Sunday, December 14, 2008

Chapter Eight: The Olive Garden is For White Trash

One nice thing about having my own blog, I can say white trash again. For some reason, white trash is banned on the Disboards.

Consider if you will the variety of words which can be posted on those boards.

But white trash is verboten.

That should have been my cue to start a blog.

It's winter here. Where I live. It's winter and there's snow on the ground. On the roof. The trees. The cars. There's a beautiful white blanket covering my yard, my street. My town. Everything looks pretty with snow on it.

But it's cold. And on a night like this when my nose is still cold from the timeI spent outside sledding with ZZUBY and beaming Stafford J. with snowballs, when I sit down in my study and remember those warm September nights in Disney World, I'm unusually nostalgic.

Have I told you of my love for EPCOT at night?

You know what's funny? I don't know why I love EPCOT at night. But I do. I love it at dusk and I love it at night.

Which explains in part why we were having dinner at Tutto Italia. We wanted to enjoy a nice meal in EPCOT and wanted to try someplace new. We originally had an ADR for Coral Reef: the Seafood Restaurant That Doesn't Actually Sell Seafood. Coral Reef is like going to McDonald's to eat a salad. It's like running for president on a platform of change and then getting elected and keeping your predecessor's Secretary of Defense. In other words: stupid. I've heard from some friends that they'd had a nice meal at Coral Reef and it was fun, what with the diver signs and personalized menus. But when we looked more closely at what CR was actually serving, it didn't appeal to us.

Neither does Katie Couric, by the way.

Judging from her ratings, we're not alone.

So then we went searching for another decent place to eat dinner in EPCOT that wasn't fast food and wasn't Le Suckia. Those of you who insist on eating there, admit it: even you don't think it's as good as it used to be.

We almost ate in Japan.

If for no other reason than the sheer comedy of it all.

But alas, even I couldn't bring myself to darken their door again. So to speak.

Mrs. Z wasn't as crazy-go-nuts-for Biergarten as I was. Which is something of an understatement. She enjoyed Biergarten as much as I enjoyed the SEC Championship Game. It'll be awhile before I can bribe her to go back there.

So we decided we'd take a gamble on Tutto Italia.

I don't think I've been in Italy since EPCOT opened. Let's face it, there's not much reason to go to Italy. No ride. Now show. And eating Italian food in EPCOT seems stupid. Like eating a hamburger. Why bother?

I knew a girl in high school, her name was Chandra. She was the kind of person about whom you'd say, "she has no personality." When she walks into a room you think someone just left. I've had sneezes which left a bigger imprint on the world. One time, me and my buddies made a list of people we knew and gave them nicknames. Next to Chandra's name we wrote, "why bother?" Which is roughly the equivalent of eating Italian food in EPCOT.

Tutto Italia wasn't bad. It wasn't like eating at that well-known crapateria, The Olive Garden. Which advertizes, "when you're here, you're family." Which makes me think, "hey, guess what?! I moved 3,000 miles away from my family, so that ain't making me want to eat there anytime soon!" There commercials are as stupid and as insulting as Applebee's. "You belong at Applebees" That's just rude. "You belong at Applebees?" Really?! In other words, the best you're gonna do is some lame ol' riblets and crappy hamburgers. Talk about aiming low.
I'm no fan of The Olive Garden. My favorite thing they serve is salad. And y'all know how I feel about salad. You'll be relieved to find out that Tutto Italia wasn't as bad as The Olive Garden. It has a nice kind of atmosphere. But when you're hot and you've got kids with you, it feels kind of awkward to be in there. I actually thought they were segregating families with kids from normal people until they sat this young, stupid couple next to us. I felt bad for them. Because they got sold a package by some shifty travel agent who oversold them on Disney and Universal tickets. And these two hadn't made any reservations for any restaurants. During Free Dining. Which is why they were at Tutto Italia.
That Tutto Italia is one of the places you can walk up to should tell you all you need to know.
It didn't suck. I want to reiterate that. I don't remember what my entree was but I ordered a Caeser salad and paid a hefty price for a stalk of romaine lettuce drenched under a very out-of-the-bottle dressing. I think with tax, that salad cost me in the neighborhood of $29.

Even now, in the midst of a winter storm as I wistfully remember a warm night in EPCOT, I cannot recall why I ordered a salad before my entree. One can only imagine I must have been plugged up and thought the ruffage would be good for me.

The service was good and the food was middling. Tutto Italia does, however, stock Sweet n'Low, making it the only place on property where I found it. But when Mrs. Z didn't order a drink with dinner and ordered coffee with her dessert, those schmucks tried to charge her.

I said, "HEY! Antonio! We're on the freakin dining plan and it includes a drink."
He said, "It doesn't include coffee."

I said, "Guess again, mojambo. It includes a drink and since she didn't have a drink with dinner, she's having it now. So make with the coffee."

He said, "We're not supposed to do that. But let me see what I can do."

To which I replied, "Tips aren't automatic anymore, so I expect you'll find a way to take care of the coffee."

Turns out we both got free coffee.

Dessert, by the way, was the bomb diggity. Bomb Digg-it-ty! It was so good, that after the first bite I bummed a cigarette off the young, stupid couple sitting next to us.

I had the meanest canole I've ever had. It was pretty dadgum good. It's now my second favorite dessert at Disney World. And while I don't plan to eat another dinner at Tutto Italia, I'll stop by for a canole. Whether they sell it to go or not, I do not know. But I will make them sell me one if I have to. I can be persuasive when I have to be. Or so I tell people.

So now you know that my new favorite dessert is at Ohana. Big surprise. But let me tell you a little bit about our experience there.

I've never wanted to eat at Ohana. I'm not a big Polynesian guy. NOTikiman. I enjoy Kona and I have fond memories of our stay there as children, but it has never been high on my list of places to stay. Ditto: the Beach Club/Yacht Club. I also think Coronado Springs is THE UGLIEST DISNEY RESORT EVER! Seriously, if the only rooms open were at Coronado Springs, we'd either stay off property or not go. If I wanted to stay at a LaQuinta Inn, I'd vacation with the LaLas.

I also hate how people refer to the Polynesian as "the Poly." That is so gay. Not gay meaning Clay Aikenesque, but gay meaning stupid.
Wow! This got un-pc pretty quickly, didn't it?

I like Kona but generally, I think the atmosphere at the Polynesian is pretty schlecky. So Ohana has never been high up on my list of places to try. In case you're wondering, other places I have no designs on trying: Victoria & Alberts, Spoodles (can't get past the gay name), Wolfgang Puck's, Tony's, Maria's, Cathy's, Nancy's or LaShaun's.

I also NEVER plan to eat at Mickey's Backyard Barbecue.

For the obvious reasons.

So how did we end up at Ohana? Our stupid friends, Glenn and Lori. I blame them for everything. Except for global warming. Which is REAL! And a CRISIS!

They suggested Ohana and I thought,"well, how bad can it suck?! They serve meat. I like meat." My expectations were as low as my law school advisor after 6 semesters of advising me. Maybe a touch lower, actually. If that's possible.

We arrived a few minutes early because I hate to be late. The check in area was loud and packed. Which immediately annoyed me. I hate loud and packed. I do NOT belong at Crapplebees. We checked in and found a place to wait for our friends. Who were late.

We didn't have to wait too long; it seems like they seated us within about 10 minutes of our ADR. Or about the time the McBrides showed up.

We were seated somewhere in the dining room. I can't tell you where we were in relation to the food pit or even the windows. Seriously, I was so consumed with hunger, I have no recollection of where we sat. I'm reasonably certain it was inside.

The whole "Ohana means family" schtick is as gay as Olive Garden's "when you're here, you're family." I don't go out to eat to feel a part of a community. I go out to eat to get full, fart and then dump off the excess about 2-4 hours later. I don't need to feel connected to the wait staff.

So don't call me cousin. Or I'll stab you with my steely knife. Or a big spoon. Whatever's handy.

If Mrs. ZZUB is right (and let's face it, she most often is), food is love to me. Which is why I think Ohana is Polynesian for Beat Auburn.

One thing I loved about the place, no sooner had we sat down then they started bringing me food. There was some salad that didn't suck and some pretty good bread. And then the noodles and the meat. And then some peapods. ZZUB loves him some pea pods. And then more meat.
Good night nurse! They kept brining us meat!

Mrs. Z was busy catching up with Lori and I think Glenn was trying to talk football but all I could hear was, "More steak?" The answer to that question is always yes!

It was so freakin' good that Ohana was and is the ONLY time it's correct to say, IT'S ALL GOOD!


It was so good, I didn't even care that Ohana looks like Obama.

I was knocking on full and a little voice told me to save some room.

So I did.

And oh my lands am I ever glad I saved space.

Because the banana bread pudding was THE BEST FREAKING' THING I'VE EVER HAD AT DISNEY WORLD!

I never thought I'd say this and even now I can't believe I'm writing it, but it was better than Butter Grilled Pound Cake.

It doesn't sound very good and I was pretty skeptical when other people talked it up. Bread pudding sounds like something they serve at a homeless shelter. Or a middle school cafeteria. But the banana bread pudding at Ohana was like beating Auburn 36-0 and getting Tommy Tutone fired. It was like finding out that for just $50,000 I could be the next junior senator from Illinois. Like paying for 4 days and getting 3 days free. Like having your office Christmas party cancelled so you don't have to go and spend an insufferable evening with people you spend too much time with anyway. Like throwing a shoe at George W. Bush. Like eating at a really expensive restaurant and expensing it back to your firm. Like $1.68 a gallon gas. Like getting bumped to first class. It was like everything I wrote about Butter Grilled Pound Cake. And it was like having your Trip Report locked so that you finally start your own blog.

In other words, it was very good.


  1. White Trash is in the house.

    Would have been here sooner but was helping Chappie who is booking Obama a room at Motel 6 for a few days in January.

    Also he is shopping for shoes at Payless. Seems his shoes have wings.

    Hey La, need some ideas for the Christmas buffet using pickled pork products.

    Nice report - thanks for sharing

  2. verboten - yep had to google that word.

    Now I understand why I get in trouble on the site that won't be mentioned.

    I am forbidden, unlike NM or Frick, which is an oxymoron

    There are a couple of words I use IRL

    Examples - TINME and LATTL

  3. Wow! I feel this overwhelming urge to go try Ohana. I haven't eaten there in years but you make it sound so delectable! And the dessert was better than BGPC! I can't believe it. I feel as though the mightty ZZUB has fallen. Fallen prey to Ohana which looks like Obama.

    On another note, did you ever eat at Alfredo's in Italy? If not, ZZUB, I feel very sorry for you. And I mean that in all seriousness with no sarcasm. The food was so amazing there, the waitstaff (we were friends with several) fantastic, and the atmosphere so much more Italian than any descriptions I've read of Tutto Italia. So much so that I can't even set foot in the place. Just can't do it. Although Tink(erbellarella) really enjoyed it on her trip so go figure.

    Different strokes, I guess.

  4. "...white trash is banned on the Disboards."
    I'm sorry, but this is simply not true. There's white trash all OVER the place back there.

    Coral Reef: Kind of like eating a steak at a just seems wrong. Oh, and you're in FLORIDA! Long John Silver's combo specials have more options than CR's uninspired, pedestrian menu.

    Even Detroit looks better when it snows.

    However, Katie Couric does not.

    IMO, Epcot has some of the best eateries in WDW. My in-laws vacationed in China the previous summer. They wanted the Lotus Blossom. No really, I mean it. +$25/per person for crappy, college-town, Chin-ican take-out. bleh.

    Glad to hear about Ohana's. Have no desire to stay at the Polynesian, but I'll be happy to eat there in the future.

  5. Meat. That was the only word I needed to say to convince DH to eat at Ohana. I'm not even sure we made it to the bread pudding. I'm bummed to hear Tutto Italia is only slightly better than Olive Garden. That place is the go-to insult in our house.

    For instance: "Olive Garden is the Italian Denny's". If that's not a compliment, then I don't know what is.

  6. That was me above, by the way. I suppose I should stop using my gmail account to post, since nobody knows who the heck kmiller is.


  7. I'm highly offended. I like the Olive Garden, I use the word Poly and I thought my lunch at Tutto Italia was great. I guess you now think I am gay white trash!!

    Kiss my grits.

    I knew it would be the bread pudding at O'hana. yummo

  8. “I go out to eat to get full, fart and then dump off the excess about 2-4 hours later.” – And THAT is why I love me some Zzub Trip Report.

    “I'm no fan of The Olive Garden” – Olive Garden was one of those places I loved as a kids, but grew out of over time. I recently discovered a small hole-in-the-wall, family run Italian joint a few miles from our house. They have dishes I’ve never even seen any where else, and they server best bread I’ve ever wrapped my lips upon. Since eating there, I haven’t been able to bring myself to return to the Garden

    “"More steak?" The answer to that question is always yes!” – And that’s why ‘Ohana is on the docket for the epic return O’Biscuit this summer.

  9. Can I just say, I LOVE your blog... when the rules are removed, you are more freaking funny! I didn't think that was even possible.
    I am now adding Ohana to my list of where to eat.... I'm looking for all the places that still allow me to clog my arteries at will. I love me some meat, and that banana bread pudding sounds intriguing.
    Keep it coming Zzub!!

  10. Zzub...have to disagree with you on Coronado Springs it's our favorite mod resort love the pool but I do love me some banana bread pudding!!! Dinner at Ohana was one of our favorite meals last year. yum yum

  11. I miss the ability to block quote. Makes it harder to comment on things people posted. So I apologize in advance if I don't respond to everything.

    Doug65: I have no clue who you are, but your comment made me laugh hard. Good show.

    DisneyNutMary: there are only a few words I couldn't use on the message boards that I actually do use in real life. ZZUB ain't vulgar but I ain't PC either. I never understood how white trash was considered racist, though.

    GB: I hope you enjoy Ohana and it doesn't disappoint you. I hestitate to give something a strong endorsement b/c I don't want someone's expectations to be raised too high. I will say that we flat out loved the place and all of us agreed it was the best meal of our trip. We stared to squeeze in a 2d visit but opted against it only b/c we didn't want to miss out on Trails End.

    Frick: if it makes you feel any better, I've always thought you were white trash.

    Brandt: I made an interesting discovery watching season one of WW last week. I'll have to elaborate further one day for the benefit of you and Ashclan.


  12. Those of you who clicked the response box with "why bother," that's full on funny.

    CherylisGrammy, remind me again who you are on the Disboards.

    Kat: if CS is your favorite mod, then it's time to save your money and stay at the All Stars. CS is a cesspool.


  13. CherylisGrammy= Grammyoftwo.

    All I'm going to say about your comment to me is it takes one to know one.

    And it made me laugh. But then again, I am high.

    I had no idea that so many people think Olive Garden is lame. I live in the country and the only other Italian we have here is Provino's, Ci Ci's and Chef Boy R D.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. I tried to post a picture but it didn't work. What do you choose from photobucket to post a picture here? URL, HTML, IMG?

  16. Olive Garden is on my global ignore list. I have not set foot in one in a decade.

    "better than Butter Grilled Pound Cake"


    Tutto Italia is yummy, and I'm not just talking about the waiters. The reason it is/was a walk up is because it just opened and isn't listed in any guidebooks yet.

    So is 'Redneck' a banned on the DIS too? I guess there is an easy way to find out.

  17. BORG on Doug65 making me laugh out loud. That was FOFF, dude. Whoever you are.

    I have been looking forward to Tutto Italia ever since my girls had their heavenly lunch over there during the meet. Frick, was that the picture you were trying to post? You must figure that out. That was a GREAT picture!! I have hear wonderful things about the lasagne, too. Not as wonderful as what I heard about the waiters, but still. I need to try it out and hope my dampened enthusiasm due to the Olive Garden comparison (been once, hated it) doesn't ruin my meal now.

    Ohana was yum in September. And I also looovvved that banana bread pudding. And I hate bananas. And pudding. So that tells you something. Not sure what. But something.

    Don't let Grammy fool you, BTW. She is not white trash. A redneck maybe. But not white trash ;)

    Frick, drug yourself up and REST girl! You need to be in partying shape for the holidays.....

    ZZUB, what did you notice on WW, Season One? That Josh ALSO wanted to be a ballerina when he was 4? That Mrs. Landingham looks remarkably like your 1st grade teacher? Or that Leo really IS the butler? Spill.

  18. The Original White Trash sad:

    It has a nice kind of atmosphere. But when you're hot and you've got kids with you, it feels kind of awkward to be in there.

    My husband might say the same about Victoria's Secret.

    Dude. First of all, let me just say that after reading the latest installment of the trip report that's not a trip report so much as it is a blog, that I am SO DADGUM JEALOUS!

    Seriously jealous.

    Over the snow. We hardly ever get snow down here. And after parts of our state got a dusting last week, I've been having serious snow envy. So the fact that you were able to play in it and enjoy the scenery is just one more reason why you suck in my book.

    But enough about you.

    What's up with the hatin' on Coronado Springs and Olive Garden?! Don't be a hater, ZZUB. Or a player. Or a baller. Whatever that is. Cue Frick with the explanation.

    I suppose Olive Garden is a matter of taste and while I do like it, I'd still take Carraba's over it any day of the week. Because Carraba's is the new Olive Garden dontcha know? But Coronado Springs rocks. IT ROCKS, ZZUB! I admit the decor is not necessarily what I'd choose but the place is absolutely gorgeous at night. It really is. And the food choices there make the POR food court look like a snack cart at the MK. Don't knock it unless you've tried it, ZZUB. That's all I'm saying.

    That and also this: I'm telling Buzz2001 on you.


    Here's a tip that won't cost you anything. Next time you see fit to confess your undying love for EPCOT at night how 'bout you try following that up with some actual photos of EPCOT at night? Instead of photos of EPCOT at day? We all know you're no Nicolemarie. But you ain't foolin' anybody with those, ZZUB. Not unless they're just overexposed.

    Like Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise.

    Which, BTW, is my official write in vote for the whole 15 minutes of fame poll. Because if I have to see another picture of the two of them, I'll be forced to poke things in ZZUB's eyeballs.

    I knew it was the bread pudding. Isn't it ALWAYS the bread pudding?


    PS. Grammy: LATTL...TNME=DED!!!
    PSS. I wanna know who Doug65 is. He's really funny.

  19. Oh.

    And one more thing.

    Why are you acting all surprised that we're picking the sarcastic choices for your little polls? We're just pushing the envelope here.

    By trying to rack up points for sarcasm.

  20. (((I don't go out to eat to feel a part of a community. I go out to eat to get full, fart and then dump off the excess about 2-4 hours later.)))

    Yet another ZZUB image burned into my brain. (I mourn the lack of emoticons here. I can think of about 4 that apply.)

    But I do agree with you on the bread pudding (and everything else) at Ohana. It was the bomb diggity! But my kids did NOT like Ohana so it may be some time before I return.

    Although I quite enjoy the way it looks like Obama. Heh.


  21. Glad to see that you've found this blog to be such a liberating experience. We can finally be treated to the real ZZUB, not the Disboards sanitized version.

    Not that I'm keeping score or anything, but let's review who/what we've disparaged so far in this chapter.

    The Coral Reef
    Defense Secretary Gates
    Katie Couric
    Chandra why bother?
    The Olive Garden
    The Polynesian
    Glenn & Lori (my you're a good friend)
    Auburn University

    Quite an impressive list.

    I'd like to nominate you for Ambassador to the United Nations in the Obama Administration. I hear they serve banana bread pudding in the cafeteria. NOBOLTON.

  22. WHAT is that smell?! Oh, La2 is in the house. Figures. How about bringing some Oust with you next time?

    DJR: could you BE anymore a Democrat? I did NOT disparage Sec Def Gates. I criticized the man who peed all over him and then said, "I'll keep you around." NOHillary.

    I also didn't disparage Glenn and Lori. They were late. It's objectively true. And they knew they were late. And felt bad about it. As they should.

    And Chandra? Well the best thing that ever happened to her was us giving her a nickname. If anyone ever talked to her at all, she probably asked them to call her that.


  23. I forgot to add this: La2: that was EPCOT at dusk. If you wanted to make fun of the pictures, then you should have pointed out that they were of Future World (Tomorrowland if you're GA)not World Showcase. But you probably didn't even know there was a difference, did you?


  24. La, Yo Yo homegirl... a baller is a thug who has made it to the big time. A player is a male who is skilled at manipulating ("playing") others. I know a player round these Disney parts, but it aint Zzub. He is skilled at farting and that is about it. The only baller I know is Mel.

    Word to your mother.

  25. Great to see you back writing again ZZub! We love us some Ohana--NOOBAMA! And the bread pudding is delish!

    Sorry to say that we do like the Polynesian--NOPOLY. Though housekeeping could use some help there!

    Can't wait to see what else you have to write about. I'm with La2 about the snow envy. We rarely get snow in VA except a dusting now and then.

  26. Alright, now I want to know what you noticed on WW season one. Because I just finished it for the umpteenth time. Curious minds (Well, Ash and I) want to know.

  27. Another lurker from the boards glad to have found you. As an MD from FL I would not normally admit to enjoying the discourse of a lawyer, but having God, Family and Disney as priorities in my life too, I was immediately hooked by your TR's. When Monday came and went with no update, I was disappointed. Tuesday and a search showed no threads whatsoever, I had to investigate. Thanks to MrsTheKings TR found a link. Many Thanks for continuing on...Zmom (my own Z not you)

  28. Anonymous ZMom, welcome! I'm glad you found my new home.

    Ash and Brandt (and any other WestWingers out there): Y'all may have caught this before me but I just discovered this the other day. I'm re-watching Season One as I work out on the eliptical.

    You recall the gal, Karen, who worked for the VP but then got moved to personnel and leaked Leo's file to Lillianfield? (even I'm making fun of me at this point) It was that leak which set up the whole brouhaha over Leo's drug and alcohol problem (Hi Mel!)

    Now then, I think I discovered a connection I'd never noticed before. A few episodes earlier, Leo tells the VP in essence not to mess with him. The VP is pissed off.

    We know that Karen worked for the VP and wanted to do something for him. That's why she leaked Leo's file. It wasn't b/c her dad was also an alcoholic, that was just her justification. But one could imagine the VP coming back to his office from the argument with Leo, complaining about it to his staff and then Karen taking it on herself to do something to help him. Or maybe the VP aware of her new job responsibilities in personnel asked her to keep her eyes open. We know he's opportunistic.

    If you got there ahead of me, that's no big surprise. I'm dense.

    If you're thinking, "man, he's waaaaaaaaay over thought this thing," I'm in agreement. It's a TV show. But when you're on the eliptical and you've already watched something, then your mind is left to fill in the boredom. And I like to fill in backstories and imagine what happens that we don't see.

    And we discover yet another reason y'all will only ever know me as ZZUB.


  29. Amused to see your report here. Keep going!

  30. Okay, first of all, Freaky watching WW on the eliptical Borg. I have all seven seasons on DVD, and will ONLY allow myself to watch if I am working out on the eliptical. If I worked out as often as I should, I would be on my second or third round of the series instead of only the third season.

    Second of all, I can't believe I'm going to jump into this nerdiest of all nerd discussions, but you should remember that the VP is a fellow "Friend of Bill's" He was opportunistic, for sure, but I don't think that's a line he would cross. Karen may have been trying to "help him out" by ratting on Leo, but IMHO she acted alone without the VP's encouragement. BTW, I recall that the actress who played her was familiar to me, but now can't remember. Was it the chick from 24? I am up to season 3 or 4, so I'm forgetting......but I remember knowing her when I watched it earlier this year.

    Now I think I may have to think up a new screenname. Too many people know my true identity and I may have disgraced myself beyond repair after that lil discourse.

    OH, and LaLa? That Victoria Secret line was FOFF to the nth degree. You are a funny funny girl.

  31. Zzub,

    Man, you seriously hate the Olive Garden!

    We go occassionally and I have found that they have 2 things on their menu which I adore.

    1)Peach "bellini" Tea (yeah the name is lame and it confuses the college student servers into bringing you the wrong drink - nearly every time you want to order a real Bellini)

    2) Zuppa Toscana soup, I can and have made that my meal.

    I think I could count on one hand the number of Italian restaurants in this cowtown, so there isn't much to choose from.

    Now, if you want a yummy cheesesteak and some good football next time you find yourself stuck in cowtown, just give me a call. I can hook you up with a cheesesteak made with slices of tasty prime rib, and some sportage of your choice!

    Victoria's Secret. I'm the one that gets uncomfortable if I go in there with hubby. Fortunately, my hubby is the kind of guy that doesn't and he doesn't mind asking the sales people for their help in my absence. I am positive that is why I opened a beautifully decorated box from their store one Christmas, dreading the thought that it may be some uncomfortable bustier or maybe Mel's red thong, only to find a "softer that butter grilled poundcake" terry spa robe, embroidered with the their logo. "Yep, he's good. I can tell."

    Now that I have drudged up thongs and other such nonsense, my work here is done-ish. For now.

  32. Hey I think the Olive Garden is pretty good, of course I always get the Soup, Slad and Breadstick lunch, so maybe the rest does suck a rotten canole? Now, I have discovered a place called Cinzetti's, so the days of Olive Garden may be over for good!

    Z' I am suprised you dont like the Polynesian! For some reason, when I think of disney I just always associate it with that resort, to which I have no rational explanation!

  33. At this point, I'm sorry I asked.

    Ash, I don't know if you've watched it, but she was on Gilmore Girls. (Now I'M sneaking away in shame).

  34. Brandt, I think it's safe to assume I can speak for all of us when I say we're ALL sorry you asked.

    Good afternoon nurse!

    Hey ZZUB. Maybe next you can treat us to each and every possible thought process that you could ever possibly have as you ponder why Sue Ellen's sister REALLY shot J.R.

    I'm thinking that would be good.

    I suppose if you want to call those pictures of Epcot "dusk", I'll let you. Just this once. But only because it's your blog. But I'd like to go on record as saying it's way too obvious. I say you set yourself up for the posting of those so called "dusk" pictures. You saw you didn't have any decent pictures of Epcot at night(and who does?) so you went back and added the whole "dusk" thing in to try to make it fit.

    You know you did.

    And so do I.

    Ash, love ya mean it sister! And Frick, I'm DED that you broke it down! Just like I knew you would.

    Word to ya mutha.

    Peace out.

  35. I'm with you, La. Those are NOT pictures of Epcot at dusk. They are obviously Epcot at rope drop. I can tell by the way the sun is shining on the Epcot ball. DUH.

    You know, I sure wish I knew Glenn and Lori. Because I'd send them a link to this stinkin' blog and let them defend themselves from their "so-called" friend ZZUB. I guarantee you they were fashionably late (one to two minutes) or your watch was wrong. Or both.

    But can I just say I TOTALLY called Ohana? It's a good time. And the bread pudding is an even BETTER time. If you can save stomach space after all the meat. Good NIGHT at the meat! I knew you'd love it, and I'd like the record to show that I was right. Even if it was after the fact.

    Great installment, ZZUB. I don't like not being able to multi-quote, nor do I like that I can't post a picture of my big toe for your files. But the blog is cool and I'm glad you started it.

    Only one question remains...where the HECK is Mel?

  36. Hey my LaLa!!!!

    I missed your little post up there.

    I also forgot to comment on a couple of other things in this latest installment. Where ZZUB was hating on my two favorite Disney resorts.


    And I call it the Poly, too. And it's terribly hard for me to remember to call it the PolyNESIAN when I'm giving Disney advice to non-Disney geek friends.

    And BC/YC are awesome, too. How could you NOT love Stormalong Bay? Or walking to the World Showcase? Or watching the Boardwalk all lit up at night?

    Dude. You gotta get out more.

    There's a big ole World out there for you to experience.

  37. In keeping with the thme of favorite desserts, I just ran across this post. (Talking about California Grill)

    "Today was the day I discovered that my favorite dessert in all the World is no more. Let’s have a moment of silence for the Pinnacle of Dessert Perfection, the Banana Butterscotch Buzz Buzz Buzz. Strangely named dessert of cool dreamy butterscotch brulee nestled on perfectly crispy thin pastry layers with caramelized bananas of succulent sweetness all around, I will dream of you often. I am normally a no holds barred chocolate kind of girl, but this luscious concoction was was the Supreme Being from the Dessert Planet. "

    Maybe you could find the recipe online for Mrs Zzub not to make, like BGPC?

    Backstage Gal

  38. AACK, I miss the editing feature too!

  39. I feel like putting on my best WalMart jeans that are two sizes too small, slipping into my Bama or Bust t-shirt and tying it in a knot in the back, spritzing myself with my best bottle of Lady Stetson and going to the Olive Garden for some Boone's Farm and fried Ravioli.

  40. Don't be hatin' on the fried ravioli Frick. That's some good eatin' right there.

  41. Ash! There is nothing but love here for the fried ravioli, nothing but love. And I'm not high today either.
    I think I will have me some five cheese Ziti too with extra Parmesean cheese.

  42. I cannot POSSIBLY be the only one that caught the bald man's typo?????

    And. As much as I do love me some Polynesian, I don't EVER call it the Poly.

    Somehow Poly seems mathematical.

    To me.

    And we ALL know how special math is.

    To me.

    Oh, and I'm pretty comfy around Victoria's Secret. But I'm guessing that's no secret. To anyone.

    Including Victoria.

  43. Plus, I'm kinda sorta lovin' the Wilderness Lodge as of late.


    I'd never call it just the Lodge.



  44. Oh, but I do call Pop Century Pop.

  45. Sher -

    You MUST be talking about "ruffage."

    I was DED, but I thought I'd let it go. But since you brought it up. ZZUB!!! R-o-u-g-h-a-g-e.

    It's all good, though, ZZUB. You keep bringin' the funny, and we'll keep bringin' the spell check.

    NM out.

  46. Where else but a Zzub TR can one find a detailed analysis of TV poli-drama, a discourse on the wanton use of the word Poly, accolades for fried pasta, and the proper spelling of roughage. It almost brings a tear to my eye….either that or the burrito I had at lunch is talking.

  47. White trash and banana Pudding. That is one heck of a chapter to pull off.

    The pudding is my favorite of the two.

    It was more of a cake though, wasn't it. And I think they were serving it in The Electric Umbrella.

  48. I've had the banana bread pudding. It's the main reason were going back to Disney World in '09

  49. The term white trash is rude because it implies that people of color are already trash, hence the need to specify the "white" part.

    I certainly support your right to say it or anything else for that matter, but I just thought I'd add my perspective.

  50. I'm not sure why they made a point of telling us she used to work for Hoynes (NOVicePresidentOtter), except to imply some connection to her actions. But would Hoynes do that in light of his own alcoholism?