Monday, February 7, 2011

Bein' All Laid Back

by NicoleMarie

I’m pretty sure it takes a great amount of skill to be as slack about this trip report as I’ve been. As always, after the first few installments, the real world comes storming into the picture – busier than ever and determined to derail my efforts to finish this trip report.

But I am back in the conductor’s seat, blowing the whistle and rollin’ full force down the track.

For today, anyway.

Because it’s a nasty, rainy Monday morning in Macon, Georgia.

And what else to do I have to do but sit at my computer and write about a hot summer vacation in Walt Disney World?

Don’t answer that. Especially if you’re my husband.

So as has become custom when the trip report installments are about two months apart, let me get you up to speed.

We’ve driven down to Orlando without a clue as to where we’ll stay on the first night of the vacay. We ended up choosing the Hilton at Bonnet Creek and loved it. The next morning, we rolled into WDW and went directly to the IG gateway entrance at Epcot, where I met my smokin’ hot friend, LaLa, and her family, for the first time. It was a trip highlight FO SHO. After meeting the LaLas and gettin’ our inagural ride on Soarin’, we drove over to Kidani Village and checked into our 2BR villa. We “oohed” and “aahed” just like a redneck family from Macon, Georgia should. We took in Illuminations that night, said goodbye to ToonTown in MK the next day, and in my last installment, I told you about how the NMs prepared for summer by participating in the Disney Give A Day program.


Now you’re up to speed.

And where do we go from here? The topic for today is “Bein’ All Laid Back”. At Disney World. Even though there’s so much to do with four parks and two water parks and putt putt golf and resorts to explore and Downtown Disney and you could never do it all despite the fact that you’re there for ten days and eleven nights so you want to stay moving the whole time so you can get everything in.

Take a breath. Yes, that was meant to be a run-on sentence.

Because much like that sentence had no commas or semi-colons, or anything else that means “slow down a minute”, neither have most of our prior Disney vacations. And you know what? We TOTALLY wanted it to be that way. That’s how we roll. That’s what the NMs like. A fun vacation with lots to do.

But when you have 50 years worth of DVC points in your future, something just all of a sudden feels different about your Disney trip. You kinda get a “if we don’t see it this time, we’ll see it next time” mentality. Because you know there's a next time, (Lord willing) and it’s coming soon. So the next thing you know, sleeping in and missing a rope drop, or renting bicycles at Ft. Wilderness, or bailing on the evening plans for a night in the villa and a “free” movie from the DVC movie library, sounds as much fun as stockpiling FastPasses and dining with characters and standing with the crowds to watch Illuminations.

OK. I lie.

There is NEVER a time that riding a bike or sleeping or watching a movie will be better than watching Illuminations.

But you get the point.

We had been in the World for only a day and a half when we came upon our first “no plan” day in the itinerary. The first opportunity to “be all laid back.” And just like a typical NM, my DH woke up, brought me some coffee from Jahori Treasures, and immediately asked, “What’s the plan for the day?”

Dangit! We’ve failed at being laid back already, and it’s not even 8 o’clock!

Hmmmmm…that’s a great question. What IS the plan? That question becomes a little hard to answer when the goal is NOT to have a plan. But as we always do, we had several things in our back pocket that we wanted to try. We wanted to do some resort exploring – particularly the food courts because we’re rednecks like that. We wanted to rent bikes and ride around somewhere. We wanted to rent some boats. The possibilities are endless outside of the parks, but still within the Arches. (God forbid a million times we travel outside the Arches.)

So while the kids lazied around in their bedroom - watching TV, playing on their electronics and generally enjoying the fact that they weren’t being told to be dressed and out the door in record time – I logged onto my free internet connection and did some Disney research.

I love doing Disney research ANYTIME. But usually when I research a Disney vacation, I’m sitting at home, sipping coffee from a Disney mug, and wishing I was in the World.

Not today, my friends. Not today.

Today I was logged on from my villa at Kidani Village, and whatever activity my research led us to, was going to happen within hours. It was a dadgum good way to start the day.

Several possibilities were tossed around as we hung out, sipped coffee, watched TV, and I read my research aloud to anyone who would listen. But riding bikes at Ft. Wilderness was deemed the favorite option.

And thus, the plan for the day was born.

We would get dressed, take our car to one of the moderate resorts to try out the food court, (again she waves the redneck flag!) and after lunch, we’d drive over to Ft. Wilderness to rent some bikes.

Did we enjoy it? Did we feel like we’d missed out on the park action by taking a day off? Or did that set the tone for the rest of the vacation, and prove to us that we’d FINALLY entered a new phase in Disney vacations?

Stay tuned. Details at 11…


  1. Am I first? I suppose that depends on how fast I type. First off, good to see you NM! Thanks for the re-cap! I like that you had a laid back day. I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out. Bike riding at FW sounds like it has the potential to be nifty. Oh, and there ain’t nothing wrong with stalking the food courts.

  2. You call THAT an update?

    What the crap?!

    Let me recap: you got up, you got on the internet, you read a little bit. How is that any different than any other day of the year, Miss Nicolemarie?! I want details and I want 'em now, woman!

    I did like the part where you met us though. Again. Because it IS all about us. The smokin' hot part is the pot calling the kettle black though. You seriously could not BE any hotter. Matter of fact, that sounds like a good title for a photo.

    I know you're busy as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs so I'll let this one slide but I'm ready for some action and some one of a kind NM photos in the next one, chick. Until then, I suppose TnL will have to suffice.

    Or not.

    Love ya, mean it!

  3. Good grief! It took me, like forever, to get through all of these comments!

    I'm cracking up at the "laid back NMs" who failed being laid back before 8:00.

    Why did you haul all the way to Ft. Wilderness to bike ride? Couldn't you have done that at whatever mod you had lunch at?

    And are y'all trying to say you couldn't be any hotter? B/c if you're opening that can . . .


  4. ZZUB sad:

    And are y'all trying to say you couldn't be any hotter? B/c if you're opening that can . . .

    Translation: "Me three!"

    Yes we know you could not BE any hotter either, ZZUB. We've ALL seen the photo several times. The hairy arms. The ketchup and fries. The 1986 class ring. All of it just SCREAMS hotness. In an 'Uncle Rico living too much in 86' kinda way.

    The good thing about having a dead blog? Not as much scrolling. There's a silver lining behind every cloud, people.

  5. It's not dead. It's just pining for the fjords.

  6. I'm DED - much like the blog - at our comments being the only ones here! I need to go call some of my peeps in other places and see if they can resurrect me. I ain't too proud to beg, sweet darlin'.

    ZZUB is as hot as a lit match.

    He knows it, and we know it.

  7. NM - I'm here. Sorry, lots happening which prevented me (us) from stopping by.

    Laid back at WDW ...Bahahahahaha!

    I say it can't be done.

    Take last weekend.

    I enjoyed the new chapter, however it was so laid back, I think I fell asleep. So, more please!

    Happy scolling!

  8. We are all here NM. Just busy cleaning up after the Super Bowl party.

    Is it really even possible to be laid back at The World? Always a goal, never actually attained. Until, perhaps, your next update...hmmm.

  9. First of all, if you're going to keep it up with the cliffhangers, you've got to update more often, woman. Second of all, yes, laid back at WDW can be done. Try, for example, getting frickin' (NOF) SICK while you're there. On second thought, don't. It was not fun. Still isn't. BUT...Grand Floridian - club level, baybee - can also be pretty dang relaxing and laid back. Pool bar service, "free" hors d'oeuvres and champagne in the lounge pre-dinner (or...for dinner), snacks at most any point, and concierge staff at your beck and call. Niiiice.

    I'm sorry. I just made this post all about me. But you didn't give me all that much to work with, y'know? Glad your man got you coffee and the kids got to watch some tv in the villa. DVC free internet rocks. Can't wait to hear about the bike ride :)

  10. Notashotasshethinkssheis wrote, "The 1986 class ring."

    It's 1991. I graduated college in 1991.

    "Pining for the fjords?" That's just full on funny.


  11. All y'all, just got a Goggle Blog account thingy-ma-bob. So now I can have a cool as all get out Icon and link like y'all. Hopefully it works with this post. All this computer age technology is giving me a headache. I know, "Welcome to the 20th century".

    6 days until Bay Tower check in Baby!! I am going to try out that new fangled "Laid back at WDW" that NM is talking about. It would be nice if she posted again before next Wednesday with the results of the bike trip. No pressure NM...

  12. Pssst...Uncle Goofy, click the tab that says "NM: Live in the World." It'll hook you up with a FEW deets. But don't tell anyone else. I'm trying to keep that trip report mystique going. Heh heh.

    6 days until BLT???? SUH-WEET!!!! Have a blast!

    Ash, girl, I am so sorry you're sick. I woke up this morning - and I swear this is true even if it sounds odd - thinking that I wanted to send you a PM to check on you. I hate that you've been so sick. Isn't that weird? Why would I have thought of my girl Ash as my first thought of the day? Not that that would be a bad thing...bit admittedly odd. And yes, club level at the GF is awesome. We only stayed there for two nights, and we weren't Disney geek enough to fully appreciate it, but it rocked even then.

    Hi YAK!!! Thanks for stopping by!

  13. Awww, NM, you are a sweetie. Thanks for thinking of me. I am finally starting to feel a bit better. Happy it's almost the weekend.

    Uncle Goofy, have a great time at the BLT! Check out the TOTW lounge. I hear it's awesome, and their flatbreads are to die for.

    I think this blog needs some PR.

  14. I think this blog needs some CPR.

    Uncle Goofy, have a great time in Disney World. But don't spit off the balcony. They frown on that kind of thing. Apparently.


  15. Okay, I'm LOVING this day already! And could really go for one about now, so I'll just live vicariously through your description... it IS coming, right? ;)

  16. Zzub said "Notashotasshethinkssheis" I read this as 'not a shot...' and couldn't figure out why you would be over here cussing on NM's post. shame shame.

    NM!!!! Being all laid back in the World huh! I can't wait to hear what the day cooked up for you. I tried to be all laid back in the World whenever there was a huge lightening/thunder/severe rain storm on our last night of May 2009 trip. But, I ended up throwing the Mickey ponchos on the family and told them not to touch any metal and we plowed through Epcot one last time with Mr. Frick asking "are you insane woman?" and slapping me with his eyes.

    Can't wait to hear how you rocked the laid back day!