Monday, December 8, 2008

Welcome to ZZUB's World

Well then. It is Update Monday after all. And a little reshuffling shouldn't stop an update, now should it? Only I think before I continue The Battle For My Wallet VI: The Trip Report That Isn't a Trip Report, I should clear the air.

Which is a funny expression for a guy like me.

On account of the whole Teppanyaki incident.

And my penchant for unleashing the power. You've got to love a blog which begins with farting.

Let me dispense with the questions many of you are asking, "What happened and why was your Trip Report moved and then locked?" The answer: I DON'T KNOW.

While I obviously didn't agree with the decision to move, then lock, my Trip Report, I respect that I'm not the one making the decisions at the Disboards. And because I'd like to be able to continue visiting there and because I'd like for you to be able to as well, we won't be talking any more about it. So let's move on.

I'm here now. And I hope you'll be here too. Please feel free to add your comments to the stuff that's posted. I welcome and invite comments from friends new and old. I reckon there ought to be some clearly defined ground rules. So here they are: no cussing. Feel free to express your wit in any way you see fit, but be advised that attacks on my faith, my family, my alma mater and my dog will not be tolerated.

In all seriousness, I’d like to keep it clean. Unless your mom is Pamela Anderson, guide yourself by this rule: would you want your mom to read this?

I plan to continue writing Battle VI and I will most likely continue posting updates every other week, usually on a Monday morning. I'll have my next chapter posted next Monday. Because I know y'all are itching to find out whether it was Ohana or Tutto Italia that made our socks go up and down. Plus, how can you sleep until you find out which Disney Dessert I would be willing to serve in an Obama Administration for.

One more thing, there's no farting head on a moped here. Which is a crying shame. So I'll have to end my posts with a Z. Which, as you know, is better than an X.



  1. Z! I'm so glad you've found a place to continue writing - so we can continue praising you until your head gets so big it won't fit through the door. (NOOprah&otherbigheadedpeople - I'm not kidding - have you ever really looked at the size of her head? It's huge!)

    I've probably said the above to my own mother, so no danger as to whether I'd want her to read that or not.

    But seriously, I'm thrilled that we have a place to continue to talk about our love of all things Disney and almost anything else, farting head on a moped or no.


  2. Hey Z!

    What Brandt said. (Except the Oprah thing. I try not to look at her too often.)

    Glad to see you have someplace to continue your tales.

  3. Zzub,

    So glad to see you continue!

    Cake for everyone!

  4. Wow. Zzub I might need a different litmus test. My mom can handle so really spicy stuff!

    Glad we can get our Zzub fix, thanks for doing this.

  5. Zzub!!!! I"m so glad you are able to continue your updates. I can't wait to see how the TR ends.

  6. Welcome to the world of blogging. Now I don't have to hunt down the updates.

  7. Happy to see you back in action, Princeton. Thought you might wait until after the holidays, and frankly, I wasn't sure I could wait that long to find out about the Ohana vs. Tutto Italia debate. I have an idea. I think. But it could go either way.

    And if there is anything that would entice you to work for our next President, I MUST know about THAT. Before it goes the way of the late great BGPC.


  8. Oh, and Brandt? ZZUB's head may not be as big as Oprah's (yet), but I have some suspicions that his ears might rival Obama's. So the fitting through the door thing could be a problem regardless.

    You post made me giggle, TFI.

  9. Zzub,

    So happy to have found you here. I am eagerly looking forward to many future installments.


  10. Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Don't you think "The Crackpot(s) and These Women" would be a more appropriate title for this blog???


    I know that you know that I know that you know that I know that you know I'm right.


    That you love me.

    ((big grin))

  11. Well alright. Look at that! Already got me some responses.

    First of all, Brandt, I do NOT have a big head. Nor do I have big ears, Ashclan. I do, however, have an oversized pituitary gland. And cuticles of unusual size.

    I did my best to get the word to as many people as possible. To the extent any of your friends are wondering where to find me, please let them know I'm here.

    Good thing La2's not here. She smells.

    Question: is it still all about Haley?

    Kat, are you Tarsanskat? Just trying to make sure I know who all has posted.

    Todd, who are you on the Disboards?

    I was convinced by a friend that starting this today would be a good idea. On account of this being the Monday I would post a new chapter. Sadly, however, I spent my time creating the dadgum thing, and drowning my sorrows re: Bama. It's not that I'm so sad we lost to Florida. It's that we have to play Utah. Yawn.

    Is that . . . No! It can't be! It's Sher! Still with the Big Grin! Well God Bless America! How are you, Sher?! I thought about calling this the Stackhouse Filibuster but I was afraid that would limit its appeal to the three people who watch WW.


  12. You didn't reply to my PMs.

    I am so said. I had to find you via my real friends.

    That sad, I'll read here anyway, until you ban me.

    On with the show!!!!

  13. A Zzub blog!!! Dude. Can it possibly get any better? Thanks for the DIS PM to point me here. I was beginning to lament the loss of the Battle VI, and now I find that not only are you continuing that here, but you've blessed us with all the other Battles as well! (III is my favorite, by the way, owing to the fact that it introduced me to POR and Free Dining...).

    I'm not sure how this comment will ID me, but I'm "LegoMom3" on the DIS!

  14. Of course it is still all about being Haley!

    Hi Zzub, glad to see you.

  15. Hey Zzub, I'm more of a lurker on your DIS reports but did really love reading them. I'm so glad to find your blog (thanks GreatBiscut). I'm also glad you've linked all your reports, I can go back and read I and II while I wait for updates.

  16. Zzub,
    I'm disneykat on the disboards. I too was a lurker on your trip reports but enjoy reading them can't wait for more!!!

  17. OMG! Sher is in the house! Been a long time! No flagging in this place! Good to see you around...

    Hi, Haley!


  18. Jamal is upset b/c I didn't respond to her PMS? I don't know much about your "women problems," Jamal. Try Pamprin or Midol.

    Irish Dancer and Kat, former lurkers, lulled out by the new blog. Admit it, it's the way cool looking crimson bannerhead isn't it? Welcome. I'm glad to see some new friends.

    And some OLD ones too. HALEY! You old so and so. I miss your witty banter. Can I count on it here? Or are you more serious and less silly now that Amercia has chosen change?

    GB: thanks for getting the word out to others.

    Hi Marita.


  19. Z, Todd is Latoberg, AKA Lacto, AKA the "other REV" (other than MarkyMark, that is).

    You're welcome.

    And if the Stackhouse filibuster is still going on, that guy has a heckofa lot more stamina that even I gave him credit for.

    I think there a more than three of us, BTW. But maybe not....

  20. How can someone who loves Rudy have taken a vow to hate Notre Dame. Du. Lac.

    Still, three cheers for your blog.

    Keep shaking down the echoes.

  21. OMG, it's like high school reunion around here! Hi Latoberg

    Backstage Gal

  22. I accidentally dissed Shell Bee which is in-ex-cus-able! Hey Shell Bee!

    I have it on good consel that the Stackhouse Filibuster IS in fact still going on. That man may be older than John McCain, but he can talk susbstance. The recipes alone make that congressional record worth reading.

    Thanks for the info re: mystery posters.

    How are y'all finding the comment deal? Is it working for you? There's nothing I can do about it, I just wanted to give the appearance I cared. Like a good democrat would.

    FYI: Al Gore is STILL wrong!

    Scrap: I can love Rudy and hate Notre Dame the same way I can love West Wing and think little of the Democratic party. Rudy isn't about ND, it's about pursuing a dream to play college football. Every guy can relate to that. WW is just so incredibly well written, acted and directed, I was able to push past the gag reflex whenever it delved into liberal fantasy.


  23. It IS me!!!!!

    And my big block of cheese.

    And. I'm good.



    Phew. I've been holding that in a loooooong time!!

    ((big grin))

  24. And.

    AlGore is NEVER wrong.

    And I know that you know that I know that you know that I know that you know. That.

  25. And.

    Hi Marita!! How's it going?

  26. Alrighty, found it and am seatbelted in with my tray in the locked and upright position! Thanks to G.B. for spreading the word and Zzub thanks for putting up the fantastic originals so we can revisit your previous masterpieces!

  27. P.S.

    Leave it to you to copyright your blog.


  28. Hi Sher, going well! Good to see you around again. Sorry for your booting so long ago now.

    But here you are, chipper as ever!

    Sorry, Z, hijack over!

  29. Sher IS back. She's already posted 800 times to my blog. And she's still denying Al Gore is wrong like John McCain denied that Sarah Palin was a dim bulb. Unless of course France really is a city.

    FYI: I've posted a new poll for your general amusement.

    AngelMav: Do you know how hard it was to find my old TRs? It took longer to find Battle I than it did for Minneapolis to find the 133 missing ballots (which they've now given up on finding).

  30. Zzub it's nice to see you up and writing your amazingly witty comments again. :) I've missed reading your stuff!

    (drebert on the dis, also Latoberg's wife)

  31. Well, Sarah Palin wasn't a dim bulb. TFI.

    Her bulb is just plain burned out. Possibly never even lit to begin with.

  32. Oh my gosh if I have signed in wrong and this sucker displays my email address, just ig-nore.

  33. No worries, Z.

    Thank you for doing this. I'm stoked that I'll be able to read all of your battles again!

  34. OK cool, it works. I can't go to my other friends blog and sign in as Frickles - it has happened before & there was much much confusion that was so hard to explain. And I can't come here and sign on as my true self - as I did at Mel's once. So juggling blogging isn't my specialty, but I sure will try. I can't miss a Hootenanny.

    Congrats on your new place Z! I brought you a welcome gift. It is a new Alabama t-shirt that I picked up after the game. Everything was $.99. Go figure.

  35. Sigh.I see it's still all about the caps, punctuation, and desserts here.

    I'm going on record with a strong vote for Tutto Italia. Ohana is nothing to sneeze at (NOSneezie) but good night alive, the Italians OWN Epcot these days. Mmmmm.....

    We had our own food fest in The World Thanksgiving week. I may never recover.

  36. Z!

    So glad to find you here, and thanks so much for the PM heads up!

    Like others I have come out of lurkdom to say how glad I am that you have decided to do this. Even if you don't see me... I'll be right here. Well, maybe there, or some other places too, but metaphorically... right here. (on the DIS I am Kala, chosen long ago and far away. Maybe right after Tarzan was released. The Disney version, not the Johnny Weissmuller version, TFI)

    This is so great... all of the funny without the DRAMA!


    So great to see (most of) the familiar names.

    Even SHER!

    Can't wait to start spitting coffee on my screen again.

    Thanks, and good to see everyone here!


  37. I think I'm lost.

    I was actually looking for "Wally World" and stumbled upon this steaming pile of poo instead. Which does not make me the LEAST bit happy. BTW. But as long as I'm here, might as well pull up and chair and sit for a spell. The smell's similar and it's every bit as crowded as a Wal-Mart aisle on Christmas Eve.

    Speaking of which.

    Where's the ZZUB En Espanol board?

    Don't have one yet?


    All joking aside, like everyone else, I'm thrilled that you decided to continue writing your TR. Here. And the only thing I'll say about the whole DIS mystery thing is that you've got class, my friend. Loads of it. I really respect the way you've handled yourself.

    And just between me and you, I believe you got an upgrade.

    Nuff said.


    I'm really happy to see everybody here. Sher, I'm SO DED! You've posted, what, twenty times already? Love that. Seems like old times, huh?

    Anyway, I can't wait to hear the REST of the story, Z. Your old blog was a lot of fun to keep up with and I have no doubt this one will be as well. You're a gracious host and your place is warm and inviting. And I think you know that I know that you know what THAT means.

    One more quick observation before I go.

    Through absolutely no fault of your own, I believe you may have just accomplished THE BEST cliffhanger of any trip report.


    And that's saying alot.

    One word.

    Preace, ZZUB. Whatever that means.


    And ROLL TIDE!!!!


    P.S. Hey Frick. Don't look now but your email is showing.

    P.S.S. Heh Heh

  38. How do we edit? Again?

    I forgot. And I see a typo up there. It's gonna make me itchy if I can't edit over here.

    How 'bout you work on that, ZZUB?

  39. Zzub!!! I'm so glad I found you! I was so sad to see that your non-trippie was gone. Glad you found a way to placate your adoring fans! I can't wait to read more about your non-trip and hopefully see more cute pics of Baby Z's arm!

  40. Good Morning everyone. And LaLa.

    NCSJodi: good to see you. If you bump into my buddy Montana Disney Fan, tell him I said, "hey."

    To the people who have selected PORiverside Foodcourt and the Hess Station and in the two polls I'm running, I say, you've obviously been reading along for a while!


  41. I'll shoot Buzz an email with this link. I'm sure he'd be happy to read along here!

  42. Buzz is in the "house".

    This is a great idea and a better place to host this masterpiece.

    Now... if I can figure out how to subscribe....

    ~ MDF

  43. Hey, it's MDF!

    Good to see you around here. I don't know whether the stuff I write is a maserpiece (it's a piece of something alright), but I agree this is a better place to host it. I like the freedom. Plus, my old friends are welcome.

    If this thing works, if there turns out to be a larger audience to read this than I think there is, then I might transition to a full fledged website.

    People joke and say I have a big head. At least I hope they're joking. But it honestly surprised me each time I posted a chapter to my TR how many people on the Disboards would read it. If you could ask people who know me in real life they'd tell you that while, yes, I'm aware God has gifted me, I'm also keenly aware of my weaknesses and deficiencies. So I don't take for granted that people enjoy what I write. It honestly humbles me. Anyway, we'll see how this thing goes.

    No matter what, though, all that happened last week has turned out for good already. Just starting this blog has allowed me to reconnect with people I haven't chatted with in a long time, like you, Sher, Lactoberg and Drebert, Shell Bee, Haley and a bunch of people who were previous lurkers.

    Of course, then LaLa followed us. So that's my cross to bear.

    Fortunately, NicoleMarie (that well known meteorologist) has yet to make an appearance. Or her cheese-smelling, generally unpleasant friend from the north country. Once they show up, I'm shutting this thing down. For the obvious reasons.


  44. Oz sad, "To the people who have selected PORiverside Foodcourt and the Hess Station and in the two polls I'm running, I say, you've obviously been reading along for a while!"

    ((big grin))


    Aawwwwww!!!! Aren't you so sweet??

    I know that you know that I know that you know that I know that you love me.

  45. Um. Go Noles. AND Roll Tide. Hey ZZUB. Is there room for some banned folks in here too?


  46. So where the heck is NM anyway??? Was her shindig this weekend THAT much of a blowout? Or are the weather fronts in the southeast just that compelling that she can't drag herself away? Geesh, if she's sending any big weather up this way I wish she'd give me a heads up.

    MDF, nice to see you over here! I was a big (lurking) fan on your TRs on the DIS.

  47. A Zzub website? That would be donwright nifty. May I recommend some domain names for your consideration?

    No pressure of course. Can't wait for more updates. Take care Zzub!

  48. I say thee "Yeah!" GB; those are some great domain names. I can imagine referring people to my website, "It's Hitthefloorit'" No. No eyebrows would raise.

    And looky here, Marky Mark is in the house! Hey Mark. How are you and Rhonda and Wesley doing?

    Ashclan, don't you mean "tall"? You're not big. You're tall. Michael Moore is big.

    Since NM hasn't stopped by one can only assume that she will be the new Senator from Ill and the Gov of that state accepted her offer.


  49. Hey everybody!

    So glad to see that y'all noticed my absence. I would have been here sooner if I could have remembered my user name and password. It's been a while, hasn't it?

    Hello to my old friends, and the new ones, too.


    Thanks for keeping your trip report alive. I can't wait to read all about your favorite dinner at Ohana. We've had dinner there on our last three trips to Disney, and we've never had a bad experience. And the bread pudding!!! No doubt in my mind...that was your favorite. (RIP BGPC.)

    Wish I had more time, but my folks are on their way for supper and the school Christmas program tonight. What's for supper? Your guess is as good as mine. And I've got about an hour to figure it out and prepare it.

    But I heard y'all calling me from all the way down here in the spring-like weather of Georgia. And I'm happy to check in. Let the good times roll!

    Y'all have a good day!

  50. NM wrote, "Let the good times roll!"

    That was a none too subtle reference to Bama's crushing defeat at the hands of the Gaytors.

    Who knew NM was so hateful?!

    FYI: I'm guessing you're serving flaming hot bowls of cereal for dinner.


  51. Long time lurker here signing on. Yes, I've read them all. So why no replies? All the good material was taken - didn't want to make any feeble attempts and embarrass myself. Which is not at all like Bama, who gave my Gators a good run for their money.

    Here's to hearing more tales from Z's World,


    P.S. Hi Sher!!

    P.P.S. I have NO idea at all how this thing works, lol!

  52. Add me to the list of people happy to see you doing a blog... I have been a big lurker (and fan) on the disboards.
    Happy to add you to my list of very favorite blogs... now some of you other "famous Disboard" people (I'm looking at you La2, NicoleMarie, AshClan, ect...) start a blog, too!
    I'd NEVER get any work done, sounds perfect!

  53. "I'm out of it for a while, and everyone gets delusions of grandeur."

    Zzub is a blogger now!

    YAY! I shall promise-ish not do anything to make you ban me from your blog. ISH because nobody's perfect-ish. So I am told.

  54. Zzub - we're all doing really well. Wesley is almost 7. We're still in the same place (thank God). The Noles are on the rise, and Bama almost wona natioNOLE title. What more could we ask for?


    Oh - and I quit using MarkyMark because i caught myself having typed it into a letter and had to go back and correct it. So now, it's just Mark. We still take a whirlwind trip every once in a while. But we're about to let our AP's expire. I got banned from the DIS because I didn't like what was happening and I started posting a little in protest on the Troublemakers Board. They didn't like that to the WM's at the DIS cut me off. Oh well. It had been a long time since I was a regular on the DIS anyway. Plus I like my new digs.

    Great to see you ZZUB.

  55. Hey!
    Where did my comment go?

    What I said was this, good golly miss molly ya'll are chatty.

    And some other stuff.

    I'd repeat it all but I am sort of afraid it will magically appear above this post. Then Chappie will show up and point out that I misspell the same word in each post, only differently.


    This place puts a grin on my face. Reminds me of old times.




    Z you do remember what happens to blogs if you don't turn the page every now and again, right? It starts to smell like Mel's pool after lil'g housesits. Just sayin' is all. Not that it smells like old cheese around here yet.

    Good Night.
    And the red balloon.

  56. This comment has been removed by the author.

  57. Hey Mark, great to see you around these parts. I had to censor myself from calling you MarkyMark! Glad you are doing well, give my best to Rhonda.

    Todd and Lisa, same to you!

    Forgive my deleted post above, I dont know how to edit here.

  58. Hey Mark!

    The DIS did me the favor of putting me on Global Ignore. Not a ban, but anything I type can only be seen by me! LOL :P

    When I say "favor" I really mean it. Other than reading trip reports, which is always a "hoot", I was spending way too much time there... almost an addiction!

    I feel... "free". Thank you DIS!!

    Now, how about a chapter ZZUB... :popcorn:

  59. At least for the foreseeable future, I'll continue updating with new chapters every other Monday. Come the first of the year, I'll try to go to every Monday. So this place doesn't grow stale. Gawd Forbid a Million Times.

    I still don't think that's played.

  60. I would have been here sooner, but it took me a few days to figure out how to jump on board. Can you tell I'm not a blogger? Far too confusing for my limited computer abilities.

    Can't wait to find out what kind of dessert would temp ZZUB to join the "dark side". I'll take a double order for Christmas

  61. I can't come here without seeing Wayne and Garth saying "Wayne's World, Wayne's World".


    LaLa you can't see my email. I know because if you could, I would have gotten about 45 chain letters from you by know the ones where if you pass it along to 55 of your internet friends you'll have good luck for 1.5 seconds and if you don't send it you will grow warts with long black hairs on your face.(NOZ)

  62. How do you know you're a loser? When you're forced to quit and all of 70 people show up to protest.

    Tuberville must be Choctaw for loser.

    Hey DJR. Glad to have you on board.

    Frickles, thanks for the email but I'm no longer interested in saving the son of a nigerian king.


  63. Hi Marita! Nice to see you too!

    Back to your regularly scheduled nonsense/drivel. Whatever. :)

  64. I really meant meaningful and stimulating conversation.

  65. I see my question about the edit refresher course has been put on Global Ignore.


    Now it REALLY feels like old times. Maybe Haley can step in and help me out. Again.

    Hi Haley! Freaky borg about this place putting a smile on your face. Heard any good song lyrics lately?

    Hey Frick. Got your email. Girl, I cannot BELIEVE they charged you $250 for those cookies at Neiman Marcus. Good for you for getting the recipe though. And sending it to everyone you know. And everyone they know. And so forth and so on. You showed them. Way to stick it to the man!

    Hey ZZUB, can I write in my choice for dessert? Although I'm leaning toward Ohana and that famous bread pudding of theirs, I think I'm gonna have to go with my gut on this one and say chocolate pudding cups from Grab 'n Go.

    Where is ZZUB anyway? Practicing how to breakdance on a pair of roller skates?


  66. I think this place is growing stale.

    Where's ZZUB?

    La, I don't think he's practicing his breakdancing...I think he's drunk off of apple cider. And sitting in his living room in a pair of Mickey Mouse Christmas PJS, wondering why Santa hasn't come for a visit yet.

    Poor ZZUB.

    Or maybe he's waiting on the weather report, live from Macon, Georgia.

    It's really sunny, cold for the South, and not windy at all. But I hear the wind will pick up and the temps will drop this evening. TFI.

    And at that point, I'LL be drunk off of apple cider.

    Y'all have a good day.

  67. We can't allow staleness to permeate the air. But the likelihood that I'm going to post anything new before the next chapter is slim and none. So I leave it to you good people to maintain some witty banter until Monday morning.

    Speaking of witty banter, the following people have yet to show up:

    Chapter 11 (king of the dry riposte)

    If any of you know any of them, please let them know where I am now.

    If any of you ARE one of them and you're reading but not posting, then post to let us know you're here.

    I'm sure I've forgotten names of other people who post a lot, or used to, on my TR. I hope to see all of those people here too.


  68. I keep losing posts.
    Zzub you forgot lil'grumpy.

    No edits on blogspot, La. The best you can do is claim you spelled that word wrong on purpose so Chappie would have a reason to post.

  69. I see ZZUB didn't waste any time putting Haley on Global Ignore.

    What'd you do, Haley? Insult those massive guns of his?

    Actually, I've gotten a few messages after I've typed a response and hit Post Comment that say something along the lines of "Your post could not be processed at this time" or somethinother. Are you getting that message, Haley? I've had to copy the message, minimize the window and then sign in again in order to actually post it.

    Which is just another reason I'd rather be in WallyWorld. And not ZZUBWorld. The number one reason being the stench, of course.

    Why does it smell like feet in here?

    Thanks for answering my question about the lack of an edit feature though, Haley. And by the way, I DID spell it rong on pirpose.




  70. Anyone got some cake? Cowbell maybe?

  71. You rang?

    I really like your new place. May I suggest some Febreeze? And can you pimp it out a little with some Christmas decorations? Roll Jesus?

    I love the polls and did vote for POR food court and the Hess Station. You're a mind reader.

    And I see you still have your priorities in order....God, Family, Disney, Football....which are the same as mine except my last one is chocolate instead of football.

    Shout out to my favorite Southern belles....Frick, NM, and La2! How are you girls?

    Question: How can the exclamation key still be functioning on Sher's keyboard? (Hi, Chris!)

    Hi, Haley!

    Hello to everyone else! Thanks for missing me, ZZUB. I know you're gonna hate this but ((BIG HUG))


  72. And THERE's Melinda! Howdy.

    Funny I would write that. I never say it in real life. There's a guy in my firm who, when he addresses an email to just the men in the office it always reads, "fellows," and yet, I've never heard him use that word in real life. I wonder how many other e-words we write but never say.

    I'm sticking by my policy of not discussing the Disboards here. But. I have been laughing in my head for days over MDF's "global ignore." There are about 17 funny things wrapped up in that.

    Add "global ignore" to the list of e-words I don't intend to use in real life.

    It might not surprise you to learn that I do use DED. For years I have said in response to something funny, "I'm dead, DED, dead."

    But I've had to discipline myself to not write that I'm said when I'm sad. B/c my clients don't get internet humor.

    Said/sad are also on the list of e-words I don't use.

    What are yours?


  73. Okay. I finally made it over, but I can't stay. SO. I will try to come back later. sometime.

    Why I should follow you around is a mystery. You'll start accusing us all of being stalkers. Like I need that kind of trouble.

  74. Hey GA! Nice to see you.

    For the record, I only call people stalkers when they either try to hack into my photobucket account or park their vehicles in front of my office building.

    Is it possible there's actually a band called Hoobastank? I was listening to a song on my XM the other day and when I hit "info," that was the name of the band. Hoobastank? I thought that was the screename of a notorious poster.


  75. Hoobastank is another e-word I won't use in real life. FYI.

    FYI, I have no problem saying FYI. But I don't say BTW.

  76. e-words
    La2 - I do say LaLa all the time though. I t is one of my students nicknames.
    said for sad -but I do say 'said' for said still, I just get confuzzeled when I do.
    I don't say FHOAM - or I try not to, anyhow.
    Zzub- unless mentioning you to a CIF or Mr Silly.
    BRB- I just say the whole words.
    Roll Tide!- actually I might not say that online either.

    e-words I do use
    global ignore, you should try it, it is a handy phrase. I use it a lot at work.

    I got more but I have a party to get to.

  77. Hi Melinda!

    Hi Martia! I think I lost the post where I said hi to you the other day. Dang internet tubes.

    I have 6000 Christmas cookies, stop by anytime and I'll fix you up with some.

  78. ZZUB!

    The writing liveth on!

    WOO HOO!

    Hmm...where are those cute little smilies when I need them?

    Seriously, my good man, I'm glad to see the continuation of that which I know and love so. Well, I could do with a little less flatulence. I mean, I do live with two boys you know. I say boys, because for some reason, my husband seems to be easily reduced to the level of my son when farting comes into play. Ah, the joy of testosterone.

    Can't wait to read more. : )

  79. Hi TarzansKat,

    Been lurking on your TR's, I promise to post a reply soonishly.

    Hi GaKitty and Steph!

    Hi Haley!!

    Backstage Gal

  80. For the record, TFI and BORG are two e-words that keep trying to creep into my real life. I have to really concentrate to NOT write or type them when I'm corresponding or speaking with non-CIFs.

    I do not use CIFs either. Nor do I use TTYL, BRB, WTH, or Carp.

    I do use FYI, TMI and Freakin' Dammit. Hope that last one isn't considered "cussing", Z. It's the newest catch phrase from a funny little 5 year old who forgot her mittens one day. It's catching on like wildfire, TFI. FD is an acceptable replacement, but that won't be used in my real life, either.

    TTYL, BRB and all that carp.....

  81. Wow! I found you! :) I was so confused...I could not find your thread...and then it was locked...and it would not let me PM you. But...I knew TarzansKat might I PM'd her...and here I am!

    I was excited to see you were continuing your writing. And even more excited to know that you are a fan of West Wing and Rudy! I knew I agreed with you. Christian, Republican, and a fan of West Wing...THAT is what I am talking about! :) I am...and I am no longer lurking!

  82. Hey back at ya Melinda!!! Great to see you here!

    Marita I hope you are doing well!!!! Great to see you too!

    Zzub I think Mel is still just in a depressed state due to Bama's loss. She is probably holed up in a closet with a bunch of whiskey in sippy cups, a 10 lb bag of homemade granola and some purse meat. I'm sure she will resurface soon.

    Now as far as Chappie goes, I think he will show up here eventually. I sure do hope he saw the same special I did on Spike TV about the midget stripper.

  83. E-words I don't use in real life:

    midget stripper and ZZUB

    ..along wtih trip report, my latest version of the trip report, Disney message board, I'm a member of a Disney message board and freaky borg.

    That just about covers it. Everything else is fair game.

    Espcially Global Ignore. It's the new "talk to the hand". I've been having fun with that one.


    PS. Hey Lexmelinda! Nice to see you around again, chick.

  84. Dangit.

    Another misspelled word. I don't like this. I have a reputation to uphold.

    Cue Chappie...

  85. Why is the clock off here? Are we on Pacific time?

    La your misspelled words are really bothering me. Could you be more careful? I know your lobster claws are hard to type with but geesh.

    NM I sent you a text. Did you get it? I'm cracking up AND I'm worried!

    Zzub can you go ahead and post the next chapter tonight? I'm down with my back and I'm bored. I'm also high on pain pills and muscle relaxers so it is bound to be more funny.

  86. Hey Zzub!

    Coming out of lurkdom...

    I'm so glad I stumbled onto your blog! I can't wait until the next installment!

  87. Hey Zzub,
    Thanks for the invite here... it took me a while to get here, as I was boycotting the DIS for shutting you down, so I just got the PM tonight.
    I'm looking forward to the rest of your report...I can't wait to see what dessert has you all in a lather, I could use a good dose of dessert envy about now.

  88. Woo Hoo!
    You're still writing, and I found it!
    I'm so glad you have all your trip reports!

    Good to see you here,

  89. I was so confused when I couldn't find you - so I searched - and it actually worked and led me here. Looking forward to reading more - is it a trip report now?