Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Battle for my Wallet VII: Lost and Found

Chapter Four: I Found a Hair

One thing I really like about the Contemporary Resort is how easy it is to get to the Magic Kingdom. You walk out of your room, down the hall, hop an elevator, walk to an escalator, ride up a floor and voila. You’re in your first line of the day.

Easy peasy.

Whatever that means.

The park was opening at 8:00 that morning and we were boarding the Monorail at 7:30. And on that morning, the Monorails were running smoothly and quickly. Something which wasn’t happening a few days later. As we approached the platform from the escalator, a Monorail was coming into the station. I noticed the front was empty. I wondered to myself if we were going to score the front on our very first Monorail ride. But there were about 15 people in front of us. Surely one of them is going to snake us for it.

Honk if you know what happens next.

I can hear you in Macon, GA.

I can hear you in Boston, MA.

I can hear you in Biscuitville, TX. But that might just be the beans you had for lunch.

I watched with some trepidation as the folks in front of us moved onto the Monorail and not one of them asked for the front. I was harshly critical of them in my head, “Idiots! They could have had the front all the way around the Seven Seas Lagoon. So dumb.” Realizing I could still get snaked, and like the full on Disney knowitall I am, I leaned over the rail as we moved towards the entrance and I asked the CM if we could ride in front.

He quite literally snarled at me.

“We don’t do that anymore.”

I realized the reason why quickly and confirmed, “Because of the accident?”

“Yeah,” he said with unnecessary disdain.

Excuse me for not having been in WDW since the accident.

But truthfully, I was less embarrassed by that exchange and more embarrassed that I had been out Disney nerded by the 15 people ahead of me in line. I can only hope they were some of you.

Anyway, we got on the Monorail. We had our first “por favor mantengase,” and we were off to the MK.

One thing that annoys the cuss out of me is mechanical application of rules. Stupidly following the rules without stopping to consider why the rule exists or whether it could be amended without, you know, going to jail.

It was a morning EMH at MK. We came down the Monorail ramp and split up to go through security. Why? Because having not been in WDW in 2 years, I quite literally had no clue what I was doing.

There. I’ve admitted it.

I thought we could save some time by going in separately. Mrs. Z would take the kids and the bags and go through security. I would walk straight in to go rent a stroller for Li’l Z. As far as I knew, they were where they always were, on the right in front of the train station. I told Mrs. Z to go through the turnstiles and go all the way to the right and meet me in front of stroller rental.

So I come walking down the ramp at Disney Pace and smugly walked through the no-bag line and headed to the far right turnstiles. Marveling at my beautiful plan. Everything going swimmingly. Only when I got down to the far end, I didn’t notice the signage said, “Breakfast” or something like that. I got in line behind a handful of people and this little CM, we’ll call her Ricki Rules-Rule, asks me if I had a reservation for breakfast. I said, “No, we’re here for EMH.” Only I actually said it out. I didn’t verbally abbreviate. I don’t work for NASA.

Would that I did though.

She said, “I’m sorry, you need to go over there.” She gestured towards the completely mobbed turnstiles. I showed her my Key to the World of High Prices and Endless Aggravation and said, “Ma’am I’m here for EMH,”

She said, “The park isn’t open yet. This line is only for people who have breakfast reservations.”

Two things to bear in mind: it was 5 minutes until 8:00 and, in fact, the other turnstiles were passing people in. So the park was, in a word, open. But Ricki Rules-Rule would not budge. So I walked over to the sea of sweaty humanity in humidity and made my way through. As I stood there, silently steaming, I was reminded why we shouldn’t give clipboards and turnstile control to people making minimum wage. Ms. Rules-Rule is clearly training for a job with the TSA.

Once inside the turnstiles, I made my way to where I thought I could rent a stroller only to discover it wasn’t there. I asked a CM where the stroller rental deal was and she told me under the train station. But they weren’t letting anyone in yet. The train had just pulled into the station and they started the oh-so-annoying welcome show. I pulled out my phone to text Mrs. Z when I saw her walking my way. We watched the opening show and I considered how annoyed I was by Ricki Rules-Rule and then I thought better of it. It was the first morning of the first day.

She was just doing her job and all that. I purposed in my heart to not allow myself to be annoyed so quickly. Dumb things are gonna happen. Don’t let it steal my joy. The sixth floor isn’t a bad view after all.

You know why you don’t pray for patience, right?

You also shouldn’t purpose not to allow yourself to be annoyed by dumb people in Disney World. Because a test is gonna come. And right quickly at that.

The welcome show ended and we moved through the tunnel behind a lot of other people. I was stuck behind a very slow moving woman wearing mom shorts.  And the faint smell of maple syrup. I was blinded by the white of her legs. Her fanny pack was festooned with pins and whathaveyou. I didn’t see it, but I was sure she had a lime green Mickey head on her somewhere. Bonnie Budgetboard was moving slowly. But I was determined not to aggressively move around her. She was walking in that way large women do.  Kind of waddling.  Although it was only a few minutes after 8:00 in the morning, I could hear her thighs chafing. Her large lady waddle prevented a horde of us from getting around her in the tunnel.  Unfortunately, she was headed the same direction I was, and I remained behind her in line for the strollers.

It was as if she just decided in that instant that she was going to rent a stroller. She didn’t know what they cost. She didn’t know if she wanted a double or a single. She needed to know the price if she rented it for 6 days. No, 5. No, 7. No just 6. “What if I need a stroller in EPCOT?” “Do I get a dollar back if I return the stroller?” “What happens if I lose the stroller?”

I was actually amused by this spectacle. A long line was forming behind me and Bonnie Budgetboard was comparison shopping. I wouldn’t have been surprised if she got on her phone and called Orlando Stroller Rentals. I knew I was being tested.

But the test had only begun.

And before you shout, “Hypocrite!” I knew I wanted a stroller, knew how much it cost, knew what size I wanted and I knew there was no $1 back if I returned it. I just didn’t know they moved the rental location.

So the CM gives her the total and Bonnie asks if she can pay with a gift card. Or 7. She whipped out a stack of gift cards thicker than the stack of Mickey shaped waffles she ate for breakfast. I surmised that she put aside money for the trip by buying Disney gift cards in $50 increments. Nothing wrong with that I suppose. Only, she didn’t bother to consolidate the cards. I was incredulous.

But I was NOT going to get annoyed.

Or was I?

Mercifully, another CM opened a second register and I walked up and said, “Single stroller, 6 days, please.” I handed her my KTTW and she said, “thank you. Boy you did that real fast. Like you knew exactly what you were doing.” I said, “I had some time to think about it.” She laughed knowingly and glanced furtively towards her co-worker who was still swiping Bonnie’s various gift cards.

She handed me my pink stroller certificates and a receipt and then she realized she’d only charged me for five instead of six. So she had to void the transaction and start over. Because she couldn’t just charge me for another day. And then after she voided the transaction and swiped my card two more times, someone told her she should have just charged me for the extra day.

Then the stamp wouldn’t work. Well it did work, only she stamped the wrong date. I said, “no problem, I’m picking it up here, it’ll be ok. Just tell the lady you stamped it with yesterday’s date.”


She had to stamp it correctly. Only every time she adjusted the stamp, she adjusted everything but the date. She changed the month. She changed the year. She changed the 1 to a 2. But she couldn’t get the actual date correct.

I suggested she pull the register journal.

She was un-amused.

Imagine that.

Eventually, she got me all stamped up and I headed around Bonnie Budgetboard’s butt and grabbed my stroller.

It was now 12:31.

Only it wasn’t.

Properly strollered up, we walked right down the middle of Mainstreet, USA. As we neared the castle forecourt, I suggested we stop and have our picture taken in front of the castle. Mrs. Z turned to me and asked, “Who are you?” You see, I’ve NEVER wanted to stop for such frivolousness before. On the first morning of the first day, ZZUB don’t stop for pictures. But I was overtaken.

We walked up the ramp and through the castle. Little ZZUB was AMAZED! She calls the castle in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, “our castle.” As distinguished from the one in Disneyland. Anytime she sees a Disney castle in a DVD or a picture she’ll ask, “Daddy, is that our castle?” So I thought it was probably important that she get up close to “our castle” on this our first morning of our first day. Walking through the castle she was taken back by it all. It was blowing her mind that we walked right through it and “it’s a real castle!”

To be 3. To imagine things the way you want them to be.

Coming through on the other side, Donald Duck greeted us. All decked out in his frontier clothing. Which was out of context in Fantasyland, but neither of the little Zs seemed to mind. They ran up to hug him and get their picture taken with the Main Duck. We’d been in the MK almost 30 minutes now and hadn’t ridden a ride. And somehow I was okay with this.

Our first ride was up on the left, Peter Pan. But not because ZZUBY wanted to ride it. She’s over the man in tights. Moved on. But Little Z wanted to confirm that Capt. Hook gets his from the crocodile and calls out to Mr. Smee for help.

Last summer in DL, we attended a character breakfast and Capt. Hook showed up. Which scared the mess out of Little Z. We have very funny pictures of her nearly crawling across the table to get away from the Hook. No fan of his is she! Throughout our planning for this trip to WDW, she asked us many times if Hook was going to show up at breakfast. At dinner. I assured her she wouldn’t have to see him anyplace we ate. In fact, the only place she’d see him was in Peter Pan’s ride. Where he’d end up getting eaten by the crocodile and he’d call out, “Help me, Mr. Smee! Help me!” Little Z liked that. “Daddy, can you take me to see Capt. Hook call out, ‘help me Mr. Smee’?” I assured her I would.

So onto Peter Pan’s ride we hopped. I was amused by ZZUBY telling her little sister that the bar was magic and would come down when we told it to. Together we ordered it, “come down, bar!” The ride through Peter Pan is always fun. A touch nostalgic. It’s one of the places in Disney World where I’m five again. In awe of the magic. Just happy.

It smells Disney in there. Have you noticed that? The a/c in Disney World, in the MK attractions especially, have a smell. A pleasing aroma actually. I noticed it a few times at the Contemporary as well. The doors opened and we were greeted with the Disney smell. It’s a smell that evokes a more carefree time.

Sounds. Smells. Music. Things. All carry me back into my head. Flying over the streets of London and over the mountaintops of Neverland, I was next to my mom and dad and my sister and I were watching our tube socks glow in the dark. I showed ZZUBY and Little Z how the white on their clothing was glowing. My pukas too. Peter Pan’s Flight is maybe 2 ½ minutes long, but it carried me back about 37 years. As it usually does.

Little Z got to hear Hook cry out for help from Mr. Smee and I got to spend 2 ½ minutes being little again. We exited to our right and walking out into the too-early-for-it-to-be-so-blinding sun, I turned back to inhale the smell one more time. Trying to burn it into my nasal memory. And now that morning’s ride on Peter Pan’s Flight with my girls is woven together with the other memories I have of Disney World. It’s been added to the fabric of my mind.

It comforts me to think 30 years on, ZZUBY and Li’l Z will again be on Peter Pan’s flight. With their kids. Ordering the magic bar to come down. Shouting with Capt. Hook, “Help me, Mr. Smee! Help me!” They’ll remember me.

It got cold here a few weeks back. It was the first cold of the year and I knew I’d need something warmer than just a shirt on. I hadn’t even gotten my winter clothes out yet, but I still had my fleece zip up in my closet. Hadn’t worn it since last winter and for some reason it didn’t get put up with my winter clothes. I reached back into my closet for it and pulled it on over my t-shirt. As I was zipping it up, I saw it. Woven into the fiber of my zip up. A light brown hair. Coarse and short.

It was Staff’s.

His hair used to get to the most unusual of places. I used to be amused by it actually. How I’d find a hair of his in my car even though he’d never been in my car. Sometimes on vacation I’d pull something out of my suitcase and it’d have a few of his hairs on it. As if he’d sent along a little reminder. “Dad, I want you to know that even doe you weft me home, I still wuv you so much.” Weeks after he died, we were still finding his fur balls under furniture. But we hadn’t seen any of his hair in months.

Seeing it again in my fleece stopped me. I pulled it out and held it carefully in my right hand, between my thumb and forefinger. I clasped my left hand around my right hand to protect it. And I brought it to my nose. To smell it.

But there wasn’t anything to smell.

So I just held it. And suddenly, it wasn’t the first cold day of the year anymore. No, it was anytime before March 20th. It was any day of any week of any month from 1998 until early 2010. I could hear his toes on the hardwood floors. I could see him built for speed in our back yard. Could feel his cold nose nudging my arm as he tried to get me up to let him outside. Could see him. Greeting me at the door. Licking the mess out of my face ‘cause he was so happy I was home.

It made me at once sad and happy. Which isn’t so common, you know? It’s not normal to feel both emotions simultaneously, is it? But I did. I was sad, so very sad to be reminded that he was gone. But I was also so happy to see that little reminder that he once was here. Loving us. Making us laugh.

Simple things bring me joy anymore. It’s not the fancy things. Not the expensive things. Not the elaborate things. The smell of a ride at Disney World made my morning. And the stubborn hair of my best friend reminded me of the twelve years of happy that dog brought our family.



  1. Dude! Quit stalking me! You're freaking me out man! We ate at Cracker Barrel for lunch after church and I totally had me a side of pintos. How sad is it that my life is so predictable that my imaginary internet friends are successfully able to ascertain my dining habits. I gotta shake it up a bit. Maybe throw some black-eyed peas into the mix.

    Great installment Z!

    The whole banishment of front riders seems a bit of an overkill considering the historical safety of the monorail. The accident wasn't caused by people sitting up front chatting. The reports that made the Orlando Sentinel showed an entire chain of events that included errors on the part of the driver, control tower and maintenance crew. I guess they figured in the long shot that it ever happened again, they didn't want to risk there being a family up front. But still, with millions of riders over its history, it still has to be about the safest mode of mass transit in existence.

    Love that Little Z was able to see Captain Hook get his just desserts. What an awesome memory!

    And how to cool to think about the long term memories Zzuby and Little Z are building.

    The Stafford story was a tear jerker. (I’m blaming the onions from my lunch time pintos.)

    It was NOT what I expected to read about base on the Title. (NoAnitaHill)

    Well done my friend.

  2. Dude. I can't be your friend anymore. Assuming I ever was, that is. I can't believe you made such a rookie mistake as to think you could still get a seat up front on the monorail. That policy is sooooo last year. Or early this year. I can't remember.

    I am, however, happy to to know that the hair you found was Stafford's. Because I was so waiting for a gag-inducing story about you biting into a burger at Pecos Bill's and finding the hair of some kitchen staff CM. Phew. The real reason for the title was nice. Touching, even.

    Bonnie Budgetboard. DED.

    Nice job on this one. It's been so long, I'd almost forgotten what a good writer you are. Thanks to brightening up a gloomy Monday morning. And for not making me gag with the hair story.

  3. GreatBiscuit, the absolute verboteness of sitting in the front of the monorail seems like a draconian dictate from the Disney legal department. Too bad there are so many lawyers around……oh……Hi Zzub.

    Zzub, you HAD to have prayed for patience prior to your trip. The rope drop experience would not have occurred any other way.

    Ahhhhhh, the smell of Disney air conditioning. Just the thought of it elicits wonderful memories. I think that smell is the strongest at the Polynesian or the Emporium……or maybe that is just the smell of Maximum-wallet-content-removal-by-a-Disney-source. I’m not sure.

    Question: Has there ever been a confirmed sighting of the Register Journal at a stroller check-in? For sure, it has been seen many times at Resort check-in. But does the allusive ledger venture to the parks? Hmmmmmm………..

    Also, dude, you are still copping the puka shells the next day?! I thought that was just travelling day attire. Are they now a wardrobe staple in the Zzub house?

    Thanks for reminding me to play with the our dog when I get home tonight. Well done Brother! Thank you for sharing your memories.

    Uncle Goofy

  4. GB wrote, "It was NOT what I expected to read about base on the Title. (NoAnitaHill)." DED! I am so freakin' DED! Well played, GB. Good show, as LaLa might say.

    Mrs. Landingham wrote, "Nice job on this one. It's been so long, I'd almost forgotten what a good writer you are." Looks like someone is in the Christmas spirit. Or is someone just drunk off her butt again? Either way, thanks for the props. Assuming that was a prop.

    Uncle Goofy: the register journal was first introduced at the Mainstreet Confectionary. Sadly. As for the pukas: they are vacation attire. Pukas mean vacation.

    It must be cold in Macon, GA this morning.


  5. Dude! What's up with stealing my weather-girl thunder? Pun intended.

    It's freakin' FREEZING in Macon, GA today. This morning, this afternoon, and now this evening. And I hate every stinkin' minute of it. I took a hot shower, blow dried my hair which takes FOREVAH, put on a turtleneck sweater, scarf around my neck AND down vest and didn't break a sweat all day. Unheard of. The wind is whipping. It almost blew my car off the road.

    Moving on.

    ZZUB, I'm not sure whether to laugh, cry, or make fun of your dumb butt for asking to sit in the front. DED as all get out on that one. Double dawg DED, even. Where the heck have you been? Disneyland?

    This was a great installment. For tons of reasons. I agree with Ash. (Ash, I read your comment hearing your AWESOME Boston accent.) The old ZZUB funny was back. As was the ZZUB sappy. And I do love me a good combination of the two. I can picture the stroller debacle just like I was there. (Maybe I actually was there - maybe I am Bonnie Budgetboard and you just insulted me on the world-wide web. My legs aren't THAT white.)

    I love the story about Little Z wanting to ride Peter Pan. How totally sweet that she knew about that because y'all had been talking and planning for that vacation. Isn't that so much fun? Getting the little ones all pumped up about what they'll see? Take that part in, ZZUB. Won't be long til she'll be 12 and texting a boy on school nights. Doesn't mean she won't still love Disney World, but she sure won't be that magical age of 3 any more.

    Thanks so much for sharing the bit about Staff, too. You know I'm not a dog person, but I sure can't help feel all teary-eyed over that one. I can imagine that holding that one solitary hair was a very bittersweet moment, indeed.

    Like so much of life.

    And I could go on and on about that, but I won't.

    Great installment, Z.



  6. Uncle Goofy, I only know of two people who have ever used the word 'draconian' in normal, everyday conversation.

    ZZUB and Niles Crane.

    So which one are you?

    Z, Ash is's been so long since I've read anything that's fallen out of your head (although it seems like just yesterday I was reading your flatulence laced stories) that I'd forgotten what a great tale you can spin when your heart's in it. And you can tell your heart was in this one. Especially as it relates to Bonnie Budgetboard.

    And the hair.

    I SO knew it was gonna end nasty when I read that. Glad it didn't. And sad it didn't too. You're right, that IS a rare emotion. Unless you really do find a hair in your food. Sad that you're suckin' back what was once on some nasty slob's greasy head, but also a little glad that you'll be getting your meal for free.

    Admit it, ZZUB. Free food always makes you glad, regardless of how you score it.

    My point is that after reading this, if we had a doggy, I'd remember to play with him more too. But we don't. So for now, I'll just play with my daughter's Snuggly Puppy Pillow Pet instead.

    I think I love me some Little ZZUB, she sounds like a character. Know what else I love? The fact that you were "them" for once. With your 'no more front of the monorail ridin' and your 'you can only enter through this line if you've got a breakfast ADR so no soup for you' smackdown. Because you just KNOW somewhere around you, some Disney know it all was making fun of you. And has most likely written about your stupid, ignorant self on his Disney blog.

    Not that there's anything wrong with that.

    Regardless of how cold NM may try to convince you it is in Macon, GA, don't believe it comes anywhere NEAR as cold as it is here. It's been colder here longer than it has there. We've cornered the market on cold, actually. There was a write up in the paper today saying that very thing.

    Heh Heh.

    In short, it's C to the O to the L to the D! Supposed to get down to 17 tonight and you know the Deep South can't handle cold like that. We're all in a tizzy. We've got the wind whippage going on too, NM. Only our wind is much stronger than your wind. In my front yard, two thirds of the Holy family, all three wise men, the shepherd and most of the animals were taken out with one swift wind today. The only thing that remained was one little sheep and baby Jesus.

    Which is kind of fitting, I think.

    And with that, I'm out to warm my poor frostbitten lobster claws by the fire.

    Later yall.

  7. And I would never say "GOOD SHOW"!!!

    Only dorks do that.

    Dorks and drunkards.

    Hi Melly Mel!!! Merry Christmas to you and all the Happyhaunts...your gift is on its way. It's a leg lamp. Only the leg is NOT the kind you're thinking of. NO fishnet involved. It's actually molded from the leg of a certain Gary you know and love.

    That's right, baby.

    Gary Coleman.

    Just try not to accidentally eat his leg hair. No free meal is worth THAT!

    Unless it's a big slab of bloody buffalo.

    Mmmmmmm. Yum.

  8. Speaking of drunks, I see LaLa is having another of her one-woman hootenannies. It's nice of you and NM to be peein all over me for not knowing about the front of the monorail deal, but I note NEITHER of you warned me! So as far as imaginary friends go, you full on suck.


    NM, if that WAS you with the Mom shorts, then, I heartily encourage you to step up the running regime. And lose the pins. It's cheesy.

    LA2: I laughed my butt off when I read about your nativity getting blown away. Don't know why that struck me so funny. But it did. Maybe b/c in my mind you're a big ol' loser. The kind of person who's nativity would get blown away.

    I imagine your neighbors sitting in their front room, watching the storm, their noses pressed against the glass, and hysterical laughing as your nativity took a sail down the street. And you KNOW they said, "good show, LaLa!"


  9. Laugh it up, clown.

    My beautiful nativity may have been blown to the four corners and back as dorks and drunkards look on, but at least I've never been punked out by a CM working the monorail platform.

    I can still hold MY head up high.

    And we DID tell you about the monorail deal. What, you don't remember? Or did you skim that part?

    You're using your apostrophe inappropriately.


  10. LaLa wrote: In my front yard, two thirds of the Holy family, all three wise men, the shepherd and most of the animals were taken out with one swift wind today.

    Are you sure it was the wind? I'm inclined to think ZZub passed by and unleashed a #4. Just sayin.

  11. Another great installment! Laughed, out loud even over the Bonnie Budgetboarder take. Bravo!

    Clicking on this today and seeing a new update was a regular Festivus miracle I tells you!

  12. DJR wrote, "Are you sure it was the wind? I'm inclined to think ZZub passed by and unleashed a #4. Just sayin." You obviously don't understand the full force and effect of a No.4. If you're on the receiving end of a No. 4, it would surely take out more than a nativity set!

    Angelmav! Glad the update made you laugh. I wish it wasn't accounted a miracle when one of us updated the blog. Clearly NM, LA2 and GB have fallen down on the job.


  13. Let the record show that this place ain't named "NMWorld", "LaLaWorld", OR "GreatBiscuitWorld".

    And I, for one, am pretty darn happy about that. Especially the whole "GreatBiscuitWorld" thing because that's just weird and I might start craving gravy. To be eaten with a big spoon.

    The pressure! Oh, the pressure of having a WHOLE BLOG named after you! How do you keep up, ZZUB?

    Oh that's right. You don't.

    Heh heh.

  14. LaLa wrote...
    "Uncle Goofy, I only know of two people who have ever used the word 'draconian' in normal, everyday conversation. ZZUB and Niles Crane. So which one are you?”

    A) Its "Doctor" Niles Crane. Analogous to "Captain" Jack Sparrow. 2) As hilarious as Niles was, he unfortunately never used terms like y’all, dadgum, or right quick. A full appreciation for the flexibility of the English language he did not process. And D) He is from way up in AshClan Land not down here in the Deep South. I don’t think there is a redneck drop of blood in him. Pity.

    I think one of your wise men blew all the way from Mississippi to South Carolina. I just saw him tumbling down our street. There was also a box, but I couldn’t tell if it contained frankincense or myrrh (No way a box of gold would make it east of Macon passed NM).

    To Zzub, LaLa, NicoleMarie, GreatBiscuit, AshClan, DJR, anglemav, all y’all have a wonderful, joyous, and peaceful Christmas with your family and friends. Remember to pray for our troops who are away from their families. God Bless.

    Uncle Goofy

  15. Am I the only one here that is thinking that the stroller rental place is still in the same spot it has always been? And it hasn't moved in the last two years? I think you need a Fairy TripMother the next time you go.

    I am certainly ded over many things here. The stroller rental deal & Bonnie Budgetboard had me rolling.... especially this comment "She whipped out a stack of gift cards thicker than the stack of Mickey shaped waffles she ate for breakfast." nice.

    Honestly Z I love a good tale from you! You had it going on in this one ... thanks for the giggles and for the reminder that you aren't the top Disney nerd here.

    pssst; next time ask for the back seat in the monorail. The stroller rental station is in there.

  16. Frick wrote, "pssst; next time ask for the back seat in the monorail. The stroller rental station is in there." DED! Very well played, Frickles!

    Is Mr. Frickles as depressed as I am over Bama's biblical collapse against Auburn? I'm still saddest ever over the way we lost that game.

    And y'all should cut me some slack on the Disney nerdness. We hadn't been to WDW in 2 years.


  17. Well Z, Mr. Frickles is very sad... he called it that you guys were going to lose when you were ahead by so much. There was a play that caused him to say "We are going to blow it, you just watch". Sho nuff, it happened, and he didn't hang around to watch. He's like that. The man is obsessed with college football. He is, however, hugely impressed with Cam Newton's skills so if Bama can't be in the championship game, he is glad that Auburn is. All he wants for Christmas is Bama clothing. He will not wear the Nike elephant logo shirts, he said the trunk is going the wrong way. He's out there. Rolling Tide and all.

  18. Frick sad: "He is, however, hugely impressed with Cam Newton's skills so if Bama can't be in the championship game, he is glad that Auburn is."

    I'm pretty sure NO Bama fan really feels like that. You have to HATE Auburn. It's just a rule. Are you trying to make Mr. Frick look good? :)

  19. That is what I heard coming out of his mouth last weekend! There are other teams he despises more!

    Have y'all seen the Roll Tide commercial on ESPN? We are cracking up every time it comes on.

  20. Hey ZZUB,

    Thanks to you and all the other sweet posters who offered their condolences on my mom's passing. I'm behind on reading your report here, but looking forward to catch up when my five year old heads off to kindergarten and the baby goes down for a nap.

    I just wanted to wish you and all your readers a very happy holiday, and may you all be blessed in the coming new year.


  21. Oh I am always late
    :shaking head:

    and trying to figure out how to work this blog thingy! Looking forward to reading your latest TR :-)