Monday, January 10, 2011


We're all Oregon fans now!  If Bama can't beat the best QB money can buy, hopefully the Pac 10 Champs can.

Is anyone going to update this blog soon with a new chapter of their Trip Report or is this place going to become as stale as the rolls I was served at the Parker House Omni two summers ago?

Shouldn't NM have been by with a weather report by now?


  1. And how 'bout those Seahawks? Man alive!

  2. Now you're just being mean to poor old (and I do mean OLD) LaLa. You know she's probably still in her cups over last night's loss.

  3. Where on earth is CrazayKanga?! She should be here Rolling Ducks with me!

  4. Is this a college football thing? I have no. clue.


  5. All I know is....Auburn won. So, in other words, ZZUB's backed yet another loser.

    Get behind the NE Patriots, Z. It's your only hope. Though I do feel badly for the Saints. Sorry La! That was a great game, but I'm sure it was lots better if you were a Seahawks fan.

    NM is buried in snow and childrenathome. The weather report is this....Southerners can't handle a lil snow and ice. Not that they should be able to. Just sayin'

    We in the Northeast are bracing to get about three times what Atlanta got. The weather geeks are all aflutter. I'm just hoping my husband fixes our snowblower in time. This mama don't shovel. No way no how.

  6. The title sounded like a zany menu item at a dim sum place. Duck roll anyone??

    I am officially an Alabama fan for at least a few months after watching them completely and totally humiliate the Spartans :) Thank you Tide!! Made my Wolverine's sucky performance a little easier to take - at least we didn't lose as badly as Michigan State.

  7. And how 'bout those Seahawks? Man alive!


    (and I do mean OLD)


    If 'still in her cups' means 'hasn't taken the Saints wreath off the front door because she's still in denial that what was supposed to be the TWO DAT season has ended prematurely with a crushing loss to the 7-9 Seahawks' then YES, I'm still in my cups.

    I'm not old though.

    Unless 40 is the new 60. In which case you're pushing 86. And three quarters.

    At least Ash is showing me and my Saints some love though. Yall be careful in that weather, girl. If your man can't locate the snowblower, we could always send ZZUB your way. He'd melt everything in sight with all that hot air of his.

    Nevermind. I care about you WAY too much for that. Can you imagine the atmospheric repercussions?

    I know what you mean about Southerners not being able to stand the cold though. We're expecting a hard freeze tonight and the temps have been steadily dropping all afternoon. I literally RAN to my car after work today. No snow, no ice, no sleet, no nothing. But my butt was getting out of that cold weather just as fast as my legs would take me.

    Although Auburn is SEC, I was rooting for Oregon last night as well. I wouldn't go so far as to yell ROLL DUCKS ROLL though. Sounds like sushi.



    PS. GO..STATE. GO STATE!!!! We may not have bought Cam Newton (NOAUBURN) but we did end up having a kick butt season.

  8. It was difficult, but I had to hold my nose and root for Auburn last night...SEC and all that. Besides how scary is a Duck?! I mean really. It is just about the only mascot in the entire country that is less scary than a Gamecock. As much as we dress it up, a chicken is still a chicken. (I can't believe I just admitted that. Please don't tell Spurrier!!)

    Good Grief, they just announced the schools are closed AGAIN tomorrow!! That is 3 straight days due to 1 storm. We have severe kidsathomeitis.

  9. Ashclan wrote, "So, in other words, ZZUB's backed yet another loser."

    Another loser? Since Alabama beat the living crap out of Mich State and since Alabama won the National Championship last year and currently owns 13 such titles, I fail to see which previous loser I've backed.

    Unless you mean butter grilled pound cake (RIP) which I loved so much and then watched as it was brutally removed from the menu?

    Or do you mean my internet association with NM, La2 (not to be confused with the newish Disboard creation Lah Lah) and GB? They're annoying, but I'd hardly call them losers.


  10. Well, I know next to nothing about college football, but since your ramblings were related to rolling Ducks instead of Tide, I figured it was a safe assumption that Bama had LOST at some point during the post-season. Hence....losers.

    My New England weather report: We are buried in snow. It's pretty, but also a PITA. I'm just hoping that gets all of the extreme weather out of the way so all will go smoothly for the next MAELSTROM meet in 3 weeks....

    Who's next on the TR chapter train? Huh? I tire so easily of the football talk. Besides, you know what it says in Leviticus 11:7, and I haven't seen any gloves out there on the field.

  11. Ashclan, Leviticus was written BEFORE God invented football. That is why it is in the OLD Testament.

  12. Ten weeks later, the ducks are STILL rolling. What's up with that?!

    Who's in charge of this dump heap anyway? If I didn't know better, I'd think whoever it is is taking a leave of absence. Or fawning over JLo, flirting with Steven Tyler and begging to go to Hollywood.

  13. It is getting a might musty around here.