually done it three times (but we're done now). I really do think that lil' Frick will LOVE it. My Brian almost fell off of his chair giggling the first time we went, and he was about the same age. It's a nice family-friendly night. Oh, and unless something's changed, you do get beer and sangria, too, Frick. I know you (like me) like your beer ; )

    I will admit that I'm not a big fan of the brie casing. I have a yum recipe where you cut off the top and put sundried tomatoes, garlic, parmesan cheese, basil and parsley and cook. Then it's kinda like a dip. Trust me, it rocks the house (that was for you Z).

    BTW, for some reason this morning I thought of another thing I don't eat that might horrify y'all. Pop Tarts. Yep, even as a kid, I was never a big fan. I have never bought a box in my life, and I don't think my kids have ever tasted 'em. Slinking away now.......

  29. BTW, for some reason this morning I thought of another thing I don't eat that might horrify y'all. Pop Tarts. Yep, even as a kid, I was never a big fan. I have never bought a box in my life, and I don't think my kids have ever tasted 'em. Slinking away now.......

    I'd expect nothing less coming from someone who mistakenly calls a buggy a "cart" and uses "turn signals" instead of blinkers.

    And based on Ash's assessment of Hoop Dee Do We Or Don't We, I think ZZUB should definitely try it. He's eight, right?

  30. I hope y'all are enjoying the Disney music. I think my favorite track right now is the old Epcot opening music. I especially like the little beeps you hear in it. It almost sounds like the turnstiles reading tickets.

    I think HDD would probably be a lot of fun. But $200 for fried chicken?! What is this? Congress?!!

    One thing both ZZUBY and I want to try is LaNouba. Mrs. Z has NO INTEREST at all in seeing it. She says the music makes her want to throw knives.

    I also want to try out the Segway tour of Epcot. That looks like a full on hootenanny.

    La2: from what I've read, the Luau sucks worse than people posting randomly harsh criticisms on other people's Trip Reports. I've NEVER read a good review of it. NEVER!

    Ash: I'm willing to look past your pop tart issue. Mainly b/c Pop Tarts are an acquired taste. And also, you've pretty much already demonstrated you're a bit of a food snob. Just promise me you don't eat M&Ms with a spoon.


  31. Z, I wasn't thrilled with the idea of La Nouba either. My friends convinced me that it was worth it. (It is an even bigger ticket item than HDDR, BTW, and they don't even feed you). But it was a wonderful show. We all loved it. Something for everyone. Tell Mrs. Z it's worth giving it a try. Or just you and ZZUBY could go on your own.

    And the Segway tour. Well. I just have to say that it may just be the BEST thing the WDW offers. A big group of us did it at last year's meet. In fact, we had our own private tour because we managed to fill all the slots. It was AWESOME. A full on hootenanny indeed. I am currently trying to figure out if I can pass my 14 yr old off as 16 (no flames, please, he's well over 6 ft tall) so we can do it this year. I'll probably wait, but I just KNOW my boys would love it. You would, too, ZZUB. Trust me. Just Do It. (Swoosh!)

    I don't eat M&Ms with a spoon. But I do encourage all to use a spoon to take them from my boss' candy dish. Germ avoidance and all.....

    Oh, and I DO say "blinkers", La. But my father's sister is not an ANT, TFI.

  32. Hi Haley!

    Luau does suck. I can still hear the sucking sound from 13 years ago.

    Mrs. Zzub would love LaNouba. Ash is right.

    Or is she?

    Segway is the best! And Frick - no worries, Lil Frick will LOVE HHD. Ash is right again.

    Zzub - the music is great. DD is an ice skater and is currently skating to Soarin' as her competitive program. Sadly she'll be finished with that music soon - and your blog is giving me idea's. I thinking some of the Epcot opening and fountain of nations.

  33. I don't eat M&Ms with a spoon. But I do encourage all to use a spoon to take them from my boss' candy dish. Germ avoidance and all.....

    That's just common sense, isn't it? Our receptionist keeps a jar of M&Ms on her desk but I won't take any b/c there's no spoon. And I work with these people. I KNOW who doesn't wash their hands after taking care of bidness. NOAretha.

    As for no flames for you passing off your 14 year old as 16, this is ZZUBs World, not another website. In other words, we don't FLAME people here. If we think you're wrong, we either tell you privately or keep it to ourselves.

    I meant to respond to this from whoever mentioned it earlier, but the Last of the Mohicans and Silverado, etc. are all from the Wilderness Lodge. Which is why they're included in my play list. CR may be my favorite place to stay but the Lodge has the best lobby and the best lobby music.


  34. Hey Zzub,

    I live in The People's Republic of Ann Arbor, we can like baked brie here; in fact, I think it's a requirement. However, if you tell anyone I'm a republican, they'll make me move to Ypsilanti.

    Also from the Wilderness Lodge's playlist is Aaron Copland's "Appalachian Spring" and "Rodeo". From the WL Villa's playlist is John Barry's score to "Dances With Wolves." JoeBob says check 'em out.

    I don't think they play Rich Mullins anywhere though. They should..'specially on the buses..might help us all.

  35. Doug65: you are correct about Appalachian Spring and Rodeo. I refuse to add them to my playlist b/c AS puts me to sleep. The only piece of music longer than AS is Bolero. And I can't add Rodeo without affirming that beef is for dinner.

    Rich Mullins is not, in fact, a part of the Disney musical collection. He is, however, part of the ZZUB Trip Report musical collection. As is U2's Running to Stand Still. Apparently.

    And again, I don't hate brie. I just don't understand it.


  36. I'm just here for the music. Continue bantering wittily amongst yourselves.

  37. Okay, couldn't remain silent. La2, why the hate for Spaceballs? In the words of Fillmore "It's a classic man!" Ash - pop 'em, toast 'em, love 'em. As to brie, I tried it once and it reminded me of Mr. Clean on a cracker. I agree that segways look nifty though.

  38. Sorry for the gratuitous multi-positng. (No edit feature and all.) La - your buggy comment cracked me up. My wife and I have that discussion every time we go the store. The first time I called it a buggy, she looked at me like I'd grown another head. So now we have the whole Cart Vs. Buggy debate on a regualar occurance. Interesting read about the luau / Hoop Dee Doo. $200 for fried chicken? HOLY FREAKING COW. That better be some dang good chicken. I'm with you on food and open flames as well...for obvious reasons. (NO#4)

  39. Hoop Dee Doo was fun!(even more so since it was part of free dining!)I was there with three twelve year old girls last year and they loved it! Don't think I would pay $200 to go see it.

  40. You know something about Pop-Tarts? Regardless of the flavor, here's a tip for you. Even if the decision is not to enjoy them in The World this year, you could use this tip just as an excuse to buy some. Call it research. Something you discovered through the marvelous interwebitubes. Thanks Senator Stevens.

    Anyway, the tip. Eat them frosting side down. That's right - so the frosting directly touches your tongue. It's a veritable shock of flavor, texture, and temperature the likes of which you've never seen before. Temperature? Yes temperature. I know it sounds strange, but just try it. You'll never eat them "right side up" again.

    Course this is assuming you like Pop-Tarts that have frosting. If you're one of those, non-frosting-dry-as-cardboard-Pop-Tart-Lovers...well I'll just keep my comments to myself.

  41. Zzub, I just found you. I did my share of lurking elswhere, but I guess that catholic guilt stuff is contagious. Another vote for Popeyes here. You'll have grease on your hands for the next three days, but it is SO worth it.

    I used to my chocolate pop tarts upside down. That was back when I ate breakfast. Now breakfast makes me nauseous. That's probably enough out of me. Good to see you.

  42. Scott: I don't know who you are, but I welcome you and your EXCELLENT suggestion. I'm going up to the mountains this weekend. Which means I may have Pop Tarts. If I do, I'll be sure to eat them upside down.

    When I'm feeling truly decadent, I'll toast them with butter on top. MMMMM. That's good stuff.

    I don't understand people who eat the non-frosted PTs. What's the point?

    To the extent anyone else is still reading along here, are y'all up for some out-takes? There are a handful of stories from our last trip which didn't make the cut in my effort to streamline the story. If there's some interest, I'll put those together in a special bonus edition of The Battle For My Wallet VI. Your call.


  43. 1 vote in favor of outtakes. What up with the blank homepage BTW?

  44. Out-takes good. Streamlining bad. Don't bother streamlining, that's why we have USA Today.

  45. Great Biscuit: As that cake loving fiend ZZUB would say, I don't hate Space Balls. I just don't understand it. In the same way I don't understand why someone would want a non frosted Pop Tart. FREAKY BORG, ZZUB! Or why someone would call a buggy a cart. Or a female relative of theirs an "ont" instead of an "ant". Or why someone would want to read some lame leftovers billed as "outtakes" from ZZUB's last TR.

    So will this be the Battle For My Wallet VII: The Stuff That Wasn't Good Enough to Make the Cut For VI? If so, COUNT ME IN! Sounds like a classic in the making. Seriously. You can spin a pretty good yarn. It's your only redeeming quality, you know.

    So bring it.

    And one last thing for GB: I don't avoid flames because I bring the gas. I'm a lady. We don't do that sort of thing, you know. I avoid it because I actually catch stuff on fire. Purely by accident and MUCH to my chagrin. Mostly turtle cheesecakes and potholders. And sometimes (okay, once) some paperwork on my desk. That was bad. But that's another story for another trip report that's not actually a trip report.

    Where's the music from Universal, ZZUB? And why isn't Six Flags represented? You should add that song that the freaky looking bald headed guy dances to when he gets off the bus.

    You know the one.

    And no, it's not by Hanson.

    That's the one the freaky looking bald headed guy dances to when he's alone in his office and thinks no one's watching.

    Caught ya, didn't I?


  46. La2 - Flaming Cheesecake? That sounds interesting. I didn't know the stuff was combustible. Of course now that you've opened the flaming desk storybook, you HAVE to finish. It's the law...somewhere. As to gaining a deeper understanding of Space Balls, well, I can think of no worthier goal.

    I'm glad to see the page looks normal again. It was doing werid stuff for a few min earlier today, then seemed to self-correct. Odd.

  47. Count me in as another vote on the outtakes.

    Come to think of it, aren't there several years worth of outtakes that could be posted??

    Marita - Backstage Gal

  48. The Flaming Cheesecakes.

    That sounds like a name the LaLas are gonna HAVE to use for their next world tour on Rock Band.

    And as far as the desk story goes, all I'll say about that is that if you have a candle sitting on your desk at work, it should remain for now and FOREVERMORE for looks only.

    Looks. Not function.

    Even if Rock Star (not to be confused with the Flaming Cheesecake's guitarist, who is currently standing on the ottoman in the living room in a pair of lounge pants and his work socks wailing on Wanted Dead or Alive)went all ZZUB and had Mexican for lunch.

    Followed by a raging Number Five.

    Even if that happens and times are desperate, fight the urge to light the candle and dig into a buttload of files at the same time.

    Word to the wise.

  49. 1 vote against hearing about your out-takes if it involves
    a. details about your bathroom habits after meals
    b. stray hairs and balled up socks
    c. throw up & pictures of the spewage

    Oh wait, that was pretty much Battle V

  50. Oh, and my car never goes through KFC because we have a Bojangles here. Mmmm...the best sweet tea, spicy chicken, spicy fries and biscuits NOGB) ever.

  51. Well, I just gotta be honest here. Because I'm nothing if I'm not honest.

    I don't give half a crap what you do about the outtakes.

    I'm just here for the tunes.

    Except that's a lie.

    (By the way, does it get ANY better than the beginning of Circle of Life? I'm pretty sure it doesn't. Good times, right there.)

    ZZUB, I'm in like Flynn if you start throwing out some outtakes. Or intakes. Or sidewaystakes. If you write it, I'll read it. And if Great Biscuit would bring some biscuits (Chick Fil A chicken biscuits are my fave, FYI) for us all to enjoy as we read and listen to tunes, I may never leave.

    So throw that in your stat counter and analyze it.

    By the way, the weather here is rainy as heck and nasty. My daughter was pleased to wear her new pink polka dotted raincoat to school today.

    But the weather NEXT week, in a little place I like to call Disney World, is gonna be sunny and in the 80s.

    OH YEAH, BAYBEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here we come!!!!

    Hey ZZUB, how bout you burn me a CD with the good pre-Illuminations music on it? And while you're at it, throw on there anything else good you can find. TIA. You can just send it to my home address - you've got that in your address book, right?

    Y'all have a good day.


  52. Hi ZZUB! Long time lurker here and just wanted to vote YES for posting outtakes. Come on, do you actually expect anyone to vote no...


  53. I'm voting no.

    To everything.

    Except that CD idea of NM's. That's a DANG good idea. Hard to believe you thought of it. Anyway, I'd like one too, ZZUB. Because the thirty minutes before Illuminations is my favorite time ever. By comparison, I don't feel that way just before Wishes.

    And that's a little new information for ya.

    Just send the CD (along with a Target gift card, some salty snacks and a six pack of Yoo Hoo) to 1234 NM Sucks and I Don't Lane, PoDunk, Mississippi 90210.

    That's right. You suck, Weathergirl! You and your braggin' self. But if I don't see you around again between now and next week, have a GREAT time in Disney, chick. And I'll be expecting a funnel cake in the mailbox week AFTER next.

    Along with a kickin' belated birthday present.

    From when I turned twelve.

  54. How's about YOU make ME a CD and send it my way?! Seen as how I've already given y'all a playlist of sweet Disney toons, it's your turn. Or did they not teach you how to spell reciprocate in Georgia, NicoleMarie?

    Marita want's 5 years worth of outtakes. I haven't re-read Battles I -- V, but my guess is there was little, if anything, that I left out of those stories. But I'll look at them and see if there's new stuff to mine.

    Just as an aside, does it disturb anyone that anytime the gov't (Bush Administration or Obama's) announces a new plan to "save" or "cure" or "help" the economy, the markets tank? If this continues, my 401(k) will be in negative numbers. Like Auburn in the pre-season polls.


  55. Zzub Said: "How's about YOU make ME a CD and send it my way?!"

    We would, but we can't. Cause if you try mailing an envelop simply addressed to Zzub, the post office clerk stares at you and asks if you need medical attention. Of course I guess we COULD pull a chapter from Battle V (or was it IV)and hide it on property somewhere. Then we could post a map, in the odd that chance that you will one day actually return. (Like any of us doubt for ONE minute that it won't be soon). Hmmm....that could be interesting. Although I doubt the powers that be would appreciate us digging up the lawn so it would have be someplace no on is likely to go poking around in. I'm already seeing possiblities.

  56. I must chime in to say that the unfrosted pop tarts soak up butter better than their frosted brethren. The butter can sink through the little holes because they aren't covered in hard "frosting"... just saddin'.

  57. Zzub, I'm a long time lurker and I would love hearing your outtakes!

    We enjoy Hoop-de-doo, but once every 5 or 6 years is enough. Kind of like the circus or a rodeo. The meal includes all you can eat, salad, ribs, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, baked beans, a loaf of bread and strawberry shortcake. The meal also includes, Coke, Bud Light or Sangria.

    I've not seen La Nuiba, but absolutely hated one of the other Cirqu shows my daughter made me go see. The music was intolerable and most of the show boring to me. It was just too bazaar.

    See what happens when I finally post? You can't shut me up!



  58. Just to add my 2 cents to the Hoop debate, you also pay for the show, not just the food. Just felt that needed mentioning.

    Marita - Backstage Gal

  59. Z:

    It's BDG. I'm only posting here because I know you are suffering. As I am, as we all are, under the new regime and institution of Socialism. Good luck with the blog. I like the music. Too bad LooLoo found you.


  60. Another vote for outtakes. And an apology for not always posting, but know that I ALWAYS read and enjoy your posts (almost as much as the comments that follow ;)

  61. Hey look at that! Some more old friends have shown up. I'm glad to see some old screenames back.

    It's almost March. Isn't that normally the time Mel comes out of her self-imposed hybernation? Doesn't she normally disappear every year between November and March? Where does she go?

    I'm probably the only nerd who notices these things or even thinks it's cool, but the stat counter just read 12345. I love when that crap happens. I took a picture of the odomoter in my car once when it read 12345. I probably should have pulled over before I tried to take the picture.


  62. Well I broke away from the colonels advances long enough to check back in, but still no new update? You would never survive on twitter!Surely you have had the oil changed or eaten at dunkn doughnuts or watched one (more likely all) of the trainwreck real housewives shows to comment on!

  63. I know you called out the lurkers a while ago, but I continued lurking ... until you called for a vote. I'm de-lurking to vote "yes" to the outtakes.

    Can't miss a vote. I still have every "I voted!" sticker from each time I went to the polls (er, in separate years, of course. NoChicagoDeadVoters), and I also have several "Trust me, I'm a voter" buttons. But I covered "voter" on all of them with something else. "Zombie" "Vampire" and "Woman," respectively. Why be boring?

    Oh, and LaLa, there's someone named "LahLah" posting a Trip Report. I almost clicked it, until I saw the superfluous h's (aitches? whatev). Unless perhaps that IS you, and you are trying to evade notice by the fans and paparazzi who constantly stalk you?

    Whoa, epic-length first de-lurking post. I'll go back to lurking.

  64. ZZUB, you guilted me out of lurkdom also.

    I just hang out on your blog simply for the music. Leave it on your blog and listen to some music while folding laundry...the best. :)

    I love your eloquent saying..sometimes it is hard to stand still. Very well said.

    Linda aka obsessedwiththemouse

  65. Zzub sad "I'm probably the only nerd who notices these things or even thinks it's cool, but the stat counter just read 12345. I love when that crap happens. I took a picture of the odomoter in my car once when it read 12345. I probably should have pulled over before I tried to take the picture."

    Yet another reason to keep that identity tucked away.

    We might can get Mel to come back if we start calling out some key words.... I will throw her a bone and see if she bites.

    head circumference


    purse meat



    bite me

  66. Those are all good ones, Frick. Now it's my turn to throw out some words. How 'bout "HEY ZZUB! I GOTTA NEW DOG! WANNA SEE?!!!!"

    Heh Heh.

    That oughta bring her out of lurkin' mode. Fo sho. If for no other reason than it gives her the PERFECT opportunity to show up bringin' the "BITE ME!" talk. Straight outta the gates.

    Love ya, mean it Melly!

    Anonymous sad: Oh, and LaLa, there's someone named "LahLah" posting a Trip Report. I almost clicked it, until I saw the superfluous h's (aitches? whatev). Unless perhaps that IS you, and you are trying to evade notice by the fans and paparazzi who constantly stalk you?

    Nope, not me. Although my awesome spelling skillz HAVE been irreversably corrupted just by hanging around with these yahoos. But not to that extreme. Not yet anyway. If the time comes that I start misspelling my name and putting extra consonants in words like "dining", THEN I'll know I'm in serious trouble.

    Besides, the only person who ever stalks me is ZZUB. And eight foot tall green army men.


    PS: Who gave BDG the key to this place?! The toilet bowls will never be the same again.

  67. Hey ZZUB.

    I check back here weeks later to find an op-ed piece on a return trip to the World?

    Well, I've carefully considered your thoughts and agree 100% with my girl NM. There's no better spot, so don't go looking for one! My almost 15 YO son has been at least once a year since he was 5 and is only now considering other vacation options worthy of consideration.

    That said, Atlantis was one sweet lookin' place when we explored it on the Disney Cruise.

    Frickalicious! Have you not seen my Hoop De Do pics? A and E LOVED it and I know Stitch and Lil Frick will too. I am sure of it!

    While I'm on the subject, I ate at an honest-to-goodness Kentucky-located KFC last month. I went for the strips, though, because unless it's Bojangles, I ain't eatin' the skin.

    LOVE the tunes, ZZUB. When You Wish Upon A Star has been my ringtone for three years and I still listen to the whole thing before I answer. Every time.

  68. Jami sad: LOVE the tunes, ZZUB. When You Wish Upon A Star has been my ringtone for three years and I still listen to the whole thing before I answer. Every time.

    So THAT'S why it always takes you so long to answer!

    Can someone please tell me how to bold and italicize? None of the (i) or [i] tricks seem to be working for me......

  69. Can someone please tell me how to bold and italicize? None of the (i) or [i] tricks seem to be working for me......

    Ash, you're bringing the wrong symbols, woman. In the same way that you bring the wrong pronunciations. Try these little beauties instead...

    < i > < / i >

    Just don't use the spaces in between.

    Jami, I currently have the monorail spiel set as the ringtone on my phone. I was on a field trip the other day with my son's class and it started ringing from within my purse. For a second or two (just long enough for me to realize it was my phone), I thought I was in WalMart.

    Is there ever a time the beginning of Spectromagic doesn't make you smile? Or is that just me?

  70. Right now I want to be in Disney so much the music just hurts my heart. Can anyone relate?

    I love the Wishes music, but you already knew that was my favorite.

    Just book it, ZZUB.

  71. I totally agree with Jami!

    You and the family need Disney, and Disney needs YOU in times of trouble. You cannot, in good consciousness abandon your happy place this year. Suzy Helpershoes is facing layoffs!!!

  72. Sorry, forgot to identify myself in the post above.

    Marita - Backstage Gal

    PS, insert missing comma in above post too, please and thank you!

  73. ZZUB, ZZUB, ZZUB....You are a rare combination of comedian, philosopher, writer, and theologian. I am one of those facing weightier issues. I think your words were meant for me today. Thanks.