Sunday, January 4, 2009

Chapter Nine: Cool

I was pretty well prepared for fatherhood to be rewarding, but I had no idea how much fun it could be. Especially when I found out ZZUBY was going to be a girl. I never imagined how much fun she could be. Would be. Is.

But there she was, urging me to hurry up. To get to the pool. To go down the water slide.

Look at how much has changed in one year.

A year earlier, my heart was broken when she chickened out at the top of the Wilderness Lodge water slide.

But a year can be a lifetime for a six year old. And in the year since she came crying down the stairs of the Wilderness Lodge slide, she'd taken another year of swimming lessons. Jumped off the diving board. And ridden Splash Mountain.

Which is like a water slide in many respects.

Our first afternoon in Disney World, we took the Monorail back to our resort. After a brief rest period, we changed up, slathered up the sunscreen and rode down to the first floor of the Contemporary and walked out to the pool. That alone was worth the price of admission. Coming off the elevator on the first floor and walking out the back doors to the pool. The pool I've walked past several times on my way from the boat launch to dinner at Chef Mickey's. But now it was going to be "our" pool. We were going to swim in the place where we lived. Hat tip: REM.

All I needed now was my Orange Crush.

The pool at the Contemporary Resort, as it was when we were there, was not the most thematically immersive pools. No one would compare it with the Polynesian or the Lodge or Stormalong Bay. On the other hand, the sheer lack of theming meant the pool also had a sheer lack of chunky tourists stuffed into smallish suits. There was no fighting for lounge chairs. No long waits on the water slide, either.

Of the many bad things I read about the Contemporary which turned out to be not-so-bad at all: the lack of shade at the pool. We were at the pool on several days and never did we have a problem finding a shaded lounge chair. There just weren't that many people at the pool.

ZZUBY took a look at the slide and she started to go Alabama's Defense on me, which is to say, wobbly. But I reminded her that she's seen scarier things: by that point, Barack Obama had sewn up the Democratic nomination and looked to be a lock for president. And she'd been on Splash Mountain. We walked up to the top of the slide tower and I went down first so I could catch her. The ride to the pool is fast, curvy and wet. Just the way a water slide should be.

And a good number four. Frankly.

I splashed into the water and immediately swam back to catch ZZUBY. At first she came down sitting up. All proper like. Slow. She slid into the pool gently. Perhaps even gingerly. You should pardon the expression.

She wanted to go again. And again. And again still.

Back to the top we went. Around the third or fourth ride, I explained the basics of Waterslide Olympics to her. It was all about style and speed and splash down. Mrs. Z was holding Baby Z in the water near the slide's exit. She would be the judge.

Only it turned out she wasn't a very good judge at all.

First of all, although Water Slide Olympics is to be judged on the three aforementioned criteria, as agreed to by the Water Slide Federation and the IOC. Mrs. Z was only observing the final leg of the slide and the splash. She was basically awarding points for "the dismount." And no amount of arguing with her would disabuse her of her cockeyed notion that one "dismounts" a water slide. She thought a big splash was worthy of more points. I petitioned her endlessly to recognize that pursuant to the WSF/IOC criteria, a small splash is desired. It takes more skill. Any ol' fatty in a tube can splash into the water and displace it to the lounge chairs. Mrs. Z was undeterred.

So if it was a big splash she wanted, then it was a big splash she got. If you've never competed in Water Slide Olympics, you might be unaware that if you lay on your back and arch your shoulders, you'll get a faster run. There's less friction. You'll slide down the tube faster than Mexican food washed down by Japanese food. But if you don't want water up your nose, you'd be well advised to sit up as you enter the pool. It'll slow you down and you can control your splash better.

And you'll be less likely to get a pool full of pee water up your nose. Nothing worse than that. Except maybe getting embarrassed on national TV by the Utah Utes.

Mrs. Z didn't care about any of that. She wanted a big splash. It was go big or go home, and ZZUB came to play.

So I started coming into the water full force. With great gusto. I wouldn't sit up to slow down my entry. I'd continue on, sliding on my arched back. And only when I hit the pool would I pull my arms from behind my head, lean forward and hit the water with my great guns. Splashing so hard that the spray spread across the pool. That got me a 10.

But then ZZUBY did something I never thought I'd see. She started doing spins. That's right, spins! She came around the last turn sitting up facing backwards and spun around to enter the water face first. Then another time she came down on her belly and spun around, doing a 360 to come into the water sitting up face first. She was insane.

And this wasn't the PORiverside pool where, Gawd forbid a million times you should not slide sitting down feet first. No the lifeguards at the Contemporary didn't seem to care how you came down the slide as long as you came down. ZZUBY was full on out of control and loving every minute of it.

I was laughing myself hoarse watching her come around that last bend in the slide. Never quite sure what position she'd be in when she came into view. And for a little girl, she could make quite a splash.

The judging became completely corrupted at this point. ZZUBY just couldn't earn less than a 10. I was lucky if that hack judge gave me anything higher than a 7.

We spent a lot of time at the Contemporary pool. More time than we spent at any of the other resort pools. Whether it was because ZZUBY was loving the slide or because we were just a Monorail ride away from the fun, I don't know. But we did spend some time there. Swimming, splashing. Sliding for the glory of the United States.

Most of the time, we all went to the pool, but one afternoon, Mrs. Z and Baby Z were napping. Yet ZZUBY and I had no intention of sleeping. So we headed down to the pool without them. But first, I wanted to take some pictures of the Contemporary. I dragged poor ZZUBY all around the place taking shots of things. She was a trooper but she kept asking, "Daddy, when are we going swimming." Poor thing heard, "in a minute, honey," about as often as Sarah Palin abused the RNC credit card on her shopping spree through Neiman Marcus. Allegedly.

On our way to the pool, we took this picture of ourselves in the Mickey Head deal.

And then when we got to the pool itself, we dropped off our stuff and commenced training runs on the water slide. Since there was no corrupt judge at the bottom to award points, we had to content ourselves with sliding for fun. As if that were possible. I mean, can you imagine Michael Phelps swimming for fun?! Barack Obama giving speeches just to hear himself talk? Or Fat Phil Fulmer eating fries without gravy?! Unheard of.

On yet another day, during a lull in the Water Slide Olympics, we were hanging out in the pool, over by the steps. I looked over past my wife at the Contemporary Resort behind her. The Contemporary looms large over the pool. Like Bear Bryant looms over Alabama Football. Or Ronald Reagan over the Republican Party. It's there. In your view. And if you're the kind of guy who has waited a long time to stay there, then you notice it hovering over the pool. And you think it's all kind of cool. You search for words but none come. Sometimes it has to be OK that the best way to describe something is simply that, cool.
I remarked to Mrs. ZZUB how fun the time was. How restful. I wasn't worried about anything. Not cramping up with anxiety. Not fearful or stressed. Just relaxed. Genuinely relaxed. And amazed. Still. That this place I couldn't wait to stay at was every bit as fantastic as I hoped it would be. Mrs. Z and I talked around some things. You see, we are not planning to return to Disney World in 2009. There are some other things we want to do. But after a vigorous battle on the water slide, and now soaking in the pool, feeling genuine relaxation, I wondered aloud whether the "other things" couldn't wait. Why would we not come back to this place we love?

Mrs. Z pointed out that Baby ZZUB would only be free for one more year. In other words, she was giving me reasons why we should come back in 2009.
I suppose if the daughter of a former president with no public policy or political experience, having not even voted for the seat she wants to hold, can expect to be a United States Senator, Mrs. Z can try to talk me into going to Disney World. In other words: everything isn't completely mad.

It's not like suddenly the bane of the so-called radical right is now widely considered to be a centrist. Whatever the heck that is.

The question of where we'll vacation in 2009 hasn't been answered yet, by the way. Officially, we're not returning to Disney World this year. But since I also wasn't planning to write another trip report . . . well, you know. In our house, the official and correct way to reference a 2009 trip is with the following disclaimer, "We're not planning to go back to Disney World this year, but if we do . . . ." As in, "We're not planning to go to Disney this year, but if we do, I think we're going to stay at the Contemporary again."
ZZUBY said to me on Friday, "Daddy, I know we're not going to Disney World this year, but if we did, I think I know which water park I want to go to." To which I responded, "We're NOT going to Disney World this year, but if we did, which we're not, which one do you want to go to?"

More on this later.

This is a story of how my little girl conquered her fear of the water, and indeed, the water slide, and went on to win her first Gold Medal in the Water Slide Olympics. I was immensely proud of her, because not giving into fear is important in our house. But what surprised me yet again, was how much fun my daughter is to be with. What a good sense of humor she has.

No one tells you to expect that from your kids. Which in a way is a good thing. Because it's such a pleasant surprise. To have your expectations exceeded.
It's cool.


  1. I remember the waterslide incident from WL, and how Zzuby was not having any part of it! I'm so glad she got over her fear is now a water slide olympic gold medalist. I think she has a long illustrious sliding career ahead of her.
    You shouldd consider a trip back to WDW in 2009, that girl needs some hard core training at Blizzard Beach.... the slides there will excite and challenge her, and help build on her raw sliding talent.

    Great update Zzub!!

  2. Thanks for updating us Zzub! This was a really good one. As are most of them. It's so cool to hear a parent talk about enjoying spending time with their children. But is does sound like Zzuby took the gold from you! :) Sort of like Utah and Alabama! Norolltide! Better luck next season!

  3. I found you right after you disappeared, Zzub, but didn't have time to stay caught up during Christmas activities. Just wanted to let you know that I'm still enjoying your writing even though I like Olive Garden, Applebees, Tutto Italia and we're staying at CSR next trip!
    Loved your Christmas installment, though.


  4. First of all, that number four comment was totally uncalled for. Seriously.

    Second of all, OF COURSE your kids are fun to be with. And cool. Until they turn into teenagers, anyway..... I'm so happy to hear that ZZUBY not only conquered her waterslide fears, but that she did so in such a wildly creative fashion. Spins, no less. Wow.

    Great pictures. I think my son has that same bathing suit. (Yours, not ZZUBY's.)

    We ARE going to the World in 2009, but have discussed not doing the trip in 2010. To do "other things". We will definitely do those other things (Hawaii, for instance), but I'm not convinced that will prevent us from squeezing in a little WDW visit as well. If you do end up skipping a year, not to worry. I'm sure it'll still be there when you're ready to head back. Yes, even though Obama will be the President, and Caroline may be in the Senate, Disney World will not be outlawed, commandeered or wire-tapped. Wish I could say the same about University of Alabama.....

  5. Yay, ZZUBY! Congrats to her on her first of many Water Slide Olympic Gold's!


    That's what the title of this one should've been.

    But only in regards to the Number Four crack. I'm with my girl Ash on that one. That was SO uncalled for, ZZUB. It just jumped up and slapped us in the face with its wet curvy fastness.

    Again I say: NOT COOL.

    But the rest of it was okay. Better than okay, even. MAD PROPS to ZZUBY on not only braving but enjoying the heck out of some waterslide action. I don't even really know her and I'm proud of her with her jumping in headfirst and bringing the spins. In fact, I don't even mind if she takes my Waterslide Gold Medal away from me. She can have it. You, not so much. Because you're old and slow. And you reek of Old Spice, Gold Bond medicated powder and Porterhouse steak juice.

    But you sure can spin a yarn. Which is your only redeeming quality.

    The only one I can think of on the spot anyway.

    Love the picture of you and ZZUBY in the Mickey head. That's such a classic Disney shot. Even though YOUR heads are curiously missing. Which is ironic, dontcha think? Speaking of which: now that we have seen the legs, the chin, the goatee, the guns, the ring, the ketchup grubbing (lots of it), the hair (lots and lots of it), the rare wart condition (let's not even get into numbers with those puppies), I think if I tried hard enough, I could almost picture what you ACTUALLY look like, ZZUB.

    And it's STILL Costanza!

    Not really. You're more like Jeremy Piven. On a three day drunk.

    Loved the hat tip to REM. Freaky Orange Crush on the brain borg. And for the record, I call bull on the whole ZZUBs not going back to Disney in 2009 charade. You're going back. Just like Kenny Chesney. If only for Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. Because once you've got kids who are Waterslide Champions, THAT is worth the price of admission alone.

    And that's a fact, Jack.

    Or whatever your name is.

    Allright, I'm out till I'm in.

    Follow me, but mostly... don't follow me.


  7. ZZUB, another great installment, and a nice boost to my Monday morning.

    For a while, I've wanted to stay at the Contemporary. I haven't been there in a very long time, and I love the look of the renovated rooms. Never mind the proximity to the Magic Kingdom. So when you talk about being in the pool and looking up at it and it being cool, I totally understand.

    Sometimes there are things that just exceed words.

    Like staying somewhere you've dreamed of and having it not only meet but exceed your expectations.

    Or watching your little girl not only overcome her fears but do it with style and panache.

    Thanks for letting us in on these special memories.

  8. Zzub,

    I really enjoyed this installment, even with its gratuitous Teppan-dumpy references. As you know from prior correspondence, I am planning my first trip back to the World since our kids were born. I have been amazed how much my planning for this trip is different than it was for trips gone by. I’m actually more excited to see how my girls will react to different attractions and character meals than I am about going myself.

    A pastor friend of mine describes a child as “Your heart running around outside of your chest for the rest of your life.” I have to say that I agree with him wholeheartedly. I’m so glad that you were able to spend some special time with your daughter.

    Because I’m on a late shift, I only get to see my 6 year old for a few minutes each morning when I help get her ready for school, and on the weekends. I know how hard it is for her not to have me home at night. It is one of the driving forces behind our trip this summer, and I can’t wait to spend a whole week introducing her to my favorite place.

    God bless my fatherly friend. Job well done.

  9. zzub I just wanted to say I've been a long time lurker and really enjoy your trip reports. I have read every one. I'm hoping you will return to Disneyland and write a report about that.thanks for the great writing.

  10. Hey Zzub. I just wanted to tell you I have been a long time lurker and have read all your reports. I am hoping you will return to Disneyland sometime and do a report about your trip. Thanks for all the great reading.

  11. Yeah to Zubby! Our trip,to Disneyland, this year was about the kids conquering their fears as well. It was a wonderful experience. I am so glad that you all have had such a wonderful time together. It is what vacations are supposed to be like.

  12. I remember sitting around the kitchen table with my mom and my aunt when I was nineteen. I had finished my first year of college and was home for the summer. My aunt had two kids, about 11 and 7, and I don't remember what led to the comment, but out of nowhere my mom playfully smacked me on the leg and said "Just when you start to enjoy them, they up and leave."

    My mom isn't very demonstrative, so I knew for her to say that meant she genuinely missed my company.

    The fact that she didn't think it (at least out loud) until I was 19 does give one pause.

    But really, I'm so glad that ZZUBY's at that age where you really and truly enjoy her company. And to the idea of the ZZUBs not going to WDW in '09, I say - p'shaw.

    All kidding aside, in a word, this installment was cool.

  13. This new year is five minutes old and already I don't care for its attitude. Normally, the early part of January is slow for me. So I'm annoyed that this January is not so slow after all. What's the point of having a January if it isn't going to be slow and easy?

    Now to respond to some of the comments:

    1. I don't think the No.4 reference was all that shocking. I've said worse.

    2. I'm glad people are still finding me here.

    3. GB, be careful not to set your expectations too high. I know in light of things I've written about our stay at the CR, it's hard to understand why I'd write this now. But don't expect too much from your kids' first trip to Disney World. They have no frame of reference at all. And they're likely not to be blown away by the things you think they will be. To wit: on ZZUBY's first trip, she was scared to death of the Peter Pan ride b/c it was dark. Small World put her to sleep. And Winnie the Pooh made her cry. But she loved the mess out of Chef Mickey's. It wasn't until her 2d trip that she "got" it. So lower your expectations some.

    3. I'll assume Haley has read this and posted a comment but wasn't signed in so it got deleted.

    4. I see Mel is in the midst of another one of her self-imposed exiles. Pity that. This place could use her so-called sense of humor.

    5. La2: this is the finest worksong. No doubt. It's automatic for the people.

    7. Scrap4u: you are now on ignore.

    8. Anonymous: glad you're enjoying the read. Whoever you are.

    and Brandt: I don't think it took that long for your Mom to miss you. Just for her to say it.


  14. Found ya! So glad you are blogging your TR! Oh, sorry, your un TR!

    I see I wasn't on your list of missing Diser's but I know you missed me anyway! hehe


  15. ZZub, another faulous installment.

    Re: the Contemp, I assume you heard the story of "green side up"?
    If not, let me know, it is legend in Disney history.

    Backstage Gal, Marita

  16. Wow, a trip report not on the Disboards! I'm glad you are enjoying your daughter. Mine is 14 and I'm still enjoying her. (Just to let you know you can enjoy a teenager! :) )

  17. Marita, I'm intrigued by the "green side up" story. Please share.

    LISAMWDW: some people are so cool, that to include them in the list of missing people would have been an insult. For instance, you don't see Jerry Seinfeld on the list, now do you?


  18. Z.

    I just found you.
    Thanks to the PM you sent me on the DIS.
    Which was sent to me during my self-imposed DIS hiatus.
    Which I just really got yesterday.
    In other words, I'm late, and apparently channeling Mel in terms of my writing skillz.

    I still need to catch up on what I've missed but I wanted to say that I'm sorry you had to be here to do this and not on the DIS (I think, anyway, I only heard rumors of the drama) and I'm excited to have found you again.

    I mean really, where else am I going to get my semi-bi-weekly fill of hairy yet balding guns?

    Your BFF,


  19. "Your BFF,


    From the list of things that will make you wake up in the middle of night screaming!

    Nice to see you around Tink.

  20. Let me start off by saying the number four comment caused me to throw up in my mouth a little. That was just wrong. But funny. I bet you used to light your farts growing up didn't you? Or maybe you still do. That right there just freaking amazes me. I had three brothers and the flames were a-flying at our house often. I totally peg you as a fart lighter too. It is stinking hilarious. Literally.

    The rest of this stuff you wrote got me pretty jazzed about our upcoming trip in May. Thank you for that!

    I miss Mel. I am sure she'll be here after she finishes your 'blog warming' gift... you know she is probably making up a new song to sing to you, or crafting a statue of herself made out of Claxton Fruit cake. Oh the thoughts of a Claxton fruit cake make me throw up in my mouth a little. again.

    Hey I bought me some grapefruit cups today at Sams. Were the ones you liked so much made by DelMonte?

    La2 whatitdo?!!

  21. Sounds like the best waterslide olympics to date. All that is missing is a goose stepping dicatator proclaiming it so...while telling the world all future waterslide olympics will be held at the CR...Or did i just glance over that part?

    Hey, at least bama lost to the Peoples National Champions....Kind of like the peoples choice awards only without a trophy.

  22. I finally made it here!

    Good to see you Zzub - off to catch up.

  23. ZZub, the "green side up" story. It is legend in the annals of WDW. Back when the Contemporary was about to open, in 1971 or so, the landscaping was woefully behind schedule. So they recruited totally unqualified CM's to lay sod. The Exec in charge at the time was Dick Nunis, both much admired and much feared. He fired people for wearing earrings larger than a penny (the standard at the time). But he sure kept up the standard of Walt. He came from Disneyland.
    Anyway, he was out there all night before opening day, yelling "Green side up" to all the CM's laying sod.

    So there you have it!

    Marita, Backstage Gal

  24. Kudos! If laughter is the best medicine, then you're a virtual pharmacy!

    I've enjoyed your writing on the DIS...thanks for supplying the link to your blog.

  25. Frick sad:

    I had three brothers and the flames were a-flying at our house often.

    Now we know the secret to Frick's crusty ham. It's cooked over an open flame.

    I'm DED, Frick. Are you kidding or are you being serious? I thought that only happened on America's Funniest Videos.

    And at ZZUB's bar mitzvah.

    ZZUB: Why are you drifting off to sleep with your teeth in your mouth?

  26. Zzub said"3. GB, be careful not to set your expectations too high."

    First Lady Biscuit tells me the same thing. I'm the dreamer, she's the realist. I'm already dealing with a MAJOR letdown, namely the Space Mountain and TTA rehab. But, life goes on. Fortunately I adapt well and tend to roll with the punches fairly easily.

  27. Hi Yak! And welcome LiterarySongbird.

    La2: The song you quote was on a mix tape I made for Mrs. Z back when we were dating. A thousand years ago. The specific lyric you quoted sent her into a rage. "What does THAT mean?" she wondered. "Where else would your teeth be but in your mouth." I tried to assure her that the point of the song was that she was my everything. Which mollified her some.

    GB: Yeah, Space Mountain and the Peoplemover being closed aren't ideal. BUT: you'll have reason to go back. Besides, your kids would probably hate SM right now. But take them to Carrousel of Progress and Monsters, Inc. They'll like that. If they don't, you should tell them they have completely disapointed you, ruined Disney World forever and then you should sulk for 2 days. And then you should sell them to the gypsies.

    Which reminds me, Hi Mel.


  28. Frick: I have never lit my farts on fire. Sorry if that disappoints you.

  29. ZZUB sad:

    I tried to assure her that the point of the song was that she was my everything.

    If that was the point you were trying to make, you should've brought the Al Green instead. That one works. Plus it has a beat you can dance to.

    Just curious: how did the "she is so young and OLD" part go over? Surprised she didn't eviscerate your memory for that one.

  30. One more thing:

    Mel Happyhaunt, I know you're reading this. Lurker. Get your big fat butt into gear, pull on your big black boots and bring us some funny.

    Because it's painfully obvious ZZUB ain't bringing any anytime soon. He's too busy lighting his farts on fire, making lousy mix tapes and counting down to update Sunday

    Excuse me.

    Update Monday.

    Such that it is.



  31. Well, this isn't a trip report after all. So why should any kind of update at all be expected?

    I'm surprised at you, La.

    I only have one brother, but thankfully he never felt the need to light his farts afire.

    At least that I know of.

    Oz~ Daughters ARE a wonderful thing. Especially to their daddies.

    Until they turn twelve, that is.

    Sorry, dude. ((big grin))

  32. Zzub Sad "Frick: I have never lit my farts on fire. Sorry if that disappoints you."

    No, I'm not disappointed. But, I am giggling at the fact that you might be thinking about it when you feel one brewing.

    I'm sure Mel has done it.

    And yes La, I was serious. Three older brothers + three years apart = Four ring circus.

    Zzub can you please stop ignoring my question about the grapefruit cups? I'm not feeling the big love for them, and I want to be sure I have the right ones. I love me some pink grapefruit....

  33. ZZUB -- Occupation: Sandwich Maker

    Hey Sher, good to see you around here again. I hear you on the 12 year old attitude. I pray my girls don't turn on me. If they do, I'll just have to buy their love.

    Frick: It's Delmonte. And if you're not loving it, you may have gotten a bad box. I had that happen once. Almost the entire box was sour. But every other time, the grapefruit cups are suh-weet.

  34. Oz~ I knew that you knew that I knew that you knew that you loved me! ((big grin)

  35. The sandwich maker killed me ded with his song. And his 'sun in' hair. (((shudder)))

    So it is Delmonte an I could have gotten a funky box? I'll give it another whirl.

    Frickles - Janitorial Engineer

  36. cdotla from Disboards

    With a little help from the folks over at the Disboards I have found you here. So glad you are still posting!
    I am mulling over a trip to CR this spring myself and wasn't hooked on the pool...hmmm, your post gives me some food for thought! Not fighting for lounge chairs and personal space in the pool simply can't be overrated!
    As for thinking about skipping WDW in 2009...good luck with that! Let me know how that one works out - LOL!

  37. Just a heads up: there won't be an update today. I apologize for that. As soon as I have the next chapter written, I'll post it.

    Didn't want anyone thinking I'd done disappeared. (Hi Mel!).

  38. ZZUB sad:

    Just a heads up: there won't be an update today. I apologize for that. As soon as I have the next chapter written, I'll post it.

    Update Noneday. It's the new Update Sunday.

    La2 - Ice Cream Server

  39. "Just a heads up: there won't be an update today. I apologize for that. As soon as I have the next chapter written, I'll post it."

    Well, you SCRUB!!!! That would have been good information to have BEFORE I looked forward to my freshly brewed coffee in my new Keurig (Thanks Grammy!) and a new ZZUB installment.

    What kind of racket are you running around here?

    I want my money back.

    La, how long did it take you to figure out how to bold ZZUB's writing? Cause I've looked everywhere, and I can't find a "bold" key.

    Y'all have a good day. I'm off to drown my sorrows on my Facebook account. A poor substitution on this cold Monday holiday morning. When nothing sounds better than a September day at Disney World.

    BIG sigh.

  40. ZZUB, Have you considered changing the format of your Blog, so the new posts show up at the top?

    Just a thought... Then people would be able to see your updates right away, instead of having to go to the archive...

    Looking forward to your next chapter,

  41. Er, scratch that (insert embarrassed icon here)... I see that they ARE at the top, I just saved your blog to my favorites incorrectly.


  42. What no update?

    And I just arrived here.

    What a rip.

    I'm with NM - I want my money back - in US dollars please.

    I thought maybe you did a Mel - but I just can't see you spending all your time buried up to your eyeballs in snow. I suspect that's where she is.
    We might see her in April.

    The YAK's are up to 1 box of Delmonte cups per week and have referred many family and friends. I tell them my CIF told me about them. (Yes, Ash - I do use that term... ;) )

    Zzub - do you mind being called a CIF?

    Probably better than saying my friend Zzub told me about them.

    Or is it?

    Ruling, LaLa?

    Since there is nothing here, I guess I'll have to park myself in front of the TV and watch CNN. All day. Agh!

  43. Legomom sent me over to read your blog, and I must say, that is without a doubt one of the best blogs I have ever read. Please keep it up!

  44. Well, carp. Don't try to preview your post, TFI. It's useless because it then does not let you edit it. AND if you press the "back" key? You lose it all. Hi Haley!!

    Add me to the list of people who want their money back. Although really, I didn't expect a new TR installment today. I knew you'd be too busy watching the 24/7 coverage of the Inauguration, after all. I thought we MIGHT get a lil "Farewell to Bush" post, but I think I can live without that, so it's all good.

    Oh, one last thing. I came very close to buying some of those Delmonte Grapefruit Cups at Costco yesterday. They were giving out samples and they were yummy. And I definitely need more fruit in my diet. Fortunately, before I put the box in my CART (NOBuggy), I looked at the nutritional information and realized that there are 26 grams of sugar in one of those suckers. YES, Frick, I sad TWENTY-SIX grams of sugar. Because one of those cups is TWO servings. Man, I hate when they do that. Guess I'll just have to take the time to wash and cut up my own fresh fruit instead. Z, I am just hoping you are not eating more than one of those a day. Except for the Vitamin C benefit, you might as well be eating BGPC or Ohana's banana bread pudding.......

  45. I was also lurking for an update. I have to stay away from the media "lovefest" on TV right now and was hoping for a distraction!
    Hope all is well.