Tuesday, April 7, 2009

That About Does It

Paper is for wimps. I write in my head. Then I spill it out onto my keyboard. And yes, I used that phrase advisedly. In my spare moments, I'll draft a few words in my head. Sound them out. See if there's anything there.

But in the last several weeks, as I've tried to put together something interesting for this blog, I've been stymied. And now I've concluded that the hunch I've had for awhile is true. It's not that I've run out of things to say. Heck, I imagine I'd have to be in a coma a good 25, 30 minutes before I run out of things to say. It's that I've run out of things for ZZUB to say. Which isn't to imply that ZZUB is any different than me. I am pretty much who you imagine I am: sarcastic, introspective, lover of God, family, football and food. Conservative, argumentative, Bama fan, Disney man. Still easily amused by flatulence and all things scatological. I love to make people laugh and think more deeply about their faith. I like connecting dots. Mostly, I love me some cake.

Writing as ZZUB for six years now has allowed me a venue, an opportunity to put nouns and verbs together in sentences which didn't put me to sleep. I wrote the kind of stuff I wanted to read and I was always amazed that there were other people who wanted to read the same stuff. I remain intrigued by this idea that no matter who we were, how disparate our political or cultural viewpoints, we could put that aside when we talked about Disney World.

The only real difference between me and my pseudonymous alter-ego? I was more free as ZZUB to write about the things that embarrass me and I don't freely admit: my nerdy love of planning things out, the 35 year long crush on the Contemporary Resort, how much I think about vacation and the other embarrassing details I've peppered my Trip Reports with. A raging Number 4 and the bathroom in EPCOT which has never fully recovered from my visit there. In my buttoned down world, I don't think my clients and colleagues would have much respect for that combination of Disney nerd meets flatulent cake-obsessed moron.
Although I assure you that anyone who knows me well in real life knows all those things.
About a year ago, as I was wrapping up the Battle For My Wallet V, I sensed I had come to the end of the Battle series and writing as ZZUB. I sensed I had written all I needed to write about our vacations to Disney World. Hard to say what prompted me to undertake this last Trip Report which wasn't a Trip Report. I'm not sorry I wrote it, though. In more ways than I first imagined, it closed the loop. If the story ended with Battle V, then this last one was the epilogue.
Like anyone needed one of those.
But the epilogue of sorts is finished and while I have more to say, I don't reckon I have more to say as ZZUB. I think I'm done writing stuff anonymously. To the extent I write any further, it'll be under my real name. Which isn't to say you should look for a book or magazine article or even a message board poster who boasts, "Formerly known as ZZUB."
Anyway, I wasn't sure what the protocol is here. While I don't know any of you, I "know" many of you and have shared a lot of laughs and hard days with you. If I just stopped updating this blog and eventually took it down, I was afraid that would be odd. (Hi Mel!). And also, I wanted the chance to say goodbye to people who rallied to my Trip Report in March 2006 when the first lock down took place. To people who met up in the "coffee shop" (or was it the spice shop?) and chatted. Although Napoleon Dynamite makes me laugh until I scream, NOTHING will ever compare with that late June afternoon when a picture was shared and a big spoon prompted screams of laughter that filled my empty office and drove home with me that night. I confess, I kind of miss that sometimes. It was funny and it was fun. I will never hear the phrase "mad love," and not think of Sher and her offer to make love to everyone. I still blush remembering that. I can't pass a coat rack without wondering why LaLa would use her boss as one. (Her explanation never made a lick of sense, which is consistent with most of what she wrote). Watching West Wing reminds me of Ashclan and Brandt and New England Eeyore. Actually, any screaming left-wing nutty I encounter reminds me of Ashclan. Only, I think she's brighter than the average loon. In other words, I'm convinced she's really a conservative trapped in a liberal state of mind.

Master Gracie posted some of the funniest stuff when he would breeze in. His thread on the community board blaming everything on George W. Bush is still one of the most hilarious things I've read. One day, during one of the many sieges on Mel's many un-finished Trip Reports, Mr. Silly stated, "first they came for the sarcasm," and that still makes me laugh. I try to find ways to work that into conversation. HaleyB was posting to my Trip Reports almost from the beginning. Java Mom was and is one of the coolest people to ever grace my Trip Reports/blog. The avatars she created back in the day rock. As does Shelby who created the DMVC Mug. A million years ago, NicoleMarie (if that's her real name) spent her time updating us on the weather and to this day, I don't know why. Mel HappyHat wrote the kinds of things polite people don't allow themselves to think let alone say. But she did it in the most disarming way. Frickles could always be counted on for certain amusement (and a misguided ham posting). Which is ironic given her math challenges. Pongo had an odd little dog she liked to talk about. Grammy was one of the most consistently funny people. I still laugh when I think about her first hip replacement. YAK was another very loyal poster who continued to encourage me. Plus, I liked to say "Yak" in my head. During one afternoon in the coffee/spice shop (which is it?) GaCat and I tried to figure out what legal recourse, if any, we had as a siege continued against our otherwise innocuous band of Maelstromers.
Which, I proudly assert, fastpass or not, I have not ridden it in the last 3 trips to EPCOT.

In addition to the Maelstromers, in recent years, some new friends have come along which have made me laugh. Idaho Universal Fan was one of the most prolific posters on the Trip Reports Board. I sure miss reading his Trip Reports and his long narratives about food. The fact that he's on global ignore still makes me laugh. For the obvious reasons. Although I've never met Sneezie and have no clue what her real name is, she wrote some of the funniest things. Mrs. Z still quotes her, "cake is the reason my dog has a birthday party every year." Mrs. The King is one of the few women I've "known" who admit how much they enjoy a good fart. That makes her good people in my book. GreatBiscuit has a flaky, buttery screen name, but he took up for me when my Trip Report got moved, locked and then unlocked and moved again. He's good people, too. Stinkerbellarella could always be counted on for an amusing post. Tarsanskat was also a loyal reader who always let me know she was enjoying what I wrote. DJR is proof that sometimes blue staters live in a red state and vice versa. Also, DJR is proof that politics can be put aside if people really want to.

I know there are others, and I mean no offense if I've failed to mention you by name. I'm lucky if I can remember whether it was Eric Clapton or the Kinks who sang Layla. Clapton, right?

Thanks again for the time you all invested reading what fell out of my head. And thank you for making me laugh until I screamed.



  1. I'm pretty sure this makes me said. But on the other hand, isn't this a great occasion for Sneezie to come by and bring a cake?

    Although I can't imagine never reading another ZZUB TR, and I can't imagine never trading jabs with the man only known as ZZUB, I completely understand your departure.

    I guess anonymous internet friendships have a lifespan, don't they? I can remember a time when my morning, after I'd taken the kids to school and had a quiet home to myself for a few hours, would consist of a hot cup of coffee and a check-in to Mel's blog. To give the weather report. I'm not sure how that started either, but one thing IS for sure: Although I don't now write about it, every day of my life STILL starts with a weather report.

    Just so y'all know.

    I remember the very first time I Googled "Disney trip planning" and the DISboards came up. I remember poking around on the site and finding a TR by a person named ZZUB. It was Battle III if I remember correctly, and as I read it, I laughed until I cried. And I also thought - right off the bat - that the person behind the TR was someone with whom I had much in common. In fact, I could picture my family hanging with the ZZUBS over a dinner in the World. I might have even posted something to that effect on your TR. We seemed to think much alike - we loved God, our family, Disney, and SEC Football. (Different teams, but still SEC. I will NEVER Roll me any Tide.)

    A few years have passed since that first stumble upon the DIS, and it's been a strange ride as internet screen names have become real friends in my real life. I've met folks for a meal, talked on the phone, and exchanged Christmas cards. And birthday presents. And even Social Security numbers and bank accounts. (NOW you know the infamous Photobucket hack was actually prep for my bigger jobs, ZZUB.) As strange as it seems, the internet has enhanced and blessed my life with friends I would have never found any other way. And it's all because of that first TR by ZZUB.

    I won't say I'll miss YOU. Mainly because you're gross and I know that ZZUB isn't your real name. So what's there to miss?

    But I will miss ZZUB. He could crank out a mean TR, and throw some serious funny like nobody's business. He was always quick to stand up for what he believed in, and just as quick to be an encouragement to those who needed it. And because of his love for the Mouse and great talent in writing about it, I found a new community of friendships.

    I do pray the best for you and the ZZUB girls. They are blessed beyond measure to have you as their husband and daddy. If there's anything that ISN'T anonymous or mysterious about ZZUB, it's your love for your family. All the best to y'all, and if you ever miss any of us in DISland, just send out the batsignal. Someone will hear you.

    And I think it's appropriate to close with this: "I thank my God everytime I remember you." Phil 1:3

    Much love -


    P.S. Once more for old times' sake: The weather here is crappy. It's cold as can be and windy. Doesn't feel like spring, nor does it feel like the South. I have a fresh new pedicure and I'm wearing boots.

    And with THAT, NM out.

  2. Really. Your blog is still eating my posts.

  3. Oh sure, that's the one I get to go through.

    Zzub might not be your real name, but it is the real you we all have grown to love.


  4. Well, I can understand that the Zzub circle has come to an end. I get that. It would seem that it is amongst a multitude of other changes, endings and beginnings that we are all witnessing daily. The times are a-changing my friends. If I could, I wrap you all up in a protective bubble where Zzub still defiles semi-public places, the Happyhaunts still haunt, our Mississippi girl visits Florida, and we all die laughing about it. But I can't. So I will just say thanks, and pray that the Lord continues to bless you and keep you. In my memory, you all will remain as you were, and yet in my heart as so much more.

  5. Mrs. The King Checking in

    on your checking out. Which I am whole-fartedly against, for the record.
    A big hug to Marita for pointing me in this direction.

    I would not want to miss out on saying goodbye in a timely fashion. Seriously. This whole blob of information has made me want to have a good cry for myself. Instead, I warmed up a big pot of chili. I sprinkled it with extra beans and a little cumin for texture. If you are leaving with a bang, I am going to give you a bang to leave by. One fitting a person of your stature. A wet, multi-tonal beast delivered with the expertise and fiance only an expert like me can produce.

    Kids, don't try this at home.

    Zzub, I really don't want you to go.

    I wanted to be as cool as nicloemarie and find a perfect quote that would inspire a tear. And I found a good one. But I think it is a bit dramatic and not necessarily true at the end there.

    “If ever there is tomorrow when we're not together.. there is something you must always remember. you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. but the most important thing is, even if we're apart.. I'll always be with you.” ~Winnie the Pooh

    Zzub, "The always with you" part is a little much, but the rest fits quite nicely. And I like the Pooh in his name. You know how I roll.

    For a friend, I will retype anything. Thanks for finding me. ~MTK (Deb)

  6. Well, carp. Are you seriously killing off ZZUB? I thought I had enough to deal with this week what with Kutner offing himself on House (to join the Obama administration, no less). Now this.

    I guess I should say something meaningful, too. I am happy to hear of all your fond memories of our crew, Z. I am very pleased to say that I share them. I am also happy to say that, as NM sad, the wonderful, real-life friendships that began on the Battle and Happyhaunt stages have become a true blessing for me. Although you have remained more of a CIF than the others, I thank you for being such an important part of those beginnings. I, too, will think of you each time I watch West Wing. Or if I come across Napoleon Dynamite while flipping through the channels. Or when I see someone eating with a big spoon. Or singing into one, for that matter. “Roll Tide” or any reference to Bama will forever make me think of a semi-obnoxious, usually humorous, often flatulent (though you’ve got nothin’ on MTK), Maelstrom-hating Disney fan who, for all of his rage and crankiness also freely shows his love for his family and his God and who can capture the magic of our favorite place like no one else can. Others do it well, too, but I feel very comfortable saying that you, my friend, are unique.

    If you and the girls ever happen to be in the World in late September, don’t forget to keep an eye out for a loud merry crowd of Disney freaks. We’ll be the ones making a scene at Maelstrom, or screaming “Drop Us Again” on TOT, or catching the last log of the night on Splash Mountain. Frick will be calling Goofy “Pluto” and trying to get someone to give her three fives for a twenty. Kitty will be wearing pearls and putting cuffs on Donald for insufficient support of Huey, Dewey and Louie. Melons & Pongo will be pushing baby carriages. Grammy will be laughing the loudest while leading us in cheers, and Jami will be hugging a lamppost on Main Street, refusing to leave. If you see us, come on over to say “Hi”. Honestly, we’re not a scary as we look. No, really. We’re not.

    In future years, I may spend some of my frequent time at Barnes & Noble looking through the book racks for a book written by a devout attorney from the Pacific Northwest and in which a certain “I’ll-know-it-if-I-see-it” style shines through. But I’m warning you now, if Ann Coulter has written the foreward, I ain’t reading it.

    Blessings to you and your sweet family, Z. And "Preace" back atcha.

  7. I couldn't have said it better than those who came before. Except maybe for Haley's first post.

    I understand, and yet I'm somewhat said. The posts I've enjoyed the most have been those that let us in a little to your real world, not to the travels of ZZUB. So thank you for trusting us with that.

  8. For pete's sake, I just found your TRs, read through them, found your blog, subscribed, and now you're done. sigh. I was really looking forward to more. Well, good luck to you ZZUB. Reading your thoughts has been a hoot, not to mention educational. Learned me some new words they didn't teach in my college.

    FYI, MontDisFan is posting his TRs on another site, just so ya know.

    Off to read Mel's work...


  9. I’m going to miss your postings and seeing you on the Dis. Because I’m married to a teacher, (and thus unable to travel in the off season like most normal DIS’ers) I doubt I’ll ever bump into you in the “The World”. But if I ever do happen to spy a dad with two daughters who is taking pictures of just his arms and legs, I’ll definitely give a shout out. (Although you’d probably run screaming if anyone ever yelled “Hey Zzub!”)

    I’ve loved reading your TR’s, not only because they are funny, but because they are affirming. There have been several times when I was down or going through a hard time when your faith and testimony made a difference. For that, I will always be grateful.

    While the stories may have ended, I think we all know that the journey will continue. I have not doubt that you will once again check into the Contemporary, rush down a slide, walk past Maelstrom, and slip off for some top secret BBQ. One day, when the troubles of this world are behind and time is no more, you can tells us all about it.

    God Bless, My Unknown Friend. I look forward to finding and enjoying your first novel. (You know the headless photo on the jacket will be a dead giveaway right?)

  10. Han: deep sadness, but there is still hope.

    Hope to see you post now and again on the DIS, but if not, thank you for the truly excellent writing, and God bless you and your sweet (and one would imagine incredibly tolerant) family.

  11. I can't believe I'm actually getting teary-eyed because someone I've never met and wouldn't recognize (unless he had a slab of cake and a spork in his hands) decided to stop posting online. But I really am sad, though I understand (which sounds presumptuous, because it doesn't really matter whether I understand; it's your blog!). And, of course, I'm regretting keeping so silent for the past few years, because I feel like I "know" NM and La and Zzub and Co., but none of you have the faintest clue who I am because I've just sat back and enjoyed your banter without adding anything to it myself. And now it seems too late. And of course, it's totally selfish of me to want everyone to keep posting just so I can develop the kinds of relationships NM mentioned in her post above ... but I'll admit to being a selfish being (though I'm working on it, and God is helping me with that as often as I remember to let Him!).

    So, yes, I and everyone else who so enjoys your posts will be really sad to know you won't be blogging anymore. But dare we hope that you might still drop by and post on other people's blogs/TRs? Is this really the end, or is this like Michael Jordan's first retirement? Or Cher's Final Tour (not to be confused with her Farewell Tour or last-live-performance-other-than-all-those-performances-in-Vegas)?

    I have a hard time with change, so I like to keep hope alive. You'll be back.

    Right? *cue big, tear-filled puppy-dog eyes*


  12. NOOOOOOOOOO...say it aint so!!!!

  13. Say it ain't so Zzub. There has been so much in the news lately to depress you and now this. I have to admit I do feel down knowing this is the end of your writings. I have so looked forward to a new report from you to read,not only to myself, but to my husband. I have laughed, cried, and also scratched my head, wondering "what the heck is he talking about"? Your writings have been such a blessing to me. I hope you will feel froggy one day and decide "hey those folks need to laugh a little today". Feel free to write away. We will be laughing. May God richly bless you and your beautiful family. I know He already has.

  14. I told La to take a bath or else you were going to shut this juke joint down.

    Thanks for finishing the last TR that wasn't really a TR here. I hope that you aren't sitting there feeling like you have to write passages to entertain us. I think the most giggles I've ever gotten from you is your cranky/witty/sarcastic/mean/nice/hilarious/annoying/gross comebacks when you are just chatting wtih us, or in other words, making fun of us. So I do hope you will remain in the loop somewhere so I can drop off a ham or a balled up dirty sock every now and then. If you are exiting the Dis cyberworld for good, then tell Mel we said hello!

    oh, and you suck.


    I'm kidding.

    You're really a turd.

    Preace back at ya.

    Now get on over to football practice.

  15. Hold the phone.

    I go out of town and come back to THIS?!!!!

    ZZUB’s history? What the HECK is going on around here? And why didn’t I get the memo?

    Oh. My bad. I guess I did.

    Personally, I don’t know why everyone’s acting so glum. We got NM bustin’ out some “Friends are Friends Forever” action (complete with a dorky sway and conductor’s hands…I imagine) and Ash is actually giving Ann Coulter some love. (Heh Heh. How fired up will Ash’s reply to THAT one be?) Well, I’m here to put a stop to the madness. SNAP OUT OF IT, people! No more ZZUB TRs? Well maybe it’s just me but I say GOOD STINKIN’ RIDDANCE!

    I don’t know about yall but frankly, I’m sick and tired of being visually assaulted by mental images of a not quite middle aged, balding not yet bald man (did anyone ever firmly establish that ZZUB really IS a man?) sportin’ a Vote For Pedro shirt and screaming at the top of his lungs for Tina to come get some ham. Wearing Speedos and a stolen gold medal (I was robbed!) turning end over end on a seemingly fast paced yet decidedly pathetic and CLEARLY second rate descent down the POR waterslide. Giggling like a school girl the whole way. Walking past a puddle of vomit and instead of turning away in disgust, PAUSING TO TAKE A PICTURE OF IT. While throwing up in his mouth just a little. Let’s not even discuss the rudeness of the surrey bike (“GET OUTTA MY WAY, ZZUB’S COMING THROUGH!“) bell ringing episode. Or the Mario Andretti-esque dash to the front gate with your poor wheelchair bound wife and daughter at the mercy of your so called driving skillz. Okay, that was a good one. Maybe even one of your funniest. And who could forget the infamous rage to end all rages? It was enough to make me go numb. Twice. For good measure. Ditto the circumstances surrounding the introduction of “a Number Four” into our collective vocabulary. Good thing I won’t have to put up with any of THAT crap playing out in my head anymore.

    Pun intended.

    But then again.

    There are two sides to every coin. And on the flipside of this one, I’m pretty sad that I won’t get to read any more day to day funny as all get out adventures by one of my favorite writers. A man (still having some lingering doubts over that one) known only as ZZUB. A writer who made me appreciate the depth of the goodness of Butter Grilled Pound Cake. Crazy as that sounds. Who put me in the middle of the very spot he was standing (time and time again) with nothing but a clever choice of words. One who made us all laugh till we spit one Pepsi One on our monitors and made us all cry right along with him as he and his family experienced heartbreak. And then cry again as we watched God bring his family full circle after sweet little Bean was born. So you see, ZZUB my friend, your trip reports were about MUCH more than just philly cheesesteaks and morning coffee walks. DMVC mugs and Soarin Lorenson. MGM backstage breaking and entering and invisible strollers. Waterslides and Wishes. Peoplemovers and Tonga Toast. It takes a special gift to be able to describe the minutia of your day to a bunch of total strangers and have it hit home with SO many of them. And encourage so many of them. And make them laugh till they pee in their pants.

    Hi Mel!

    So although I understand your reasons for laying down “ZZUB”, I will miss him. But I’m hopeful that you’ll continue to use your God given gift for writing in another outlet. And that this won’t be the last we hear of you.


    Even though I don’t like you and never have.

    But I’m glad to see that although you're dumb, you're not obtuse. You finally worked out the Clapton/Kinks thing. And it only took you eighteen years. Which is three longer than it took Frick to figure out you did NOT play football at Bama. You played at State!

    Go... State......Go State!

    Thanks for all the laughs, ZZUB. And thanks for taking the time to share your stories with us. Preace right back atcha, buddy. Hope to see you around soon.

    Your friend,


    PS. So does this mean we can look for a trip report from Buzzton next September?

    PSS. Frick: what’s this bathe you speak of and how do you do it?

    PSS. Did ZZUB’s shout outs remind anyone else of a really weird Walton’s episode? Or was that just me?

    PSSS. Goodnight Johnboy.

  16. Ok well I want to put my two cents worth in too. Here goes...

    I am offended!! Yes I said it. I finally find the thread on the DIS boards that hubby MasterGracie loved so much. Then apparently everything went crazy and the thread is gone. I find Mel's blog and now it is gone too. Now I have found Zzub's blog and get really excited. I loved reading them. And now he is calling it quits. So I guess here is the question...why does everyone run away from me???

    I'm just kidding. This is so not about me. I know I am a new kid around here but I am sorry to see Zubb go. I can't say anything that hasn't already been said so well.

    Good luck to you in the future Zzub and may God bless your family.

  17. Thank you for several years of wonderful writing. I have enjoyed your trip reports and this blog. I will miss your wit and wisdom.

  18. Thank you for all the entertaining posts, I have only lurked but enjoyed the stories all the same. I live in Seattle, love our Lord and wish you and your family all the best.

  19. Thank you for all of your postings and trip reports. I know I only lurk, but I wanted you to know that you'll be missed. What came through in your TR's most for me was your love for your family and for that, I never understood the Dis's decisions. (that's one of the reasons I mostly lurk). Come September, I'm sure I'll be wondering whether or not you and Mrs. Zzub decided to go back to WDW this year...hopefully you'll pop in once in a while to let us know. Take care.

    p.s. When you wish upon a Star is playing from your playlist right now...kind of a perfect ending.

  20. Wow. I read this last post in disbelief, logged out, thought awhile and decided to log back in to leave this comment.

    Mr.Zzub, although we've never met, corresponded or otherwise made contact, I feel I know you and your wonderful family. Your prior trip reports have curiously coincided with my trip planning. Each new installment was a fun reminder of what was to come for my sons and I. Your description of the Magic Kingdom view rooms at the Contemporary made us wish we were there. I related to and laughed at many of your encounters with CM's and guests. Your poignant & sentimental depiction of your children & wife and how you love sharing Disney with them more than once made me tear up.
    Wow. I'm having that queasy feeling I get the day before we have to leave WDW or when I look at my six foot tall sons and realize they won't always want to go traveling with their mom.

    Thank you so much for sharing some of your memories with us and being so entertaining, witty and touching.

    Best wishes, much happiness and many more Disney trips to you and yours, from a stranger and a fan.


  21. Well, I disappear for a couple of weeks, and this it what I come back to! While I understand how and why you've come to this point, I will miss all of your incoherent ramblings about anything and everything. I'll never pass by Canada again without thinking about you and I 'm not sure we'll ever visit Teppan Edo again either. Thanks!

    With a year gone by since my last trip to the World and at least another to go before the next, I guess I'll have to live vicariously through someone else. God knows I can't depend on Mel.

    I suppose if I want to be slapped upside the head with some right-wing drivel, I'll have to listen to Rush or Hannty, right? OMG, just shoot me now.

    Best wishes to you and our family, hope to catch you somewhere on the flip side. What does that mean anyway?

    And that's a wrap

  22. Shane! Come Back!

  23. New England EeyoreApril 18, 2009 at 8:27 AM


    So I'm a little late to this going away party, but I'm deeply honored that I got a shout out in your list. I somehow missed your last TR (that wasn't a TR) on the DIS, and found this blog months and months later, but I did read everything to get caught up. Actually, I printed it to bring to read with me on the plane for my last Disney trip. I'm going to pull out an exact passage from my own (non-published) trip report:

    "I flipped around the channels for a bit, then finally went back to reading the ZZUB trip report (the 6th in his series). Reading ZZUB is the perfect Disney activity. It makes me remember all the reasons I fell in love with Disney and brings the magic to my heart in a very special way. By the end of the report, as his trip is ending, my trip is only just beginning and my heart was just full to bursting with excitement for what lay ahead."

    I will miss your writing here, but I will still think of you every time I visit WDW. Certain phrases and images are deeply entrenched in my brain. My experiences staying at the Polynesian for the first time on my last trip had so many parallels to your first stay at the Contemporary as it was very much tied up with childhood memories and expectations. I even had DH take a picture of me opening the door to our room, which I completely stole from you, of course. We acknowledge our schadenfreude each and every time we land at MCO and laugh at all the people who's vacation is over (and experience the misery of disneyfreude when we are those sad sacks a week later.) I think of your ZZUBY whenever I ride the Puppies of Progress. Whenever I encounter a less than helpful-CM I know I have found Suzie Helperhshoes. I could go on, but you can clearly see ZZUBisms have become a vital part of my Disney vocabulary.

    I truly hope we still will be able to enjoy your future writing, whether it's more blog postings or trip reports or a published work some day. You clearly have the talent and ability to make the latter happen and I would be the first in line to buy it! Until then, I'll enjoy re-reading the 6 volumes of ZZUB I have printed and placed right on my bookshelf with my other favorite works.

    I wish you and your family all the best. Thank you for sharing a part of yourself with us for all these years!

  24. Zubb~

    You've moved us all. (And I reckon our bowels a few times too)

    Go if you must, but always remember...the refill station is always open. Don't forget your mug.

    Bless you my friend.


  25. Oh sure, I move to Florida, miss out on the Internet for nearly a month while I try to put my life back together (well, it never really fell apart, but a move of 1400 miles with 3 kids, 2 cats, a van and the biggest U-Haul EVER can really unravel a person)...and I come back to my little blog world to find that Zzub is bowing out!!!!


    I understand where you're coming from, I really do. But know that if you do indeed disappear from these realms as Zzub, you'll be missed. Now that I can go to Disney anytime I want, I expect I'll be thinking back to The Battle III et al, where I "met" and "walked" with you for a time. You rock. You really do. Even if you are posting anonymously as Zzub, you have shared your life in a way many people never do. For the brief dot of time that we have "known" each other, your life has blessed mine.

    "Wishes" will make me think of your little girl.

    I will never, ever again enter the Main Street Confectionary without wondering where the register journal is.

    When I am looking for coffee at the Contemporary, and my husband suddenly tells ME where I can find it, I, too, will look to the East....

    In Epcot, I will contemplate the fate of Communicore, and wonder if Innoventions will ever really fit in and find its place.

    I will also remember that a simple hamburger there is easier wanted than found.

    And when I watch my very own copy of "Napoleon Dynamite," I will laugh when Tina is called for dinner....

    "Peace out," my friend!

    God bless you and yours....We'll meet one day!


  26. When I first read of your departure, I got teary eyed just like the rest of these blubbering fools on this blog.

    But, then I realized....I think ZZUB needs US as much as we need HIM. I think ZZUB needs this writing outlet just as much as we need to read it.

    Your stuffy collegues don't understand your quirky sense of humor...and quite frankly, Mrs ZZUB needs a rest from it, I'm sure.

    I predict ZZUB won't be away for long. He'll come back from his September trip and he'll be bursting (quite literally, I might add) to share it with the rest of us.

    Yup, that's my prediction. Call me psychic. Just don't ask me to predict the lottery numbers.

    AKA ObsessedwiththeMouse

  27. I'm so out of the loop that I was never in.
    ZZUB, you are ZuZu's petals to me.
    And when I hear the Schadenfreude song from 'Avenue Q' (not kid friendly) I think of you.

    Thank you for being a friend...

  28. Happy Memorial Day Zzub clan. I hope all finds you well. I miss your wit, though I understand where you are coming from. I'm trying to take your advice and not set too high an expectation for our upcoming trip, but I have to say it's not an easy thing! I hope you guys have a great summer and have a great trip to the World during free dining. (Come on, we ALL know its a no-brainer!) God bless, my reclusive friend.

  29. I agree with GB about following your advice. Two weeks from today I will be in MK with my 6 year old granddaughter, just the 2 of us this trip. I have agreed to allow her to "do whatever she wants to do" for the entire trip. We have only 4 ADR's, all of her choosing, and other than that I am "allowed" to only offer her choices based on ADR's or possible crowds and she gets to choose what do do. My expectations are WAY down, except for the part about us having a wonderful time enjoying each other's company in our favorite place. It will be an entirely different kind of trip, directed from a 6 yr. old point of view... and I can't wait. I also know that I will think of you and your girls as we walk up Main St. toward the castle, or ride Soarin Lorensen, or GFaMT, ride Maelstrom. It's a fastpass you know. My granddaughter even says that when we mention the ride... she has heard it so many times that I think she thinks it is a part of the name of the ride. You may be gone from this place, but you will never be forgotten. I miss your writing, and would love to know when/if you write again, in whatever form. I can't stand the fact that there might be something out there written by you and I wouldn't know it. I am so sad that I will never be able to turn on the computer and find the exchanges between you and La2, and Shelbee, and Frick, and Ash... and even Mel... not that she was ever here. The one thing that we will all always have is those words and images you have left us with, everytime we visit the World. YOU CAN'T TAKE THAT AWAY!!!! Sorry, did I type that out loud? You will never know how many lives you have touched, as I am sure that there are many many more out there like me, who seldom post but wouldn't miss reading a post. As well as all those in our lives who have Zzubisms quoted to them on a regular basis. While I absolutely understand and respect your decision like everyone else here has said, I still can't stop asking the question, "But what about me, what will I read, who will entertain me?!?!?!?"

    Lovingly Disappointed,

  30. The one thing that we will all always have is those words and images you have left us with, everytime we visit the World. YOU CAN'T TAKE THAT AWAY!!!!I don't know about you, but I'd give my last Dole Whip to have the image of the Number Five Heard Round the World taken away.

    For one.

    ZZUB, if you happen to see a little farting head on a moped, tell him Layla says hello.

  31. Hey! Anyone here? Zzub? LaLa? Bueller? Delswife? Anyone?

    Too bad...

  32. Hi Zzub, I'm sorry it took me so long to come to your wake. Real life took over for a little longer that I expected - and liked - quite honestly.

    I'm sorry you were laid to rest. I had an awesome carrot cake recipe that I was willing to share with you. Perhaps I'll bring it to the repast! Maybe if your creator (the unknown man from Alabama) really wants an awesome carrot cake recipe, he'll PM me on the Disboards.

    But, alas, maybe this has all been a farce. Maybe this unknown man from Alabama who wrote under the pseudonym Zzub didn't live in Alabama, maybe he never Rolled Tide! Maybe he wasn't a lawyer! Maybe he didn't even like cake!

    Gawd Forbid a Million Times!!!

    Maybe he didn't have a wife and two kids and never visited Disney World.

    Maybe he was a lonely man who was looking for pseudo-friendships and conversation.

    I'm not talking to that man who may or may not be from Alabama.

    This message is for Zzub!!!

    I'll miss your stories! I'll miss your talk of cake! I'll miss hearing about your lovely daughters and wife! I'll miss your talk of cake! I'll miss hearing about your love of God! And, of course, I'll miss your talk of cake!

    Rest in peace, dear Zzub and know that you made alot of people very happy for quite some time - which is more than alot of people can say when they pass away.

  33. Wow, I am so clueless.

    I have avoided blogging and Face Book to minimize my exposure on the internet, but I had to come out to support ZZUB in his new virtual house of friends and fans.

    I have a stack of Trip Reports beside my bed - a collection starting with "Bob NC" - probably 50 different reports of varying sizes and styles. I am a constant reader - on the bus, at work, cook books, dis-posts - pretty much everything but fiction (I like fiction, I just don't read it much any more. I am on St John of the Cross's path - he reached a certain age and concluded that there wasn't really anything else worth reading anymore except the Bible. I am not there yet, but I can see where I am going.)

    But I digress (the prerogative of the poster)- anyway, this stack of reports have been around long enough to have been shuffled into disorder in some cases (by my quasi-jealous, non-reading husband - after all, who in his/her right mind would want to read for 15" with HIM right there)- sometimes a page of ZZUB's ruminations on life are followed by a page from Delwife at Discovery Cove, mixed in with a few episodes from Gopherit, or even my own. I know the stories well enough that this is still enjoyable - and they still make me laugh.

    Anyway, there I was last night, contemplating my next Disney adventure in September, reading your 2007 report (from the stack) and thinking - hmmm - his 2008 report must be around on the disboards somewhere, let's see if we can find it. Hmmm - not in active Trip Reports. Here it is - completed trip reports - but wait, it trails off mid-report - he is too kind to abandon us.... Then I saw the blog link, and showed up here.

    I haven't actually read the report yet. Printed it at work (they have a double-sided printer) and forgot to pick it up. However, this is the 4th diser of note who has expressed concern about the moderators. They only bugged me once - when I had the audacity to post a picture that was out of guideline by a half inch in my signature line. I honestly didn't know how to make it correctly and was able to rectify the situation in a reasonable time frame. The Moderator's PM is still in my User Profile (2007), mildly irritating me every time I access it. You'd think they would have a way to delete it when the poster makes good! That said, I work in a very large company and am no stranger to under-trained editors/authorities exercising his/her perceived obligations. Also, I tend to be very NON-disclosive on the disboards, which means I mostly post about food. You don't get in much moderator-trouble talking about food.

    Anyway - ZZUB - glad to see you are still sharing with us. I hope you are inspired to continue to write, but if you take a break, we will all understand. Six high-quality trip reports is a record!! Clearly we show up for your insights and humor - you could describe the linoleum at Cosmic Rays counter and it would be funny - and we would laugh - and thank you for it.

    Finally, for whatever reason (I'd like to think "inspiration") you make me think of this guy. Don't flame me - take or leave it - just saying... he's not a raging Catholic, but his story is profound.


    p.s. - that is why we are here and not "there" (disboards) - so that we can say these things if we like??

  34. I have this unbelievable urge to start singing the theme to the Golden Girls.

    "Thank you for being a friend..."

    Sorry. When I was a little, I used to watch that show with my grandparents a lot. It stuck.

    Well, as they say, all good things must come to an end. But I'm fully convinced that when they do, they make way for even better things. What's in store for ZZUB and his family? Only God knows, and I hope He blesses you in the years to come.

    I've enjoyed laughing and crying with you. I've enjoyed your writing on more levels than I can possibly explain. You're one of the reasons I even got involved in the DIS in the first place, and you're the first poster I ever read aloud to my husband. High praise, indeed.

    I will never be able to go to Disney without thinking of you. Tinkerbellarella and I took a trip together in May, and you were mentioned more than once.

    The most obvious being, in Epcot. ;)

    At any rate, my dear, dear friend, I thank you. I thank you for giving of yourself, your family, your time for our enjoyment, because it has been that.

    A pleasure.

    Thank you for being a friend.

  35. Roll Tide. Hoping the ZZub family had a wonderful Christmas.

  36. Meant to get on earlier and offer congrats on the Tide's victory. Hope the Zzub family had an awesome Christmas. God bless!

    Great Biscuit

  37. Im sure you have forgotten all about this place, but we havent forgotten about you! Wish we had you to comment on the current political mess if for nothing else!!

    Miss ya Zub!

  38. Hey Zzub - The Lord brought you to mind on Wednesday. I hope all is going well out your way. You've been in my prayers.

    God Bless

  39. Had been away from the TR on the ids for obviously too long. Did a search for ZZUB and found this. I like so many others have enjoyed reading your TR's and laughing along with them. Thanks for all you have written and I am still waiting on the book!

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